• I LOVE MY schwintek slide
    My Dad had those schwintek's on his 2016 Winnebago on the long slide, and thay broke on him several times wile opened up. He switched toa retrofit powerGear system. Never looked back.......
    Happy Trails!!!
  • Vancouver Island Views
    Very nice, looks like a perfect day! :starstruck:
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  • Like refrigerated slide outs
    Howdy! Ray put this together back when we first met on his old site RV Happy Hour.
    Some helpful tips for cold weather camping.......Happy Trails!!!
    Tips and Tricks for Cold Weather RVing
  • Battery discussion
    Here is -35-F below 0 several years back at the ranch in Wyoming.
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  • Battery discussion
    Cool set-up! We have 1600-watts with two 60-amp MorningStar TriStar solar charge controllers, on 900 AH battery bank. Two Trimetric battery monitors, and two Magnum 2000 watt inverters.
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  • Over charge batteries?
    Good advice Ray! He could sure use a Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power 9200 Series Converter/Charger with Charge Wizard . You and I have had good luck with this charger.
  • Battery discussion
    I get it, you are a LiFePO4 guy. :up:
    I'm for what ever works the best all around for the application.
    Quote" (You are aware they do sell LiFePO4 batteries that no longer have this limitation right? Because I sure do.")
    I have run my T-105 RE wet cell bank in -35-F below 0 weather many times in the past for prolonged periods. There is no LiFePO4 battery that can operate in that cold of temps with out some type of heating system. this is extra energy that is wasted to heat the battery. Also very hot temperatures can reduce life cycles quicker than other battery types.
    But what do I know I'm not a Electronic Engineering Technologist.
    (I'm more of the "Boots On The Ground" kinda guy.)
    I had no idea about the "drinking coolaid" metaphor, must be a regional thing,or I'm just out of the loop?
    I've put in a lot of systems with all types of power storage,it's just one part of the equation,lets get past the darn battery and talk about the rest of the system............ :confused:
  • BC Coastal Views - Late September
    Really nice video! Love your new pet the "Cotton Tail"! :love:
    Nice walk thru the woods,love the background music also.
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  • Battery discussion
    :confused: Quote "Poor Pippi drank just as much coolaid and simply doesn't realize what a disservice her video is doing." That's a bit snide, if you just said that the content in that video was off it would not be "Slinging mud".
    I kinda know that LiFePo4 Lithium batteries are what "We" put in "Some" RV's. I may have installed one or two of those?
    One of the largest, and most overlooked, limitations on LiFePO4 batteries is temperature. Many cannot put their battery bank within the heated/cooled area of the coach. I do know of a fulltiming couple with a 5th wheel that had to switch back to AGM's from LiFePO4 batteries because of this reason. They did not want to have all of the extra tech to keep them warm/cool.
    I'm not against LiFePO4, AGM or Lead Acid wet cell batteries, each have their place and use. One is not overall better than the other, each have their limitations. I will say I would take a top of the line lead acid wet-cell over a Lithium no name battery.
    Our next batteries may be the ones Ray has just pointed out. FireFly Carbon Foam batteries fit our system requirements better then LiFePO4, but have some of the same,"or close", charging characteristics to those of lithium.
    I'm still doing research and looking to visit with sailing fulltime cruisers that have used them in "Real World" service for extended off-grid periods.
    Just remember what it is all about...........................................Happy Trails!!! :wink:
  • BC Coastal Views - Late September
    Wonderful pictures Ray! :up:
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  • "Solar Boondockers"- Solar Projects Of 2019!
    Thank You very much! :blush:
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  • Battery discussion
    Good one! :wink:
    Granddad told me "Son, there's more than one way to skin a cat!'
    Rush and I had been looking at carbon foam batteries at one time.
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  • Battery discussion
    So am I not keeping up with the times with my old antedated system? Our system is used to fulltime Off-Grid 95% of the time. (Just ask Ray, he knows!) Money has a large part to do with the equipment a person can put in a solar power system set-up. You have a smaller system, so less power storage. I have a large system, and a "Bigger Truck", It works flawlessly and wonderful for us.
    I'm seeing a lot of one side coming from those who think you can only do it with one battery type........that is just not true.
    Lead is not dead, a good 90% of all "Off-Grid" Solar Power Systems are using some form of Lead acid battery bank. There are also some Lithium Iron Phosphate systems. As always it comes down to what you can afford at the time you go to install your solar system.
    Also just to get your stats correct, discharging of only 50% on lead acid batteries, that depends on the battery. The Trojan T-105 RE & L-16 RE battery has shown it can be discharged down to 20% DOD with out permanent damage. Lithium batteries do have more life cycles, it comes down to how deep your wallet is.........Pippi is just sharing her view on the whole power storage idea, no reason to sling mug at a nice girl.........................................................
  • Washing Machine for your RV
    Thanks! Yours is way cheaper........................ :wink:
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  • Washing Machine for your RV
    Nice video! A bit more outside of the budget from your set-up, but here is what we did for @Kimberly in her old 5th wheel several years back.
    I love your price per wash!!! :wink: :up: :up:
    Happy Trails!!!
  • Coast Guard Hydrofoil
    The Navy used to do training off our island during the winter when all the tourists where not around.
    You could see one of these pulling up on the beach once in a wile. They are "Loud"!!!
    Thanks for the wonderful photo-----Happy Trails...Pal!!!
  • Dometic fridge
    Good deal! Glad you got it fixed up.
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  • Isn't it always this way?
    @Kimberly Is always threading to hook her toy hauler to ours on a rainy day! :smirk: