• Ray
    I'm Ray. My wife Anne and I are full-time RVers going on 8 years now. We have been spending summers on Vancouver Island and snowbirding in the winters to the southwest. We love hiking, photography, wildlife watching, and boondocking.

    Our rig is a 2011 Keystone Cougar towed by a 2018 Ram 3500

  • RichardM
    My name is Richard and my wife, Bridget, and I are traveling with two medium sized dogs. Not full time. Maybe ~half time. We still have our home in Fairbanks, AK, and go back and forth quite a few times but prefer to be there during the summer. I think I've mad the trip down or up to Alaska 32 times though only twice with our 32' 2001 Cedar Creek fifth wheel pulled with our 2005 RAM 3500. But have traveled in practically every other type of vehicle/RV. Favorite mode so far is motorcycle w/sidecar.

    We aren't as clean and shiny as Ray's rig.


  • Dhuhn
    I,m Dan. My wife Sandy and our two dogs Moose and Macy are part/fulltime RVers. We have a home in Sequim Wa. And usually travel a month or two here and there. We both recently retired and love being able to take off on a whim.

    We have a 2016 Keystone Montana. We pull it with a 2015 Chevy 3500 HD

  • Logan X
    I’m Mike, I’m towing a 27 foot Keystone Hideout travel trailer with a diesel Ford F250. We are just weekend warriors but we get out between 10 and 15 times a year. q9g1jxxbo2w5y8p6.jpeg
  • JD03HD
    JD and Kristy not full time yet. We are out usually once a month. 3 years till retirement then full time. We have a 2016 Cougar 288RLS our truck is a 2018 ram 3500 dually.
  • MstrLister
    Thanks for creating this environment Ray!

    I’m John and we (girlfriend, 4 kids and 3 boxers) pull our 2016 JayFlight SLX 264BHW with our 2015 F250 6.2L gasser about 10-12 trips a year, usually in the 3-5 day range. I’ve done a few minor upgrades since purchase... changed the shower head, added a second battery with cutoff switch, added bed struts, put on propane tank cover, installed extended gutters ends, rescreened with pet proof screens, installed a screen door protector and definitely a few other items.
    We are in MD and have stuck to the east coast so far going as far south as Hiddenite, NC and as far north as Niagara Falls with most trips in PA.
    I’m looking forward to this being a good resource from fellow LoveYourRV’ers!
  • Geoff Stanners
    I’m Geoff me and my Wife Lea and 2 shih tzus have been living full time since August 2018 we started of in a 23ft Adventurer Class C motor home but that didnt work for us now living in a 26ft Outdoors RV travel trailer with a Ford F-150 to pull.
    I’m lucky with my work I can get contract work around Canada and travel in between Contracts around both the USA and Canada.
  • Greg F
    I am Greg and my wife is Denise. High school sweethearts and have been married 32 year. We just retired a couple years ago at 51. Wife worked at Apple and I was a construction superintendent. We liked our jobs but sure don't miss them. Been saving and strategizing for this for many years.

    We enjoy hiking, mountain biking and exploring new places. My wife is into photography, sketching and sightseeing. We boondock mostly but also enjoy our National Parks.

    This is how we roll. 2018 Host Mammoth 3 slide Camper on a 2017 Dodge Ram 3500. We are on the road about 9 months a year. For us and two dogs the truck camper towing a Jeep has worked out well to get us off the beaten path.

    Here is a shot of where we are today outside the town of Ajo in some BLM land that we learned about on Rays channel.

    Hope to see some of you folks on the road!

  • Paul Holtom
    Hello my name is Paul and my wife's name is Angela.We live in the Okanagan Valley, BC. At this point we still enjoy our winter activities but plan on doing a winter south in our RV some day. The last two summers we have done a couple of our our dream trips. In 2017 we went across country to the east coast of Canada. Last year we spent 5 weeks in the Yukon and are definitely going back again. Staying in BC this year to enjoy our own province.
  • Bruce
    Hi, We are Bruce & Lin An and travel full time with our two Akitas, Kenji & Suki. Lin An is currently working as a travel nurse. We just recently traded our Eagle Cap 1165 3-slide truck camper in for a 35' Grand Design Solitude 310GK-R. Our truck is a 2015 Ram 3500 CC, Big Horn, DRW. Aisin tranny.
    The inserted photo is at the dealer when we were preparing to leave. 7psuxdjkb3zhlz5v.jpg
  • Lost
    Hello I am Alex and me and my wife Lydia and our 3 dogs live in Chicago but we’re ment to live out west I’m sure of it. We call a 2015 outback terrain 25 ft our home on the road and pull with 2013 gmc Denali HD. We’re not full time or even part time more like seasonal help. We get out about 10 time a year local and then do a big trip for 2 1/2 weeks and then a 1 week trip somewhere. Hoping our good financial planning can get us to retirement somewhere around 50 ish but that’s still about 10 year away. Very jealous @Greg F I like your style.

  • Greg F
    planning is key. Nice rig!
  • Rush and Lola
    Looks like a bunch of happy campers
  • Laurence
    Hello All . We are Laurence and Betty, with our traveling puppy 15 1/2 year old Libby. We have been retired for 4 years now and haven't been able to do our bucket list because life happens. We enjoy Southern Gospel Music. bjgam0fmf50pfbla.jpg

    Our rig is a 2013 27FB International Airstream trailer and our tow vehicle is a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 ,5.7L gaser. We have been part time travelers for 6 years and plan in the near future to do some of that southern camping in the winter . Our home base is Victoria BC.
  • Susan
    Hi, I'm Susan and my husband, Robert, and I have just recently retired and moved from California to Utah. Three weeks ago we traded in our 30 foot 5th-wheel for a 20' Rockwood travel trailer. My kids are out of the house and we didn't need so much room anymore. We camp a few times a month for 3-7 days at a time. We've already taken two trips in the new trailer and I have 6 more trips planned in the next few months to visit the gorgeous National and State parks that are fortunately very near our new home in Utah. One day I would like to spend a few months traveling across the country. Safe &Happy travels to you all! 95dory0g36l6o8ya.jpg!
  • Ralph Lowery
    Hello, Ralph & Debbie with Sassie, we were once retired but have been full timers for 4 years. Now I work full time again but it is a traveling job that helps fund our travels and pay for this new 5th wheel and truck!
  • Scott104
    Greetings from Scott and Cindy. We have a few years until we retire and spend more time traveling. In the meantime, we travel across the USA for one to two week trips, twice to three times a year. We weekend warrior at state parks and local campgrounds. Our rig is a 2015 Laredo 297sre pulled with a 2016 Duramax 2500 HD Silverado.
  • Eddie Aileen
    Howdy from the Wyoming Gypsys!
    We are traveling the land to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
    our home on wheels is the "Mobile homestead", mainly because we built her and
    this is our home.
    Happy Trails!!!

  • Ray
    Nice looking RAM!
  • Ray
    Definitely lucky to live in Utah as an RVer. Such a beautiful state with so much land to camp on.
  • Greg F
    Eddie, I have enjoyed the videos on your youtube channel. I see a couple videos on insulation and paneling on your custom hand made 5th wheel. Impressive! Did you document any other aspects of the build? This looks like quite a project.
  • Eddie Aileen
    Yes, we have tons of pictures and will make more video's of our build ASAP.
    I still need to finish up the slide-outs and the front nose cap.
    Also have a bunch of small stuff to finish up.
    We are headed to our normal spot in Central Eastern Arizona so we will be able
    to sit down and make more content for videos.
    Happy Trails!!!
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