• 2023-2024 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Left Death Valley yesterday to camp in another spot with epic vistas, Snowbird Mesa in southern Nevada. Getting around Vegas proved to be a crap show, though. First, I missed the off-ramp to the 215 ring road. That sinking feeling when you realize you should be on the ramp you are going under. So, I thought, no problem. I'll just follow my GPS 95 and get on I15 to Salt Lake at some point, but then find there is major construction going on, and they have closed ramps, etc. So we double back and get back to I215 east and then get I15 north at the outskirts of Vegas. All clear! Not A fire on I15 has closed it, and we must route through Vegas Speedway and huge traffic gridlock. But we did make it to our picturesque location before sundown and set up on time for happy hour. So all's well that ends well.

  • Haloview BT11 Wireless Rear Monitor & Dash Cam w/Blind Spot Detection
    BT11 Review Update Dec 3, 2023

    Recently, I had a chance to test the newly updated version of the Haloview Model BT11. Haloview has addressed various problems that were reported with the original version. They asked me if I'd do a review update for them. In this video, I show the camera & display installation again and provide multiple recorded example clips of real-world footage. Overall, I found Haloview has done a good job of improving the performance of the BT11.

  • Xantrex 240Ah Lithium Batteries Review Videos
    Charge/Discharge/Capacity Tests + Build Quality
    In this video, I first perform a max discharge amperage test on the Xantrex 240Ah lithium battery. Then, I recharge it fully and do a capacity test using a 600-watt sustained load. Once depleted, I pop off the cover and give you a look inside at the build quality and internal components. The video finishes with a max charge amperage test using a Xantrex Freedom XC Pro 3000W Inverter/Charger.

    The test results were, for the most part, excellent. The battery easily outputs 150 amps and ran the 600W load for over 5 hours. Capacity and maximum discharge rate are as advertised. The construction build quality is top-notch!

    The only hiccup was with the charging. The manual states a 150 amp max charging, but when I tried at 150 and even 130, the battery went into an over-current shutdown. I'll talk to Xantrex about it and tell you what they say in a future video. Stay tuned for a deeper look at the Freedom XC Pro inverter/charger. Cheers, Ray.

    Fair Disclosure: I received a review sample free of charge from Xantrex. I received no money and maintained full editorial control over the video content.

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  • 2023-2024 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Back at one of our favorites in the southwest, Death Valley NP. Photographer heaven for Anne. We have found the week after US Thanksgiving is a great time to visit. Mild temps are 19C today (66F), and it is not busy in the park at all. We are in the Sunset dry camping area, with no generator area, and are the only RV. Even the main area only has just a handful. $14 a night. It's a great place for a base to explore from.

  • Bluetti AC300 + B300 Lithium Power Station Review
    In this video, I make a custom plug for my Bluetti AC300 portable lithium power station. The AC300 doesn’t come with a plug for the 30A 12VDC port. It’s an optional accessory, plus I also wanted one to work for my existing XT90 connections on my VIAIR 12V air compressor and my Flojet Macerator pump.

    I purchased an Aviation-type male plug and soldered it to 10 GA solar cables and an XT90 plug. I also made up some test cables using 10 gauge marine wire, XT90 connectors, alligator clamps, and ring connectors. Stay tuned, as I will have a video out with some testing of the Bluetti AC300 12VDC 30 amp port in the future.

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    Weller Solder Gun -
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  • Xantrex 240Ah Lithium Batteries Review Videos
    My usual summer campground on Vancouver Island is now around $1600 monthly in the high season. Most of the marinas were charging $50-80 a night when we were out boating. If you are full-time like us or go on extended trips, the savings add up.

    More and more people are dry camping or anchoring out these days. You can be as social as you want to be. All alone or in small groups like we like or at, say, Quartzsite with 100,000 other dry campers. :) I often see rallies of over 100 rigs there all dry camping and man some of the systems are way more elaborate than mine is.

    I also know some people who use the RV power system for home backup or feed it back into the grid to save on home power costs. Cheers, Ray
  • Xantrex 240Ah Lithium Batteries Review Videos
    A system like this is aimed at off-grid RVers who want the power of being in an RV park but out without needing hookups. The savings of RV resort fees help pay for the batteries, etc. I've invested a lot of money over the years into solar, batteries, inverters, chargers, and wiring. breakers, fuses, etc., but it has paid off in very reduced camping fees. I used to spend thousands on camping hookups during a 6-month snowbird trip. Now, it's hundreds plus I get to camp in much nicer locations.

    Then there are the people who can afford high-dollar trailers and motorhomes, so 5-10 thousand extra for an off-grid system isn't much to them when the RV is worth several hundred thousand.

