• rsullivan25
    Hi everyone

    In our motorhome we have a 20amp breaker for a washer/dryer. However we don't have a washer/dryer in our RV. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this breaker is hooked up somewhere else? IE being used for something else?

    Also I have a second question - We have a 120V element in our water heater. Is there any way to determine which breaker it's tied into? Short of switching them all off and on to test, does anyone know of any ways to test which breaker it is?

    I guess what I'm asking is if anyone knows of an easier way of testing to see which breakers are what, to make sure they are all labelled correctly and to see if I have extra breakers in my box I can utilize
  • RichardM
    Quite honestly, no one is going to answer that. And if the breakers aren’t labeled, you’re kind of left with turning all the breakers off then test turning then on one at a time. They make inductive, non-contact AC voltage testers that are relatively cheap (~$10) that you just need to hold near the water heater wiring. As soon as you flip the correct breaker, it will light up the tester. Follow this process throughout the RV and you can label your breakers and your outlets.
  • rsullivan25
    @RichardM thanks. I was kinda figuring that but I was hoping someone had a trick . The Breakers are labeled but nothing says water heater so I'm assuming it shares a beaker. Also would like to figure out which outlet might be the washer/dryer outlet, or if that breaker is just there to fill a blank spot in the panel. Thanks for your help though I have a continuity tester so I'll try that. I also do have the tester you suggested just have to find it
  • Ray
    If you have a clamp-on amp meter you could clamp the main power input hot wire or maybe a surge protector that shows the amperage going into the rig. You could switch all the breakers off, then one at a time switch each on check what powers what. The non-contact voltage tester is handy to check for powered lines.
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