• Seagull Beggar
    Just watch out he doesn't Crap on that new truck it will eat the paint I am not kidding!!

  • Gettysburg Campground
    very nice $ per night Thank's
  • Over charge batteries?

    "Mobile Homestead Solar Services"
    Eddie Aileen
    Do you dream of camping in locations remote & beautiful, but lack the confidence in your electrical
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    Happy Trails!!!
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    Happy Trails
  • Like refrigerated slide outs
    Rigid pink on the floor and out side walls frame it up use duct tape to hold it in place bob your uncle ! Our pull-up the wheels head south 7days and 9hours it has been getting cold up here as well 28f with highs of 55f.
  • Folding electric bike
    only way to go !!
  • Folding electric bike
    faster then mine I could only get 25mph but still you wipe out at that speed at our age well there go a hip. LOL.
  • Folding electric bike
  • Battery discussion
    yes if I had my way would have gone all ready DW family you know lol
  • Battery discussion
    very nice

    I would love to but being Canadian we get some funny weather
    Right now we are only getting day time of highs of low 50 f to night
    25f can't leave for USA yet not til after thanksgiving October 14 LOL
    Then it's wheels up.
  • Battery discussion
    Hi I have 8 360w solar panels three solar charge controllers 2- Victrons (100v-50amp Bluetooth) and a midnight classic 150 I have addiction to solar.
  • Battery discussion
    We have both old Chevy volt 12v @400amps for the 5wheel then 2-6volt@1253amps just for the wife 's oxygen centrator. I find the Chevy battery's do charge faster only have 2-@360w sailor panel going to them . But the big reds do a good job I have 6- panels @ 360w feeding those big boys. Everything is good if the sun is out LOL keep the sunny side up!
  • Battery discussion
    Wow very nice
  • Battery discussion
    I call dibs on Ray's battery's LOL.
  • Isn't it always this way?
    sure is nice and the neighbors bug you to much just drive away LOL.
  • Isn't it always this way?
    sure is last year we parked at a RV park where you had to pay for power over top of of the site so out comes the grid tie it took the cost down by half. Because you use the units power first .
  • Isn't it always this way?
    hi it is a cheap Chinese grid tie inverter I have it tied into 2 of my solar panels so 720w then the grid.tie changes it to AC and it feeds back into the RV . I believe in the kiss method.
    Little video kind of show how I do it .
    I did move the grid tie to the front of my 5w
  • Isn't it always this way?
    Are RV is our home but I do have a grid tie unit to send power back to the grid when we are at my daughter's place.