• New Front Closet Rod
    Nice mod! :up: Thanks for sharing. :)
  • BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool
    Yeah, that's pretty picky, I wonder what a cop would think of me. When towing I have a GPS, tire pressure monitor display, rearview camera display and now extra gauges to look at.
  • Vancouver Island Views
    Out for a walk this morning and came across this berry special looking tree. Not sure what it is, but sure is pretty.

  • Gettysburg Campground
    Pretty campground, bet it looks awesome when the leaves change
    I love the 6 1/2 MPH sign. :grin:
  • Replacing black and gray tank valves
    One tip I have if your tanks are laid out like mine is to jack the front of the trailer up so the contents of the black want to stay in the tank, the front gray tank will want to drip on you but that is much better than black drips. ;)

    In hindsight, I may have first tried to remove the cross rail holding the front gray tank up and see if tipping it down a bit would have given be enough gap to change the valve. The risk with that though is cracking the drain pipe connection feeding it from above. I'm thinking though there may have been enough play.

    If cutting and using a boot try to take out as little material as needed, I took out a more than I needed and its been a pain to get the boot seated well. Occasionally I've had some drip when the tank is really full and the boot is under a lot of pressure, not a huge deal though as mine is just soapy shower water.
  • Over charge batteries?
    Thanks! :)
    Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all. What is a tremendous amount of boondocking power to some is barely enough to others. Then there is the lifestyle factor, some folks don't want to gas, run and listen to a generator, others its no big deal. And each RV is different based on its size to what it can carry onboard. Then there is how much a person boondocks versus camps hooked up.
    A set it and forget it system is possible, just takes the money to have someone do a thorough energy audit for your needs then install all the equipment to allow the least monkeying around by the end-user.

    Generally to get a reliable system with the least user required maintaining/monitoring the more pricey the build. That's why you see DIY guys like me getting manually involved in our systems to keep the costs down and prolong the life of our batteries.

    It's like a car, some tinker with it and DIY their own maintenance and some just use it and drop it off at the garage. Unfortunately, there aren't that many decent "garages" for RV boondocking systems around as its a relatively new thing to have such complexity of RV power systems. For many years it was just a single lead-acid battery or a few more and a generator.
  • How to remove a fuse
    I'd take more apart and investigate further. If it's stuck it could be all melted or corroded at the other end, neither is a good thing. Cheers, Ray
  • BC Coastal Views - Late September
    In this final video from our September 2019 tour of the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, we head up the northern coast from Powell River to Lund.

    Along the way, I have footage of the "Hulks" floating concrete ship breakwater, Okeover Provincial Park, and the Lund harbor area. The video finishes with early morning views from the ferry as we sail back to Vancouver Island.

  • BC Coastal Views - Late September
    You're most welcome. One more to come, this afternoon. :)
  • Grizzly Bear Tours
    Here is a link to videos I've done of the area.

    I always stay at Thunderbird RV Park as its close to everything. There are also Salmon Point and Pacific Playgrounds to the south of CR, they are nice, located right near the ocean but further away from town.
    If you don't need hookups there are Elk Falls and Miracle Beach Provincial Campground both are forested with more elbow room between campsites. But large rigs may have more issues with finding a big enough site. If you have a small rig there are tons of other small forestry campsites all over the backcountry.

    There are many bear and whale tours out of Campbell River. Also, a great place to take a bear tour is out of Telegraph Cove more north of Campbell River, they have an RV park there as well. Telegraph Cover is off the beaten path but the ride to see the bears is closer.
  • BC Coastal Views - Late September
    Footage from several beautiful places we discovered while exploring the southern Sunshine Coast in late September 2019.

    We stop off at Roberts Creek, Porpoise Bay, and Sargeant Bay Provincial Parks plus the beach area at Davis Bay and a marina in Secret Cove.

    The video ends with views from the ferry trip through gorgeous Jervis Inlet from Earls Cove to Saltery Bay. Stay tuned for the next video from the northern section of the Sunshine Coast around Powell River and Lund.

