• Plumbing a Mr. Heater Big Buddy Heater into your RV propane system
    Ray has a video on this project that's worth watching, if this idea appeals. Sorry, but I fail to accept that keeping the heater in the trailer with a green propane bottle attached is dangerous while adding multiple connectors and terminating the hose to a heater fitting is safe. In fact, the heater can be removed and stored when not in use or moving the rig, while the new hose and its fittings remain in place indefinitely.

    Also a suggestion: I used these tools when adding a kerosene tank, tubing and bulkhead mounted furnace to our sailboat for European cruising. I found it very helpful to get some initial instruction on how to get a good flare and air-tight connections, and recommend the same thing for this project. There is a bit of technique involved. But I do like the idea, being based in Montana where a heater is often used a good deal.
  • Ladder + Antenna = PITA?
    That seems to be the general theme among the RV Youtuber community I hear as well, Ray. But...we will mostly be hanging out among the Rocks (MT/WY/ID/UT/SD & BC) where the mountain goats outnumber the people. It's not uncommon in these parts for the highways to have pull-offs with signs announcing a cell connection, as the signal squirts between two distant bluffs. So "a little bit better" is definitely...well, "better". ;)
  • Ladder + Antenna = PITA?
    Richard, at the moment I'm thinking 'back wall' after a drip curve for the penetration. The cable run, for our Lance 1995, would then come down inside a tall closet, run thru an existing wire chase and the tread for the exterior door, and then to the vicinity of the power center. But the Lance community has a lot of clever chaps posting on the owner's forum, so I'm mining that source first. I'm sure you know the old refrain: "Steal with Pride".
  • Ladder + Antenna = PITA?
    Thanks, Richard...and no, we're not using the mag-mount antenna but rather the one that's shown in Brian's pic just above your post. Applause to Ray for mentioning Brian, who does some great video projects (or is that 'project videos'?) In fact, Brian is how I came to be gifted a Weboost antenna. However, I'm trying to get the mounting choice to also satisfy the cable routing challenge. In Brian's case, he just added the Weboost cable to his other umpteen cables, headed for his junction box. I confess: I find Installing this booster system a bit of a challenge. Three components to position, two cables to run, co-location of the booster near 12V (for us) power, an internal antenna location that some advance testing mandates given its attenuation and so limited range...AND a preference not to penetrate the roof. I'm probably over-analyzing!
  • Ladder + Antenna = PITA?
    Thanks, Ray. And yup, that's just what my antenna install would look like, if that's where I decide it should live. Maybe I wear baggy pants... ;)

    Anyone want to offer some location alternatives you found more appealing? I was going to mount the unit directly to the top, aft side wall of the trailer...but that would interfere with a rain gutter, which I'm pleased to say works very well.

  • Let's put Ray's solder iron away...
    FWIW I posted these Wago lever nuts primarily to tease Ray about having something else in his electronics tool box...and to thank him again for his many helpful videos. But I do think more options are better than fewer options, generally. So even tho' I nursed a sailboat to 53 different countries without a single electrical/electronic issue - can't say that about the other boat systems! - and know my way around a ratcheting crimper tool, I really appreciate having an option that takes no tools beyond a wire stripper when jumping in a lead. Glad to hear they are being included in fixture kits these days.