• Guta RV Tire Pressure Monitor System - Install, Demo & Review
    Guta TPMS Review Update After 5000 Miles Towed & 9 Months in Use

    In this video, I give an update on how the Guta TPMS has performed longer-term and restate why I like it. I also look inside the 8 tire sensors after 9 months and 5000 miles of towing + 10,000 miles on the truck. No signs of corrosion or water are getting in, and the batteries still have some life left.

    Overall I give thumbs up to the product with the caveat being lack of USA North American based support as far as I can tell. Appears its sells mainly through the Guta Store on Amazon.

  • Problems with Renogy 20amp DC-DC Charger.
    People use DC-DC chargers to charge the RV house battery bank using the vehicle's alternator. Say you have been boondocking somewhere for a while and leave with depleted batteries. If you drive for 4 hours to the next boondocking site and have say a 40 amps DC-DC charger you can add up to 160 amp-hours of capacity back into the house batteries.
    The DC-DC charger also can boost voltage levels allowing for more power transfer even though the wire run may be long. Very handy for trailer owners. The input voltage after the long wire resistance may be down to say 12V but the charger output can still be at a high enough level to charge whatever the battery requires, say for example 14.2V for lithium. The DC-DC charge also adds isolation between the vehicle batteries and house batteries. Cheers, Ray
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Yes, ultra getting low tides and high tides this time of year. Good for checking out the tide pool reefs.
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    High tide on the estuary with nice reflections last night. View out the back of the RV at Thunderbird RV Park in Campbell River, BC

  • Starlink Satellite Dish Internet
    Update - Reactivated my Dishy after 6 Months + DIY RV Ladder Mounting

    In this video I let you know how my Starlink Dish is performing these days and tell you about a few recent updates to the service such as an RV version and portability option.

    I also show you my new DIY ladder mount using a chain-link fence pole and flag pole ladder mount.

  • Buttle Lake Campground in Strathcona Provincial Park, BC
    Just spent a mostly unseasonably cool, cloudy, and often wet 2 weeks out at Buttle Lake Campground on Vancouver Island and of course the day we leave glorious blue skies, sunshine, and 18C temps. Oh well, was a relaxing, peaceful getaway. :)

  • New Soft Start product
    That should make it a lot easier for folks to install. I wonder though if it may have any effect on other AC power things in the RV since it's in line with all the RV AC power. I guess they have considered that.
  • Dicor rubber roof project
    Nice job! :)
    The file format of your photos is HEIC looks like some sort of iPhone photo file that didn't open in my browser so I have converted them to jpeg.

  • Great neighbors in Banff
    haha, no way, that's funny. :grin:
  • Haloview (Byte Tango) Rear & Side View Camera Monitoring System
    (BT7 Plus) Road Test Results and Review

    After a couple of weeks and a couple of hundred test miles with the new Haloview Byte Tango BT7 Plus system, I’m back. The Haloview systems have always worked well for me, and I’ve been happy with the image quality. But this new system has ramped up the image resolution another notch, especially the recordings. Everything is cleaner and sharper.

    I didn’t get one blackout from interference during over 200 miles of towing on backroads, highways, cities, and rainy weather. With my previous wireless rearview system, I would get the odd few-second blackout usually caused by other nearby wireless signals.

    The wireless lag has also improved. High-speed motion is smoother, and the video tracking of vehicles is more accurate compared to their actual locations. Picture color balance and exposure compensation are excellent. The IPS display is nice and bright, and viewable from off to the side.

    The Byte Tango’s integration with the Haloview SENS 3 blindspot radar worked as advertised. When a vehicle approached the rear of our fifth-wheel trailer, the display would auto switch to the side camera view, then switch back once the vehicle had cleared the front of our truck. If multiple vehicles passed by, it would hold the side view until they all cleared. Or if cars were passing on both sides, the display would split screen showing both side camera views.

    Only a Couple Dislikes

    Not many negative things to say about the Byte Tango, but here are a few. The display antennas are relatively large and impede the view if the display is dash-mounted. If mounted on the rearview mirror, as I do, they stick up too far. I ended up installing a little elbow and extension wire to make it fit nicely.

    When using the SENS 3 radar, I noticed a brief pause between switching the camera view. It wasn’t instantaneous. Also, it took an extra few seconds to switch back after the vehicles had passed us. I lose the critical rearview camera for longer than I’d like on heavily congested highways or during city driving.


    Overall I love the new Byte Tango BT7 system from Haloview. As I said, I was happy with the older models but glad to see that Haloview is continuing to redesign and improve its rear monitor cameras and displays. I look forward to using this as my primary RV rear view system. If any issues crop up, I’ll let you know. Cheers, Ray
  • Buttle Lake Campground in Strathcona Provincial Park, BC
    No, it's been pretty cool highs only around 14C 57F and lots of rain so not much bug action going on. Maybe in the summer but we tend to stay here in spring and fall and haven't found bugs to be a problem.
    Lots of mice last fall though but so far haven't had any this time.
  • Buttle Lake Campground in Strathcona Provincial Park, BC
    A few more from today June 4th. Looks like June is continuing cool and wet like May. But still, some beautiful scenes to be enjoyed. Love how the low cloud hangs in the valley here.

  • Suitcase Solar Panels
    The lithium batteries won't care they'll suck up whatever juice you give them. I have dual 40 amp solar charge controllers in my rig for two separate solar rooftop arrays and oftentimes have a DC-DC charger or converter charger running at the same time. Slight differences in voltages can reduce the total amps somewhat versus a single charge source but nothing is harmed.
    My solar controllers are set at the default lithium setting for 14.2V and the other chargers are14.4V. But the main difference will be wire lengths causing voltage drops. Your suitcase controller will likely have a longer run so it may get tricked into thinking the batteries are full and back off its charging amps. You can always tweak settings for the max charging levels.
  • French Beach Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC
    In this video, I give you camping information and show you around French Beach Provincial Park. French Beach is located about 60 kilometers (40 miles) west of Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island.

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  • Buttle Lake Campground in Strathcona Provincial Park, BC
    Have returned to Buttle Lake in early June 2022. It's been a wet spring and everything is very lush and green. Nice to have Starlink now so we can get off the beaten path more. No cell service here but with the dish we have high-speed internet.

  • French Beach Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC
    Spotted a large cougar lurking in the bush :razz:

  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Out beachcombing on Vancouver Island the other day and spotted this interesting log covered with attached shellfish. I believe they are what they call Gooseneck Barnacles.

  • French Beach Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC
    Here are a couple Site 36 photos

  • French Beach Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC
    Solar wouldn't be too bad if the sun would come out more. Would at least get a few solid hours a day. Its site 35, behind is a ravine where the Goudie Creek runs by so not as many big trees where it slopes down to the creek. There is also evidence that a few big ones have fallen down in recent years, saw a couple of big ones on the ground with roots sticking up behind site 36. Made for a big opening back there.
  • Black clip on propane orifice
    Found this excellent video explaining the water heater functions, around the 6:30 minute mark he pulls off what looks like a retaining clip