• Wyoming!
    As it happens, we’re crossing over to Cheyenne, WY from NE at “sparrow fart” in the morning, following I-90 on our way to Seattle. Yes, it’s windy but the scenery is spectacular. We’re not finding much public camping along the interstate, but we did score a great Boondockers Welcome spot near Cheyenne for tomorrow and will just wing it from there. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Cheers to all!
    Phil McGovern
  • LYRV Giveaway - Used Winegard ConnecT 2
    Hi, Ray. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Keep up your great work here. I’m a big fan.
  • Air Bag Suspension and Anti Sway Bar
    The airbags we installed on our F250 made a HUGE difference in towing our Montana High Country -especially on concrete roads. Those expansion joints felt like speed bumps before the bags and totally smoothed our afterwards. Our current 5er, a Grand Design Solitude, required more truck, so we traded the F250 SRW for a 350 DRW which doesn’t seem to need the airbags. If you’re feeling any bouncing at all, get the airbags. You will thank me.

  • Battery upgrade
    Hi, Brian:

    X 2 on the other suggestions on this great forum. I might add that, while you’re at it, you might consider getting four lead acid 6-volt batteries if you have the space for them. They are relatively cheap -especially compared to the Battle Borns we’re all lusting after - and it’s easy to build your box out of particle board. For moving the batteries around, you will NEED a strap-type handle. With four batteries, you can double the amount of time before you have to fire up the Honda. Best wishes with whatever you decide and Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • Using RV for first time
    X 2 on the bleach treatment. Just a little dab will do ya. BTW, I have read that, in a pinch, you can drink clean-looking water from a flowing creek or river with a very low risk of getting sick. Just avoid standing water or any that looks or smells yucky.
  • Full Time Anniversary
    Let me add my congrats, Ray. I’ve learned so much from your blogs and really appreciate your low key style and your great tips and suggestions over the years. Margaret and I plan to start full timing in a few months with a new 5th wheel and tow vehicle and hope to explore the amazing world north of our border. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get to see you in your natural habitat some day. Meanwhile keep up your great work. Best wishes! Phil
  • Indian Bread Rocks and Hot Well Dunes - Arizona BLMs
    Hi, Ray. We just left Indian Bread Rocks about a week ago and enjoyed a great few days ago in our 40 foot beast of a Fifth Wheel. Yes, there is a lot of poop pies, but we managed to dodge them. The cows and bulls seem to think they own the place. Ha! We saw a herd of wild horses, too. We found that at the end of the road, there is a large open area with enough room for us and 4 or 5 other RV’s. Great place!
    PS: If you’re still too cold, Go West, Young Man! We’re now in Yuma, AZ/Winterhaven, CA where it was in the mid 60’s F and sunny today. We’re at the Tumco Mine BLM which is also beautiful. Come on ove!r Phil
  • I Liked this tweet by Love Your RV
    Just a note to thank Ray for all of his hard work and practical advice for us newbies. Yay, Ray!