• Wheels
    So how do you distinguish good wheels from bad ones? Northwood put Tredit wheels on our 5th wheel. They come with a lifetime structural warranty. In 3 1/2 years we’ve had all 4 wheels develop cracks. We do some boondocking and drive some bad interstate highways but 4 failures still seems extreme. Maybe Northwood just got a bad batch from Tredit?

    Kudos to Tredit for their customer service. They’ve replaced each one per their warranty but that’s 4 times we’ve had to change tires and head to a tire store while traveling. We carry an emergency spare steel wheel now so we don’t have to buy a new one on the fly. I’d love to replace our wheels but don’t know how to identify which ones will not have similar problems.
  • Micro-Air Easy Start
    We had an EasyStart installed by the dealer on our new trailer in 2016. A few weeks ago the AC croaked (compressor failure, not EasyStart related) and we had it replaced by a mobile mechanic. The mechanic suggested that using the EasyStart would impact our AC warranty and recommended against reinstalling it. We decided to not reinstall the Easy Start until we have the time to investigate that claim.

    We liked the EasyStart. Although we have a 3000w generator it was nice not to have that loud generator whine every time the AC started up.
  • Lake Caballo State Park
    Ray - when I click on your Google Map link above it takes me to my Google Maps favorites.