• Starlink Satellite Dish Internet
    Tested this morning, not bad Starlink! This will be so cool when they make it mobile, meaning we can set it up at different locations as we travel.


    Disclaimer for RVers who are excited now:
    At this time it’s only guaranteed to work at the address you put down when ordering. We plan to stay put here until at least September so was worth it to me to try out the service and review the product. I asked support about using it when we travel and this is what they told me

    Hey Ray! Thank you for your reply! At this time Starlink is intended for use only at the service address provided on Starlink beta sign-up. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate Starlink service while traveling or away from your service area, but we do understand that that is a heavily requested feature from customers. We are working to provide this option in the near future, but for now we can only offer service at the intended location. As Starlink continues to launch satellites and the network reaches full saturation the ability to install and use your Starlink on an RV will likely become possible!
    I also found this statement from Starlink on a Ask Us Anything Reddit Q&A thread:
    Right now, we can only deliver service at the address you sign up with on You might get lucky if you try to use Starlink in nearby locations, but service quality may be worse.
    Mobility options – including moving your Starlink to different service addresses (or places that don’t even have addresses!) – is coming once we are able to increase our coverage by launching more satellites & rolling out new software.
  • Starlink Satellite Dish Internet
    In this video, I test out the power consumption in watts over the course of 5 hours of my new Starlink Satellite Internet Dish and Router. Then I convert it into amp hours at 12VDC so you can get an idea of its off-grid RV power draw.

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    My Jackery Power Box Review Vids -
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  • Haloview Ultimate RD7R Deluxe RV Wireless Camera Kit
    Yep, should get a pretty good view as the cameras are wide-angle. The only thing you might give up by having the camera down lower is seeing the traffic behind the vehicle that is behind you.

    Here is a view of a camera I tested one time that I had position down low at the back of the rig. It will give you an idea
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    That's a really cool-looking place. :starstruck:
  • Starlink Satellite Dish Internet
    If they add a plan for mobile use I will sign up for that and use it down south, If not I'll cancel the service and hope to sign up again the next summer.
  • RV Winter Skirting - Propane Safety?
    Thanks for the heads up Dan, they actually offered to send me a set of Air Skirts for review in the fall but I was already installing and reviewing the EZ Snap product. They do seem aimed at Airstream owners and trying to expand to other rigs. I wonder about being prone to inflation issues and problems with sharp edges under the rig and slideouts. Maybe next fall or winter I'll give them a try but at the time I didn't want to muddy the waters doing two reviews.

    One thing I had wondered about is how they would do on unlevel ground. Our RV site has a decent amount of slope front to back for water runoff. So RV bottom is nowhere near level with the ground. It's easy enough to deal with using the vinyl skirt by tucking and wrapping the excess under but I wonder about these blowup bags and using them in unlevel sites. They seem to be sized for different heights.
    I also sure do like the front shed room, so handy to have. Cheers, Ray
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Five Great Blue Herons just chilling out today in the marsh. I guess their bellies are full. :)

  • New Addons to our home
    Beauty! :love:
  • Trim Material Recommendation
    I remember watching this video in the past. Haven't had to do it myself but seems like maybe a solution.
  • Fridge drain tube
    I haven't done the main floor but did have to do the 3/4" slide floor, was able to patch, and has worked well.
    Hopefully, you can post so pix and we can see what you are up against.
  • Hello from Nova Scotia!
    Looks in great shape for 2008!
  • Full Timing
    Congrats! Not homeless, just houseless. :)
    I think the biggest mistake I see is new full-timers treating it like a constant vacation and pursuing time-consuming and stressful schedules to run around the country seeing everything they can as fast as they can. Kinda like kids in a candy store. Usually, it leads to burnout. Also makes them travel tired so mistakes happen easier and more often souring them on the full-timing. Successful ones tend to take their time and even spent months of the year in one or two locations.
  • Best RV GPS?
    Happened to us with the Garmin RV 760, we were heading from Mojave to Long Beach and I had accidentally had the GPS on the shortest route. It took us off the 405 freeway and through downtown and the old commercial section of LA. Took forever with all the lights. Found my mistake and switched it back for the fastest route setting on the way back and took a 3rd of the time to get out of LA on a couple of freeways.

    Our Garmin also thinks one of the tunnels on the 101 Oregon highway is only 11.5' but that is at the extreme sidewalls as its a round tunnel, the driving lane is 14.5' so there is no problem but it sure tries to warn us and reroute us for about 30 miles. :)
  • First Visit to Big Bend National Park – 2012 Throwback Video
    Thanks :) working on the next one in New Mexico. We had a great time there, always do.
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Spied this on my beach walk today, good to see some color, so looking forward to spring flowers this year.

  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    During the last big cold snap, we put some seeds out for the little birds and some ducks even came. One of the males decides the mat was his!

  • February Snow on Vancouver Island!
    Looks like the big cold snap is over, snow is melting fast. Sunny and our weather station just hit 9.9C (about 50F)

  • Mopeka Wireless Propane Tank Level Sensors
    Makes sense to me. They use the stuff on auto and marine electronics all the time. I plan on trying this conformal coating
    Mopeka is sending me a new sensor and I asked and they replied that that coating would be fine to use. The magnets are pretty strong but not sure about a rough road. When traveling I'll likely just pull the sensors off or could use tape on them. Or put a net under my tanks. :)
  • Our Visit to New Orleans, Louisiana back in February 2012
    No, never had one of those that but had my fair share of Po' boys. :) Great food there. Back then I had no YouTube channel or LYRV blog so was just taking pictures and videos for family and friends and not the whole internet so Anne didn't care. I got special permission to include her in these Throwback videos as she was 9 years younger! :)