• Kitchen Grey tank
    Will try vinegar. We just drove from Vancouver to Calgary, first trip since Covid started. I think it was good just moving. Big improvement.
  • Mouse in furnace fan!
    Update: took furnace out and extricated the body. Is all back together now and working fine. It was a really tiny little mouse. But big noise!
  • Kitchen Grey tank
    we always leave valves closed too. When we start travelling again I will pit Dawn in tanks as you suggest. Are you puttingn1 cup into each tank.
  • Waste Tank Chemicals and Deodorants Poll
    We use Happy Camper after every dump when boondocking and every second dump when hooked up to water. We always flush black tank well and have no problems with it. The question I have is the grey tanks. Sensors do not read properly on them. We have been trying various methods that are out there, ie borax etc. Not much success. Is there a way to flush the grey tanks?
  • Dehumidifier
    After seeing you video Ray on the Ivation, we got the model 1 size down for our 28 ft 5th wheel. This thing has been a game changer! Love it. It is a 14 point and we are running it pretty much all day. Have emptied it twice a day. It is keeping humidity at between 40 and 45. Not a drop of condensation anywhere. We sure notice how much warmer and more comfortable it is in here. We also run a small electric heater during the day and have furnace set at 62 degrees over night. Thanks for the recommendation of this product. Suoer pleased with it. Also hoping it is just for this 1 winter!
  • Saddle Mountain Arizona
    We were just at Saddle Mountain a few days ago and there were lots of flies for sure but not horrible.
  • Trailer lights
    [Update, turned out we needed a whole new wiring harness. Replaced, all is well. Was not inexpensive though. Had to go to Ford dealership as no one else where we were had the part. Ah well.
  • Primm
    Thanks Ray, we have been hoarding our data so am way behind on videos. We are headed to Quartzite next so will look for your flag!