• Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Beautiful Fall camping in central Utah, USA.qx1yv83y2hz1spzl.jpg

  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    A few photos from our recent trip to Cheyenne Wy. kp1d4g0cb5r8j9f8.jpg
  • Member Recommendations for a 12 Volt Television
    I have a Jackery Power Station 160 to power the TV. It lasts at least 10 hours or more. It's very small and lightweight too. I bought it to power a fan and the TV and it does fine. It doesn't work on anything that requires heat though (hair dryer). I'm sure there are other brands of power stations, that's just the brand I have. They are pretty handy to have.
  • Fresh Blackberry Pie!
    Looks delicious!!!
  • Snow Day! Wind Turbines, Mojave, CA
    I used to live in the California Desert and I'm really not a fan of all the wind farms. If you haven't seen them in person, you can't really grasp the huge amount of landscape they impact. I'm all for clean energy but these turbines are at least 50 feet tall with blades probably 30-40 feet long . . . and these are the small ones. They are getting bigger and taller all the time. Really wrecks the beauty of the desert in my opinion.
  • Death Valley National Park
    Thank you for sharing! haven't been there in over 35 years. Loved it back then. We car camped and slept in the back of my Pinto station wagon. We definitely need to go back :-)
  • How to torch a RV
    Thank you for the reminder to always push the plug all the way in and twist. Happy that you didn't burn your trailer up!
  • Campground Wildlife Photo/Video Thread
    Hummingbird Moth snacking on an Arizona Thistle at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
  • Securing stuff in a fifth wheel while underway
    I had a 5th wheel and now a travel trailer and we store things pretty much the same. I use the non-skid shelf liner in all the cupboards. Plus, I like to use small plastic and/or wicker baskets that fit in the cupboards to hold things, especially coffee cups and anything glass. In our older 5th wheel we had a problem with the cabinet doors coming open when going down the road. But, those baskets would sit on the non-skid shelf liner and they didn't go anywhere. I never had a basket fall out of a cabinet even if the door came open. Additionally, If something spills in the pantry, the baskets are easy to clean.

    One of the best things I purchased was two foldable storage ottomans at Walmart.
    They hold a lot of the miscellaneous things we have and double as a nice foot rest. When traveling, I semi-wedge them in the pathway between the couch and the kitchen counter and they always stay put.

    In the outside storage bay, we have everything in plastic bins and they are packed in pretty tight so they don't move around. I think every trailer is a little different and you'll figure it all out :-) Enjoy your new 5th Wheel!

    BTW - Happy Times your 5th Wheel looks amazingly homey!
  • Moab, Utah
    Ewwww! Yuck! I never thought about people using the "potable" water to rinse out the sewer hose. I think we will continue to fill our fresh tank at home before we head out.
  • Moab, Utah
    We are fortunate that we have a 58 gallon fresh water tank. We fill it up at home before we go. I know it adds some extra weight, but we really haven't noticed a difference when towing. By conserving water the 58 gallons lasted us a week and I'm sure there is still plenty of water left in there. There are only two of us, so if you have a family, it might not last as long. By conserving, I mean taking military showers and not letting the water run while doing the dishes, brushing teeth, etc. Our biggest problem is filling up our 30 gallon grey tank. If the grey starts to fill, I'll usually do the dishes in a tub and dump the water down the toilet because we have never, ever come close to filling the black tank. I'll place the tub in the shower to catch some of that water and put it in the toilet too.

    If you don't want to fill up your fresh tank at home, I heard there is a Maverick gas station in Moab that lets you fill up for free. We always bring an extra 6 gallon water jug with us in case we need it.

    The non-potable water at the dump station is only to be used to rinse your hose out after dumping. I don't think it is safe to drink it or fill your fresh tank up with it.
  • Moab, Utah
    Yes, I made a reservation back in February and I think I got the last campsite. The cost was $40 per night and there was only electrical at the site. No water or sewer. The campsites were paved and had a very nice shade structure with picnic table, a tent pad, and a fire pit and the sites were nicely spread out. There were also vault toilets. There wasn't water available anywhere, but they had a dump station with non-potable water. This campground was probably one of the cleanest I have ever been too. Personally, I think $40 was a little pricey, but it's in a beautiful area and there are some wonderful hiking and biking trails in Dead Horse Point State Park.

    There are many dry campsites and BLM land all over the area. I think the dry campgrounds were $20 a night and first come, first serve. We spoke to a couple staying in one of the dry campgrounds and they liked that there were mountain bike trails right outside their door. There was also a lot of mud because of the storms.

    We checked out one called Horsethief Campground off of Hwy 313 and it was really nice with a ton of sites. The sites were big with lots of space and they had tent pads, a picnic table, and a fire pit. Also there were vault toilets. I think when we go back we will probably stay there because it was in a really pretty area.

    We drove into the city of Moab and there were 3 or 4 RV parks in town. They looked like typical RV parks with full hook-ups. I spoke to another couple staying in one of these and they liked the RV park in town because they could walk to all the shops and restaurants.
  • Fifth Wheel front leg cross bracing
    I don't know what brand these are, but we had them on our 5th wheel. IMO they didn't do much good and the trailer still rocked and rolled a lot. The ones in the video look like they would work better.

  • Valley of the Gods
    Beautiful pics! The wildflowers are amazing this year.
  • Storage hack
    Great idea!
  • Campground Wildlife Photo/Video Thread
    Big Horn Sheep at Valley of Fire State Park Nevada, February 20199lcd6naq9xc8q4pa.jpg
  • Lone Rock Dispersed Camping Lake Powell
    Yep, we experienced one of those windstorms one afternoon. Within minutes visibility went down to about 50 yards. It's was like someone flipped a switch LOL. We had to batten down the hatches and hole up in the trailer for a few hours. It's all part of the adventure!
  • Camping Etiquette on BLM lands
    I feel your pain. We just got back from camping at Lone Rock Campground on Lake Powell. It is part of the Glen Canyon National Rec Area but it doesn't have specific campsites. You just camp anywhere on the beach. It was pretty crowded down by the water, but everyone was leaving at least 30 - 40 feet between one another and there were many places of more than 100 feet between campers. If you camped up above the beach there was plenty of emptiness to camp in. I usually prefer the neighbors a little farther away than 30 feet, but we wanted to be close to the water.

    One afternoon after paddling around in the lake I looked up and someone had shoehorned their motor home in the 30 feet or so between my trailer and the truck/trailer behind us. They were 5 feet off of my back bumper. I walked up and asked if they were going to camp there and they said yes. I said they were awful close and there were other places to camp. They just ignored me. They started their barbeque about 8 feet in front of MY camper and filled my trailer with smoke while I was taking a shower. They sat their camp chairs right beside my camper door and started a campfire and then went for a walk on the beach, leaving their campfire burning and smoking us out.

    I could hear every word they said and smell everything they were cooking. It was getting late and my DH and I decided to move in the morning. Thankfully, they left early in the morning so we didn't have to move. At least 5 people came up to us after they left and commented on what jerks they were. To be fair, they were from a foreign country and in a rented motorhome, and maybe they have a different concept of personal space than we do in the US and little camping experience. But, they should understand the danger of leaving alone a burning campfire for more than an hour.