• Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    I spotted a squirrel riding an Orca today

  • RV Electrical Pedestal Bonding Issues.
    To prove I wasn't BSing the park owner about the issue, I connected a wire from a breaker to a ground bar and turned the breaker on. It didn't trip.VW's-Travels

    It would be interesting to measure the amperage on that wire with a clamp-on meter.
  • RV Electrical Pedestal Bonding Issues.
    Wow, that seems a little scary. I didn't realize there were parks wired like that.
  • Waste Master Sewer System *Long Term* Update
    I'm not sure from what I can find online it was a collaboration between PolyChute and Drain Master. I can ask him if you like.
  • Waste Master Sewer System *Long Term* Update
    It looks like an early version. I'll have to ask Doug at Drain Master if that was the one he first designed.

    Actually, I just searched the Drain Master website, and sure enough, the Polychute was an earlier version. Its reference in several places
  • R V refrigerator
    I imagine having a magnetic or optical sensor on one of the wheel hubs would be an easy way to let the fridge controller know the trailer is moving.
  • Furrion Chill 14.5k BTU AC Installation - Replacing Old Coleman Mach 3
    Furrion Chill Air Conditioner Review

    In this video, I return after nearly a month of real-world usage of the new Furrion Chill AC unit I installed last month. We had a decent stretch of hot weather in August with highs up around 85 - 90F. The AC was put through its paces, cooling our rig, and did a great job.

    Overall I'm pleased with the operation and performance of the new Furrion AC. It was about 20% quieter than the old Coleman Mach, with improved cooling performance. The Furrion is easier to take apart for cleaning, maintenance, and any repairs that may be required.

    The only negative I can see is how much plastic is in the design. Because of this, I have concerns about the long-term durability versus the old Coleman's mostly metal construction. Time will tell, I guess.

  • R V refrigerator
    Weird, I've never heard of one that automatically knows it's moving and shutdowns. I wonder if you have an intermittent leak, and just the trailer movement flexing the frame and things cause it, and the propane safety valve shuts off the system.
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Forest fire smoke drifted out to the coast yesterday, making for an interesting, colorful-looking sun at sunset.

  • Beautiful Views from aboard BC Ferry Salish Orca - Comox to Powell River
    We took a road trip along the Sunshine Coast with just the truck in 2019, beautiful scenery, and ferry trips
  • Simple to Install Exterior Window Shades for a Cool RV
    Yes, I would not space so closely. Every 10 inches seems to be plenty. At first, I followed their recommendation for windy environments but have never needed so many attached. So when added more shades I went to about 10" spacing and it's been fine. But summers here on the BC coast aren't particularly windy. 30 MPH is about the max we see.
  • My New 3000W Motomaster Eliminator Pure Sine Inverter
    Inverter Installation w/ 30A Auto Transfer Switch

    In this video, I detail the installation of my new 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter from Canadain Tire. I show the wires/fuses/switches I used, including the hookup to 30 amp auto power transfer switch.

    I also discuss this inverter's different grounding arrangement that leads to a report of open ground on circuit test devices. Then I provide a demo of the transfer switch operation.

  • Furrion Chill 14.5k BTU AC Installation - Replacing Old Coleman Mach 3
    The old tape came off easily. I just wiped off any surface dirt and retaped.
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Late afternoon thunderstorm calms late in the day and then dissolves into a beautiful sunset cloud. Campbell River, Tyee Spit


  • Old RV Roof Reseal and Refresh - Top Coat Sealer
    Review Update after 14 Months & Recoat

    In this video, I update you on how the Alpha Systems roof coating has held up after 14 months and perform a recoat to bring back a sparkling white roof.

  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Last night's pastel palette at sundown on the Campbell River

  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    This morning's RV back window view just after 7am. as the sun is coming up. The estuary grasses are starting to turn golden as summer winds down and the days get shorter.

  • Blu Tech R3 Elite Water Filter System with Off-Grid Filter
    In this video, I take the Blu Tech R3 compact off-grid water filter system to a local lake. I demo how I pump lake water and filter it into clean, fresh water for safe use in our RV tank. To transport the water, I use a collapsible water bladder.

  • Thinkware X800 Dash Cam + Multi Cam Installation
    (Part 2) Full Review & Demo Video Footage

    Update, I’m back after using the Thinkware model X800 system for about a month. Testing included an extended highway trip and around-town driving with no significant issues. Overall the system worked quite well.

    In this video, I show some of the recorded footage and give you a side-by-side comparison with my previously reviewed Q800 Pro model. Then I’ll go over my list of pros & cons as I see them for the new X800 model plus the addon cameras and video multiplex system.


    • X800 model dash cam has a touch screen for playback and setup
    • X800 model is expandable for multi-cam operation up to 4 more
    • GPS addon worked well for speed and traffic camera alerts
    • Easy to install the multi-camera multiplexor system to add cameras
    • The parking monitor works well in both timelapse & motion detection modes
    • Good video resolution on front dash cam
    • Sleek-looking metal side cameras. Pleasing appearance.
    • The rear camera comes with plenty of cable 60M for long RV installations
    • Thinkware has USA/Canada online support & help videos


    • Multiplex camera video only 1/4 of the screen, so lower resolution
    • ADAS erratic except for lane departure warning
    • My rear infrared camera video was a little dark. No adjustment
    • Max parking mode time is 48 hours
    • Max micro SD card capacity 64GB

    Truck Tool Box Power System Mod

    This video shows how I have modded up a solar-powered battery and inverter installation in one of my truck tool boxes. Mostly I did it to power my Thinkware dash cams parking survivance mode power. But it will also be handy for other things like nighttime campsite rodent deterrent lights.

  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Looking back at our campsite at Thunderbird RV Park, low tide on the Campbell River Estuary. Over the years, a tremendous job has been done to restore the estuary to its natural state after many decades of industry damaging it.