Forum Rules

  • LYRV Forum Rules of Conduct

    I'll try and keep the forum rules short and sweet for now. I'll expand them as needed. Hopefully, we won't need too many. Play nice. :) Thank you, "Ray (Forum Admin)"

    Try to Stay on Topic

    Keep your comments relevant to the topic being discussed otherwise start your own separate discusson

    Nothing nice to say? Then don't say it

    Sometimes it's good to wait a while before posting. Eat a bit of food, take a nap or have a drink. Relax.

    Pretend your Mother is reading the forum

    ie. No foul language or offensive comments, insults, that sort of thing.

    There are no dumb questions

    Anyone berating or belittling newbies for asking simple or often repeated questions would be breaking this rule.

    No politics!

    Plenty of places to talk about that stuff. It's not like people change their mind anyway.

    No Advertising except in the special "Promotional Stuff Category"

    If you want to advertise anything for sale or promote your business that's the place to do it.

    Breaking the rules will likely result in removal of comment/discussion or a possible time out from participation in the forum or worse case an outright ban.