• This one for Ray
    Wow, the camera sure picks out way more stars than I can see. Beautiful
  • Instant Potting with Ray
    hahaha! :lol: Good one!
  • Furrion / Haloview Compatibility
    I haven't heard of the them working together. I tried my old Tadibrothers camera and display and it wouldn't pair with the Haloview equipment.
    The system uses the 2.4Ghz band like the old routers and wireless landline phones used to use.
  • Last day of the trip
    Thanks Rush, all the best to you folks too. :)
  • Last day of the trip
    You bet, will do! I actually have a company called Furrion that has offered to send me out their newest model air conditioner which is nice because ours is getting long in the tooth. So looking forward to installing that.
  • Last day of the trip
    Our yearly snowbird trip to the southwest and back has come to an early conclusion as we hit the road back to Canada to self isolate for 14 days and hunker down in an RV Park on Vancouver Island.

    In this video, I update you on how things are going with Anne and me and how the trip concluded. Once my quarantine period is over, I'll get to work on some fresh videos starting with an updated review on our 2018 Ram 3500, which is closing in on 35,000 KM. Previous Truck Videos -

    Stay safe, everyone. All the best, Ray
  • Last day of the trip
    Thanks, Willie. :)
  • Last day of the trip
    I think the problem is full-time RV living in Canada is a grey area, so I doubt the government is much aware of the scale of the issue, technically, as far as I know, at least in BC, living in an RV as a full-time residence is not allowed unless I guess you purchase/lease a special RV lot in certain RV resorts that accommodate full-timers and provide an official mailing address.

    Most I know are fudging things and using relative's addresses as their official residence address and for mail. So I guess the government thinks you should just go there since that's what's listed for taxes and driver's license address as your home. Which makes sense and is our fall back plan if they start closing the RV Parks. My sister keeps a room open for me and we have a place to park the RV in her yard.

    This situation is exposing a problem that's been going on a long time but no government has addressed the new reality of RV full-time living. Unfortunately, right now we are likely way down the list of what the government is going to put resources towards.
  • Campground Wildlife Photo/Video Thread
    Yikes, that is a bit chilly!
  • Campground Wildlife Photo/Video Thread
    Someone is keeping a keen eye on things. :)

  • Campground Wildlife Photo/Video Thread
    Good to be back in Beautiful BC. Here is a view from Campbell River yesterday of Mount Doogie Dowler all covered up with snow. We aren't usually back this early to see it like this. So pretty!
    It has a lot of different local slang names such as the "Cowboy Hat", I like the "Dogs Tooth"

  • Last day of the trip
    Get our regular estuary spot back on May 19th. I just glad to have a spot with all the public camping closed down and all the Canadian RVers beating a path back to Canada, there are very few places to take an RV to. We got the last spot in this RV park and they tell us they aren't going to take any more new reservations or book transients for the foreseeable future.
  • Last day of the trip
    Yes, as we drove up the coast, they were installing barricades to even the day-use parking lots. Looks like they are trying to eliminate all the tourists and daytrippers from the city.
  • Last day of the trip
    We crossed today back onto Vancouver Island and drove up to Campbell River, good to be back to our summer haunts. All set up in the RV Park. Here is our 14-day self-isolation view.

  • Are you a Fulltimer looking for RV site in Saskatchewan
    Very nice out you to offer that! All the best to you. Ray
  • Last day of the trip
    Yes, anyone returning to Canada is told self isolate for 14 days so as to not bring it into the country and spread it around, that its the case coming from any country, not just the US. Early on there wasn't much teeth to it the order more of a please do it, but as things get worse it's becoming more and more a strict order, whether we are showing signs of being sick or not. It's for the best though at least I will know afterward I'm not going to pass any sickness along from outside Canada. These days I'm on no rush to mingle anyway as Anne has a condition that she takes immune system depressing drugs for.
  • You Know You've Been Boondocking for a Long Time When ...
    1000W Crappy Tire Motomaster inverter! 9 years old and still working like a charm! I like to cook with gas versus microwaving meals and stuff so a bigger inverter has been way down the ol'upgrade list. :)
  • You Know You've Been Boondocking for a Long Time When ...
    Good list.
    It always takes Anne a few days to switch to RV park power, being able to use the microwave and don't need to turn on the water heater gas switch and electric heaters!
  • Dove Springs Free BLM Camping, California
    Yup saw that today, been following the update page every day.
    Really sucks, but I guess all the volunteers likely bailed as things have gotten worse.