• Brian
    There are a lot out there, many with overlapping benefits. Suggestions?
  • Ray
    The one I've always had is Passport America 50% off card.
    I have BCAA card and Good Sams card but they only give 10% off usually.
    I've had the Thousand Trails zone pass in the past and it was useful, but got tired of visiting the same RV parks.
    We also do a lot for Casino Camping as an overnight option
    Recently there was a forum thread about Harvest Hosts with good reviews.
  • Greg F
    Not a club but the all stays pro app has been valuable in finding lots of free and low cost camping. The app covers all types of camping from free walmart to rv resorts. As far as I know there is no discounts associated with the membership. It is about 30 bucks a year.

    Allstays info click here.

    Other free resources are Campedium and freecampsites.net . And of course LYRV which has been our greatest resource for boondocking with all the detailed reviews and routes.

    We don't belong to any discount services but I have seen a pretty wide variety of opinions on Thousand Trails. You might youtube/research that one and see what others have to say before committing that kind of money.
  • Rush and Lola
    Boondockers Welcome we use a lot in travels.
  • Lorraine
    We have found that in the USA we can’t go wrong with Passport America. We’ve had a membership since 2011 and the fees paid have more than returned with the 50% discount. One needs to read the notes for each park to know blackout days/dates etc. There are quite a few parks offering PPA in British Columbia, a couple in Alberta but none in Saskatchewan or Manitoba. I do not know about east of MB.
  • Rick
    I've had Escapees and Good Sam for a few years now. Escapees has a good bi-monthly (every two months) magazine, and I like many of their parks. Their camping rates are generally very reasonable. The Good Sam / Camping World card saves a little money here and there. I do a lot of dry camping, and so none of these clubs helps all that much. Based on Ray's experience I'll take a look at Passport America.
  • Zeb - Michele
    Just added 3 Yrs. + 1 free = 4 years with PPA for 104.00 less directory, I think it was thru today the 31 st of march
  • Zeb - Michele
    The PPA deal came thru a renew email Fri. or yesterday.
    We've used PPA since 2007, Escapee Club since 2006, with Days End since 2013, OvernightRVparking.com App since 2012, I've belonged ti the Elks since 2001, which has some of the nicest RV hookups, Joined Harvest Host just this pass year. Plus a few Casino's. Also use Campedium and freecampsites.net
    We use Coach-Net for towing and break down. HAD Good Sam extended service till they stuck it to use in 2014, now we're going to drop all GS & TL when they expire.
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    Sorry, slow reply. I'm a Thousand Trails Elite member, 1 step above the regional pass. You can purchase a used one from https://www.campgroundmembershipoutlet.com . I just renewed my <a href="http://coach-net.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">coach-net.com</a> membership; I had 1 year free with my Winnebago and when I saw the $249 price on re-upping it was a large pill to swallow. I called and they gave me a $179 price for their best coverage (my RV and anything I drive) because if you have a Winnebago they give discounts.

    I did the GoodSam 2-year for $50 that included a $25 coupon to CampingWorld stores. I had no idea that I'd get discounts off work done by Camping World. I purchased a Chevy and spent $3,400 on adding the complete tow, break package. LaMesa wanted $5,200! I saved hundreds with the Good Sams card so consider those discounts too.

    That's all I have, I thought about Passport America but so many campgrounds have so many restrictions it hasn't been worth it. KOA was a bust for me too, used it once ever made my money back from the annual membership.

    Good luck!
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