    But for people with meager power needs when camping, there isn't any reason to spend all the money. A thousand or two will do the job for a solar power system. Or there is always a 500-dollar gas generator but as more people have solar systems they are more and more frowned on.
  • Bluetti AC300 + B300 Lithium Power Station Review
    Max AC Charging/Discharging & B300 Battery Pack Capacity Tests
    I test the B300 battery capacity in this video using a 600W constant draw on the inverter output. Then, I do a maximum AC grid input test up to 3000 watts and a max AC discharge using 2 space heaters and a heat gun. The AC300 performed remarkably well.

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  • Repaired Intermittent Power to Electric Trailer Brakes
    In this video, I installed new wiring across the axles of my Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer. The old cross-over wiring inside the axle had chaffed and shorted out, causing issues. I also adjusted the shoes on the Dexter electric brakes and replaced what I mistakenly thought was a defective star screw adjuster.

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  • Xantrex 240Ah Lithium Batteries Review Videos
    Off Grid Power System Upgrades! - Nov 2023 Update

    Here is an update on how the new off-grid power system in our Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer is coming along. I've removed four batteries, an inverter, a charger, and two solar controllers and simplified things with two Xantrex 240Ah batteries, a 3000W inverter/charger, and a 60 MPPT solar controller. I've also cleaned up the wiring quite a bit using bus bars.

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  • 2023-2024 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Made it back to the desert today with a beautiful drive over the Tehachapi Pass near Bakersfield. Was quite windy today but all behind us, so the Cougar trailer got a good bum push over the pass!

  • 2023-2024 Snowbird Trip Thread
    We have been on the road for two weeks, so I thought it was time for an update video of what we have been up to. Highlights include a ride on a grape harvesting machine and a jet boat on the San Joaquin River near Stockon, CA. Quite the opposite speed-wise, but both were fun!

  • 2023-2024 Snowbird Trip Thread
    We were back on a boat yesterday. Anne got to pilot a high-powered jet boat that a buddy down here owns. Chaparral Vortex 500 HP Twin Jets. He took us out for a blast on the San Joaquin River system on the delta near Stockton, California. What a ride! Anne has never driven a boat so fast. That boater smile was back on her face.

  • 2023-2024 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Well, this is not something you do every day! Anne and I caught a ride on a friend's grape harvesting machine the other day. I got some video footage of it in action coming soon. :)

  • Aolithium Power Kit - First Look, Quick Tests & Long Term Review
    I'm back with my review of the Aolithium Power Kit I first tested out back in July of this year. The short answer is I like the batteries and solar panel but not the inverter power box. It needs a 24V input, which is impractical for most RVers, and the build quality isn't that great. Good points for it are that the 2000W inverter performs well and the unit is compact and lightweight. Finally, I'm not a fan of the Kickstarter launches, but maybe the deal might be worth it for some people.

    Quality Built LiFEPO4 Batteries
    Nice Solar Panel
    Light/Compact Power Box
    Good 2000W Inverter
    Able to Parallel for 4000Ws
    Can Be Expanded to 8 Batteries

    Needs 24V Input
    Low Wattage Charging Levels
    Don't Like the Case and Buttons
  • 2023-2024 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Nice! we made it to northern California today, great to feel the warm sun after a lot of rainy weather. :)
  • 2023-2024 Snowbird Trip Thread
    First day of the trip south, it didn't rain. Yay! We did our usual travel day, left Seven Feathers Casino in Oregon, crossed the Siskiyou mountain pass, up past Mt. Shasta, and down to Redding CA, where we will overnight in a Camping World parking lot. Was mostly sunny, and the fall colors in southern Oregon were gorgeous this year. Especially around Grants Pass. Mt Shasta didn't have as much snow as the last few times, but still stunning when you see it appear. Glad to feel the warm sun and 21C (70F) temps in Redding.

  • 2023-2024 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Filled up the tank before we leave Oregon tomorrow. Wow, what a difference in fuel prices versus back in BC! $3.79 a gallon for diesel. Which, if my math is right, is about $1.35 or so a liter in Canadian bucks. When I last filled up on Vancouver Island, diesel cost $1.98 CA a liter. But we are heading into California, so the discount will be short-lived. :) But booze is cheaper! Maybe the Ram can run on Jack Daniels.

  • 2023-2024 Snowbird Trip Thread
    It's a messy day weatherwise in Oregon as some strong fall systems move through, so decide to stay put rather than drive in the wind, rain, and thunderstorms. Would have spent money pushing the trailer into a strong south wind anyway. Rest day!