• Mopeka Wireless Propane Tank Level Sensors
    I have used the Mopeka sensors for a few years now and I am happy with the response rate and tank level reading. I use them with my iPhone. I did have one that went through a battery very quickly and I asked Mopeka about it and they replaced it with no problem. Out standing customer support. I use the rubber ring for my tanks and it works better for me when taking for a refill and reinstalling the sensor. Those aluminum clips were very aggravating and hard to keep up with, the rubber ring is much better for me.
  • Our long time travel companions
    We fought the brown tint all the time, the photos were made with good timing!!
  • Auxiliary Diesel Transfer Tank
    I like the look of the tool box and tank combo, I have a 8ft bed with B/W companion hitch. I am wondering how much space between the two for things like a GE 4500 Generator?? My 32 gal OEM tank empties real quick when towing, that 40 gallon tank would double my distance between fuel stops.
  • Generator carry on receiver hitch
    Thanks Richard, that’s information that I needed to think about. I had not thought about the bounce, you brought up a good point. I had about decided it would be better off in the back of my truck anyway just needed more confirmation. Thanks
  • Our long time travel companions
    Those two remind me of our two, Shelby and Sassie. We still have Sassie but we had to put Shelby down last July. They were and are our Babies!! We miss Shelby so much but Sassie keeps reminding us of how she earned her name. x631pqi1d8dxrnxg.jpeg
  • A little about us and our rig
    Hello, Ralph & Debbie with Sassie, we were once retired but have been full timers for 4 years. Now I work full time again but it is a traveling job that helps fund our travels and pay for this new 5th wheel and truck!
  • Saving my trailer’s electronics
    So I have a question about the use of a generator and the progressive 50 amp surge protector. I am planning to purchase a Champion duel fuel and already have a progressive 50 amp portable system eventually I hope to have 2 generators in parallel. So will I need this neutral grounding plug for the surge system to work correctly?