• Back up camera location
    Here is the finished product location. The 20 mile maiden trip went well with excellent view and connectivity, Thanks to all for the tips and advice.

  • Back up camera location
    I never thought about mounting it inside. I may temporarily try that before I commit to an outside location. I don’t like to drive at night either. However, I am not old enough to retire yet thus, we have limited times to get out. Thank you all for the advice and help.
  • Looking out your front door!!!
    Thanks for sharing. Nice photos.
  • A little about us and our rig
    Greetings from Scott and Cindy. We have a few years until we retire and spend more time traveling. In the meantime, we travel across the USA for one to two week trips, twice to three times a year. We weekend warrior at state parks and local campgrounds. Our rig is a 2015 Laredo 297sre pulled with a 2016 Duramax 2500 HD Silverado.