  • BC Coastal Views - Late September
    The way I heard it the business is but not the land. $379,000 for the 10-year lease plus $9500 property taxes a year. A local lady told me it might be a tough go of it. She was saying its really hard to get staff for restaurants these days. Says its become too expensive to live there.
  • Over charge batteries?
    Yup the Intelpower is a quality 4 stage charger, it will keep the battery topped up, it even does a mini equalization ever once in a whiles, No need to run any 12V wire back to the power center as there already is a line that the OEM converter used for charging.

    Basically the Intelipower will charge the battery and the 12V RV loads will work just like if you were off-grid.

    I actually installed a dedicated receptacle just for the Intelipower, I generally only use it when boondocking and plug my generator into it, when on full hookups my solar keeps things charged up pretty well so the converter usually just sits and trickle charges, so decided to wear out my OEM then when it bites the dust I'll wire up the Intelipower for shore power use as well.
  • BC Coastal Views - Late September
    In this video, I give you a look around the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal and village, then some footage while onboard the ferry to Langdale.

    The video ends with a 360-degree view from the pretty little harbor on Gibson's landing.

  • Over charge batteries?
    You could run an AC line to the front compartment from the existing AC line feeding the OEM WFCO converter, just cut the line and spice it with wire nuts, maybe put in a junction box. Likely would have to pull the underbelly down and fish the wire.
    An easier method would be an extension cord from one of your basement storage AC outlets and into the front compartment. I don't know about your rig but mine has an AC outlet on both sides of the basement storage compartment.
  • Over charge batteries?
    I would turn off the converter for a while if you can, on my system, there is a breaker for it, then let the batteries run down a bit, say to 85% charge. Then hook up the solar and the converter together on a sunny day. The solar will take the lead charge as it has a higher voltage output and should charge them up and give them a good trickle charge to keep them topped up nicely.
    Then just check the water level every few weeks and you could also check each cell with a hydrometer to make sure they are all evenly charged. The good thing is 6V GC lead acids aren't that expensive and can take some abuse.

    By the way how old is your RV? Just wondering if the WFCO is a 3 level smart charger.
  • Over charge batteries?
    If you could install even a little bit of a solar system your GC batteries will be much happier. The thing about solar is the charge controllers have a better charge profile for the big lead acids than most OEM RV converter chargers, most solar controllers can put out the higher 14.6- 14.8V that many brands like to see during the absorption phase, also many solar controllers can perform an equalization to desufate the lead plates. Just an idea, Cheers, Ray
  • BC Coastal Views - Late September
    In this video, I give you views from aboard the Coastal Inspiration ferry as it sails from Duke Point Terminal south of Nanaimo BC on Vancouver Island over to Tsawwassen on the BC mainland.

    You'll see footage of both terminals and the Nanaimo waterfront. Along the voyage, I also shoot video clips of Entrance Island Lighthouse, various boats/ships, and another Coastal Class BC ferry the Coastal Celebration as it leaves Tsawwassen bound for Swartz Bay north of Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island.

  • BC Coastal Views - Late September
    In this video, I give you a tour of Neck Point Park in Nanaimo, BC on a sunny fall day. Stay tuned for more videos to come from a recent getaway trip Anne and I took along the coast of British Columbia.

  • Battery discussion
    The video seemed to be a little one-sided, THe LiFePO the bulk of RVers are installing isn't the end all be all but definitely not as scary as they made out. I know Eddie installs a lot of them for RVers and wouldn't do it if they were that big of a safety hazard.

    The way I see it so far costs and temperature considerations are the biggest drawbacks. Interesting when they were talking about big loads they didn't mention the Peukart effect. A big plus for lithium along with my two favorites so far weight and not having to worry about recharging to 100% on a consistent basis.

    Looks like Trojan has a new video out on the subject

    The RV Geeks have a decent take on the subject as well

    and this is a pretty good article from a marine perspective -