• Using Solar Controller as a DC-DC Converter for Alternator Charging
    Is this necessary account of running the Lithium batteries?
  • Building Custom Battery Cables
    Boy ole boy this brings back memories. I believe its in the original flash drive I sent to Ray from the solar install on the Cougar. That ping noise you listened for when you made up our cables with the rail iron.
  • A Look At Eddie's RV Power System
    The MobileHomeStead is a awesome job along with the solar System.
  • A Look At Eddie's RV Power System
    Cock a doodle due. Ed I hear Little in law
  • New front decal on fifth wheel
    How Much if you don't mind me being noisey?
  • Solar Installation
    Thanks Ray , been busy with ma and not been on here in a day or two. Ma flies back to NC this am will miss the super senior.
  • Battery upgrade
    Researched back in my folders and found where I purchased my original Trojan T-105's 09/2014. After 5 yrs and a lot of service out of the those ole babies I found some new T-105 RE;s for $155. Not bad, and it beat $700-$900 a battery. Got them replaced and charged them up now time to equalize them babies.
  • Trailer Demo Derby!
    I use to do train races with three cars chained together four ft. apart. That was fun.
  • Trailer Demo Derby!
    reminds me of I-95
  • Help me find a leak?
    I went and had a RVROOF sprayed on my roof to prevent the slacker inability to put our rv together and the elimination of climbing up and cleaning the roof twice a year.dc1oe430uno0cp6k.jpg
  • Happy New Year
    Happy New Year
  • My Quick RV Waste Tank Dumping Setup
    Thanks Ray, by the way Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Ann. I been bachelor a week, Lola flew to NC While the dog and I stayed in Miami. My Mom is down at my cuzzins so we went there and played. Take care Yall
  • Battery upgrade
    Rick, the way battery technology is going there'll be something better than Lithium soon enough. We will never see lithium come down to much on price, and that's account of a lot of factors. Do some research and you'll see a lot is going on with batteries account of the electric cars. A lot of research is taking place to find a better battery than lithium account of it not being very recyclable.
    I'm here in Miami and have found a fire fly dealer. Am looking to upgrade my trojans(close to 6yrs old) to them. I had to shore up my front compartment where I use 8 6 volts for my solar setup that was installed by MobileHomestead Solar Service. All that weight finally got to the 3 little screws that held the pan to the front support.
  • My Quick RV Waste Tank Dumping Setup
    We had an experience this past summer in Maine at a CG with no sewer at sites just a dump station. The campsite we were in,the ground was a bite uneven. Another thing the drain pipe on the RV is lower than the Barker sewage tank I use. Bought a macerator pump so I could pump the liquids into the Blue Boy as we call it. With that hose ends could a standard sewage hose connector be used.? The macerator has the standard connection not the bayonet type. I put a 3/4 in hose on pump(25 ft) so I could pump it in Blue Boy. Sir Eddie was the one to tell me get the pump. It worked great.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from Miami.

  • WeatherTech Floor Mats
    We got a set of Weather Tech mats and the window visors when we bought fat baby in 2015. Sure love the vinyl floors, so easy to clean.