• Planning Lithium in MH
    I currently have 4 Lion Energy batteries and they each have Bluetooth, but I have still left my old Trimetric monitor in place. Still working great. :)
    I find it easier to glance at the Trimteric on the wall than look at each battery using the app. So the Trimtric is the primary way I look at the state of charge, amps, and voltage, and then once in a while, I make sure that each battery is doing well and not getting out of balance with each other via Bluetooth. I find the Trimtriec and the battery Bluetooth values track each other closely.
  • 5th Wheel Towing Vehicle - Pros/Cons
    I'm not sure about today's truck, but when I bought mine, the coil springs were only an option for the Ram 2500, all the Ram 3500 came with leaf springs. I guess for heavy-duty applications, leaf springs were still the best. My previous vehicles were 1994 Ford F350 and 1989 Ford camper van and they both had leaf springs so I've never had rear coil springs to compare.
    When the Ram 3500k was brand new, the suspension was quite stiff but has worked in over the years. Now I don't notice it with regular driving, also carry about 500 lbs worth of stuff in truck boxes, so that helps. It's very smooth hooked up to the trailer weight.
    I only notice now when I go off-road without the trailer on really uneven ground, it can get a little jerky to drive, but heavy diesel trucks aren't that great off-roading anyway.
  • 5th Wheel Towing Vehicle - Pros/Cons
    I advise if it's a fifth wheel to get with way more payload capacity than you would think. Safer, and you'd be surprised at how fast weight adds up as you add things to carry. Judging by what I see towing large trailers, many people are likely overweight on rear axles and tires, which can cause parts to wear faster and be scary if emergency braking or maneuvers are needed.
    People seem to do OK with short boxes these days but will have to pay more attention in sharp jack-knife truing, and I'd think with the shorter wheelbase, sway may be more of an issue in strong winds than with an 8-foot box crew cab.
  • Starlink Update Portability Feature - How It's Worked so Far (BC to Arizona)
    Starlink Internet Update - Bought a New Dish at 70% Off

    Starlink Update - I took advantage of a 70% off deal for rural Canadians to buy a newer version of the dishy. The new one is half the weight and uses about half the power. Much better for off-grid camping.

  • DIY Off Grid Tool Box Power System
    Tool Box Power Station - Completed Overview

    This follow-up video shows you my completed off-grid truck toolbox power station. I start with a block diagram overview, then show how the stuff is connected and fused for safety and a demo of the various devices in action.

  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    A couple nights ago, on the Campbell River, BC estuary. Panorama view from our summer RV site. The tide was high, and the winds were calm, making for a pretty reflection view at sunset. You can see why we come back year after year.

  • Blu Tech R3 Elite Water Filter System with Off-Grid Filter
    Longer Term Review after Using for 6 Month Snowbird Trip
    In this video, I provide a longer-term review update on the Blu Technology R3 3 Stage water filter system and how it has compared to my similar Clearsource system.1. Include personal anecdotes or experiences with the water filter systems to make the review more engaging and relatable to the audience

  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    We finished off our latest snowbird trip last week with a sunny calm crossing aboard the Coho Ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria, and now back up at our summer base in Campbell River for a few months. Looking forward to a relaxing summer back on the ocean.

  • How to repair a broken screw heads
    If the screw still has exposed metal, you can use something like Vampliers
    If not, there are screw extraction drill bits
  • Toilet bowl fills on water tank fill
    It sounds like the bowl fill valve on the toilet is getting weak/worn and needs to be replaced. Or sometimes, hard water deposits build up inside them.
    It may seal under normal use pressure, but when filling the fresh tank, there may be less pressure to seal the valve, and a little seeps by. That would be my guess. :)
    There are kits available to replace.
  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    So long, USA. Crossed the border on May 2nd after 6 months Thanks for another fantastic snowbird trip! Cheers to all my American friends.

  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    In this video, I update you on our April 2023 travel route, camping stops, and sightseeing to finish our 6-month snowbird RV journey from British Columbia to Arizona and back. We went from just north of Los Angeles, California, northeast to Las Vegas, Nevada, then north to Twin Falls, Idaho, and northwest towards Portland, Oregon. Major highways included Interstate 15, Nevada State Highway 93, and Interstate 84.

    Stops include the California Poppy Reserve, Primm Casinos, Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Sacramento Pass BLM Recreation Area, Great Basin National Park, Farewell Bend on the Snake River, Wildhorse Casino, and Columbia Hills Historical State Park. Whew!

    Due to elevation changes, the April weather varied from freezing up to near 90F. After Las Vegas, the highways were pretty decent and not too busy. Overall an excellent route north.

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  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Another lovely day in the Columbia River Gorge. So, this morning I hiked up on top of Horsethief Butte to get a couple of shots of the snowcapped volcano Mount Hood. Gorgeous!

  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    I'm currently camping on the Washington side of the Columbia River, at the Columbia Hills Historical State Park near The Dalles. It's been quite warm lately, with temperatures reaching nearly 80F 26.5C today and expected to continue rising in the coming days. I wanted to share some photos of the picturesque scenery around the cozy camping spot. Additionally, one family had a lovely time fishing at the nearby small lake and caught their limit of Rainbow trout!

  • SimPure Countertop RO + UV Water Filter/Purifier Review
    SimPure RO/UV Water Purifier - Longer Term Review Update

  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    We are back in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area on our way back to Vancouver Island. This time we checked out some of the many waterfalls flowing well with the spring runoff. The two-tiered Multnomah Falls is something to see!

  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    We took advantage of a warmer day and a Sunday to get our butts over the Blue Mountains, Deadman Pass, and Cabbage Hill on I84 in eastern Oregon. A bit of fog and rain at the top but otherwise a nice drive. Overnighting at the Wildhorse Casino near Pendleton.

  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Great spot. Some trains go by on the other side. It doesn't bother us since so many places have trains we are very used to them. I hardly notice anymore. Just a rumble as they passed, and rarely did I hear a horn. I84 is on the other side of a large hill, so can't hear it at all.
    The loudest noise was from the RV park lawnmower. :)
  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Spring is slowly emerging on the Snake River northwest of Boise, Idaho, just into Oregon. A gorgeous afternoon today, with low wind and a high of 17C (62F)

  • ANTOP TV Antenna Review - Testing for RV Use
    Review Update Video - More Location Tests & Comparing to KING Jack

    I'm back in this video with more location testing Antop versus the KingJack RV antennas and my overall thoughts on the two products.