• Over charge batteries?
    Schoolhouse, I see your learning the RV industry doesn't care if you want a hassle free system. They could care less about your happiness.
    If you want to fix your problem you have to spend a little money and then you can go do your thing with not a lot of worry, but with a little maintenance on you. You miss understood the boys I believe. Its not a lot of money to fix what you want.
    We have full time only three years and do a lot of moving about. Heard many horror stories about the equipment they install on RV's and how converter/chargers have there issues. We installed the necessary equipment and killed the breaker on the original converter/ charger but if the other charger fails all we have to do is flip a breaker and have it back till we fix anything broken. Just want to suggest that spending a little money will fix your problem and then its travel on with no worries.
    Enjoy these days and be happy. These RV's can make us go crazy if you let them. We fixed our so it makes us happy. Once again enjoy the lifestyle and see ya down the road.
  • Hello from Central PA
    Welcome from NC and points beyond.
  • Battery discussion
    Very good video. A lot of info to look at objectively. Not narrow minded.
  • Isn't it always this way?
    Not if your a camp host.
  • Isn't it always this way?
    Living in hurricane country we learn many moons ago to be prepared. Now in an RV I have a solar setup installed by Mobilehomestead solar services. Two Honda's for backup.
    Power went off here last night and the campers come beating on our door, asking why you got power and we don't. He says I'm missing the evening news. They seen the TV playing when they walked by.
  • which shorter fifth wheel would you purchase
    We have a Tiffon- Vanleigh/ Vilano F/W and its 34'7". Just right. I can swing it around anywhere. Its for full time though. We have been happy with ours account Tiffon has a service center and customer service like no other manufacturer. I'm Not much help since we full time. Good Luck. I will say I'd never ever own another unit that was NOT built by a family owned corp.
    The Tiffon family now builds a new weekend model named Pinecrest. Its more for weekenders. Best part about Tiffon is if you want different furniture have it down as its built. Different frig. ( residential or adsorption) as it built, and even some interior changes. Read it all the time on our FB groups where people or waiting for there new unit and having this done and that done.
    Good Luck in your choice..
  • Roughing it Smoothly - Kamera Kaptures
    I used a tank that size to make my moonshine.
  • DEF - Diesel Exhaust Fluid
    We purchased our 6.7 Ford in 2015. 2017 we were in Colorado and bought some diesel and someone had put def in it by mistake. I questioned myself for weeks about it. Had it in shop 4 times till they fixed it to where it ran like it should. Ford said then pull everything and replace $10000 to do it too. This was April 27th. In August we finally needed to get oil changed again. Took it to the local Ford in Delta, Co. and after we left Ford I noticed the fuel pump starting to make the same noise it had in Denver back in April. We in a few seconds the eng. went into low fuel pressure and reduced eng.npower mode. It would run 5 mph up a hill. I could type another hr. but to make a story short heres the final outcome. $9700 later and mind yall August till Oct. we finally had the complete fuel system replaced. It looks funny and concerning when you walk in and see your cab 8 ft. in the air and your eng. laying everywhere. The complete fuel system was replaced and fuel lines. only thing not necessary to replace was the fuel tank. The service manager told me to call my ins. people and they paid it off my comprehensive. Boy was that a break.
    Now back to def. Since this all took place I get a signal to add DEF I find the next Walmart and by the cheapest thing available. Since then we have been to Alaska and back and all on the cheaper brand. No problems. Now mind you we full time in our truck. Its our main source of power and rider. Our truck as its known Fatbaby has performed as we have wanted.
  • RV Fresh Water Tank was Falling Out!
    Yea I'd wanted nuts and bolts and lock washers with lock tight.
  • How to torch a RV
    That's why I like my smart plug. No more twisting a 1/4 inch.
  • New RV manufacturer
    That's why we bought a Tiffon product (Vanleigh/Vilano). Family owned business. They have there issues but they have a customer service like no other.
  • Washing Machine for your RV
    Our shower holds our plants while traveling. Don't take but two hrs to do a weeks worth of laundry at the laundry mat. Then I bring home and fold or I fold them at the laundry just depends on if its busy or not.
  • Fluid Film Corrosion Protection
    Ole Fast Eddie turn me on to that a couple years ago. Good stuff.
  • Basic Multimeter Testing Howto
    Thanks Ray, Nothing like a good refresher course.
  • Clogged Black Waste Tank Valve
    Looks like a little stinker to fix. Good Job.
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
    I recently found Crown batteries 6volt at 220 ah's priced $113.80 plus tax and exchange. That's hard to beat.
  • Fifth Wheel Hitch Camera Mod
    Busy Man, thanks for the view.
  • RV Power Awning Repair - faulty wire crimp
    Loose connections, they do present issues at times. Thanks Ray for the reminder.
  • Hurricane Preparation and wonderful neighbours
    Nothing like good help and caring souls.