• Hello from the Prairies
    Great trailer. Enjoy your travels
  • Configure Victron BMV Battery Monitor and MPPT for Lion Safari UT Batteries
    Ray it looks like both of my MPPT controllers have a rotation switch Thai I set to position 7 that is for lithium batteries so all those settings are automatic and seem to be pretty good for what my settings are. Don D thanks is good to check. Thanks
  • Puzzler on our Furnace
    I have a suburban furnace in my 2015 Columbus. The thermostat runs up to the air conditioning unit then back down to the heater. The controller box in the air conditioning in went bad and the furnace quit working but the air conditioning still works. I found the two wires that controller the furnace at the furnace, brought them out and installed a thermostat separate for the furnace. Works great. We only use the heater first thing in the morning for a few minutes. It uses to much gas and battery to be worthwhile when Boondocking. We also have a mr. heater big buddy heater that we use most of the time and love it. Yes we leave a couple windows cracked an would not sleep with it on. It one of the best buys for our trailer that we use the most.
  • Puzzler on our Furnace
    Had the same problem so pulled the plastic belly skin off and the duct work was a joke. Some of it was squeezed mostly shut off and had to cut off 4’or 5’ of extra duct just wadded up an thrower loose in there. