• LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    A wet day in the desert today. I took the opportunity between the rain to fill my sewer tote for tomorrow's trip to the dump station.
    If curious, this is how I handle the water and waste while boondocking in these gorgeous locations. It's not always fun and games. :)

  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    I have found that it's the honor system in most places, and as you say, just show up and camp. Occasionally a ranger will show up and enforce the rules, but that is generally few and far between a happening.
    Rangers are responsible for vast land areas and don't have time to check on campers. Usually, if they do, it means there have been problems with people squatting on the land and getting complaints about it.
    Some busier places, like Quartzsite, for example, will have volunteers that manage a camping area. One called Plomosa Road BLM comes to mind. Volunteers usually manage check-in locations in January and hand out 2-week permits. They get posted in the camper window for a drive-by ranger to see.
  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    In this video, I briefly update you via Google satellite maps on where we have been camping this month. Then some on-the-ground footage of our boondocking camp along the Ajo Scenic Loop, followed by wildlife & dash cam clips, plus still photo slide show.

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  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Anne and I think this rock we are camped near looks like Snoopy lying down napping, so we call it Snoopy rock.

  • Haloview backup camera system issues
    10V seems pretty low, considering this has to power the camera and the repeater. I wonder if there is some way you could test it with a known good 12V source to discount that as the problem.
    The only time I've seen ERR on my Haloview screens is when the micro SD Card has become corrupted and stopped recording. I needed to reformat it to resolve that.
    Haloview is just getting back from their Chinese lunar new year holidays, so maybe that's why there is no reply yet. If you can't get this working, let me know, and I'll send my contact there your email so they he gets you some help.
  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    We didn't get our fill of the gorgeous scenery around Ajo, AZ, so we set up for a second boondocking stint on the free BLM land after being away a while. First, an RV park and then Organ Pipe National Monument down the road 30 miles. Different spot this time, but still stunning!

  • Starlink Update Portability Feature - How It's Worked so Far (BC to Arizona)
    Still working. They took my money, including portability, for month number 3, and have had service for 2 days now into the 3rd month

  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    A taste of the scenery from my dash cam. Ajo Mountain Drive in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona. A beautiful example of a lush Sonoran desert.

  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Ajo Mountain Drive in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument never disappoints. Here are a couple shots from today. For wildlife, we saw a mule deer, some type of hawk, California Quail, and the highlight, a pair of bobcats! Anne got some good shots of them in a wash. Hopefully, she'll get them processed and posted soon.

  • Mounting Solar Panels on Cougar 5th Wheel
    Yes, just outside the pipe not in the pipe, the hole drops inside the wall. It goes through a few rafters so about 6" down.
    Here are some pix of my current install. I have access panels in the toilet room so you can see the pipe in the wall. Another picture shows where the pipe and wires come out under the bathroom sink.


    For panel mounting, I placed the panels along the outside edges of the roof so I know for sure I'd hit at least a few solid beams. Roof is 3/8ths OBS board


    I haven't had any reason yet to pull up the panels yet. The first pair has been up there since 2014
    If I ever do I could add a second mount bracket.
    But you could add an extra bracket or tilt brackets. I was mostly concerned with getting them flat on the roof as I didn't know how the airflow would be during traveling so didn't want them up too high.
  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Today we moseyed down the road about 30 miles (50km) from Why, Arizona, to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Twin Peaks Campground is a favorite! This will be our 4th visit. Snagged a great site on the edge of the campground.

  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Safe travels. I imagine there will be a lot of highway under-construction signs over that way. :)
  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Emerged from the desert boonies to spend a week at an RV park near Why, AZ. A few days of cloudy, windy weather is rolling through, so I figured it's a good time to do a big batch of laundry, recharge all our batteries and flush out the holding tanks. I also have a new gas stove/oven to install.
    The RV park is kinda run down but the price is right at $150 per week full hookups tax included. monthly is $400
    Hickiwan Trails RV Park
    Pretty mellow, mostly longer term snowbirds, and others using it as a base station to explore the area.

  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Looking up at our desert campsite from down in the wash.

  • Bogart charging LiFePo
    Why is the p8 set at 20V seems very high? I always ran mine at around 15V
  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Decided to move camp and get a different view. This one isn't too bad.

  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    It was a beautiful day for a hike in the Arizona desert. Skies are clearing, and temps are rising. Here is Anne scouting out her next photography subject amongst the cactus.

  • LYRV 2022-2023 Snowbird Trip Thread
    Rainy Day Camping in the Sonoran Desert Time Lapse. Footage from a few days ago as the desert got a good wet down.

    Shot with my Akaso Brave 8 action cam
  • Thinkware X800 Dash Cam + Multi Cam Installation
    Last night's sunset images from my Thinkware multi-dashcam system. Had driven up to Buckeye, AZ, to pick up a new big upgrade for the old Keystone trailer. Gonna swap out our 11-year-old gas stovetop and oven for a new Furrion from Lippert. After 11 years of full-time, pretty well daily use, the old stove has seen better days.
    On the way back, the sunset was an Arizona doozy. :)