• Ray
    In this video, I upgrade the three basement storage door catches on my 2011 Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer. I upgrade from the OEM plastic type catches to ones made of metal. They have a stainless steel mounting plate with an aluminum catch.

    To install, I unscrewed the old catches, cleaned off the old sealant and installed the new metal catches using butyl tape to seal the backing plate and screw holes. These should be an improvement over the plastic catches which were easy to accidentally damage when washing the rig. Or they would get brittle in freezing weather and crack.

    Another suggested alternative option to plastic or metal are magnetic catches. These are becoming popular on new RVs.

  • Rush and Lola
    Those magnets are what they installed on our Vanleigh. Have been A OK now for three years. Like the background music too Ray. Sounds like some good ole Charlie Chaplin tunes. I hear that ocean chicken too in the background. Travel on.
  • Greg F
    Yea, those should last forever. Nice upgrade. I noticed on your been to places map on the slide that you have been along the east coast. Did you do any videos of those travels? It's a trip we plan to do but I understand free/low cost camping can be a challenge.
  • Ray
    No, wasn't even blogging much way back then 2011/12 and just had a point and shoot camera. Did one 3 part post on Newfoundland - https://www.loveyourrv.com/rv-trip-to-gros-morne-national-park-newfoundland-part-1/ Lots of open land on Newfoundland but the camping season is relatively short.

    We spent 2 1/2 months in the Canadain Maritimes and loved it! mostly stayed in Provincial and National parks and some private RV parks. Were pretty busy in the summer.
    Then came down along the eastern US mountains following the changing leaves. Most campgrounds weren't that cheap and in late October starting to close down.

    Anne also has some photos from back then on her website - https://annemckinnell.com/
    Look for a dropdown selector box called places or use the Archive and look at dates from 2011 and 12
  • RichardM
    Thank you! I enjoyed the posts and the videos. I definitely wanted to visit the area and your posts reinforced that idea.
  • Ray
    Anne also has some photos and info from back then on her website - https://annemckinnell.com/
    Look for a dropdown selector box called Places or Archive and look at dates around summer 2011
  • Alpenliter
    Ray, now that you’ve installed new latches, may I make a suggestion. While expensive, HatchLift makes a piston lift that will make a full timers life much easier. It was probably the best mod I did on our fulltime rig, and one that I’ve done on subsequent RVs I’ve owned. Once you’ve had them, you need them. I’ve found that just one piston will work on most doors. Try one on your most used compartment, and I’m betting you’ll order more. Contact Garry at Hatchlift Products, he’s very helpful.
  • Ray
    Thanks for the tip and link. Bookmarked them in case my bed lifts ever fail as well.
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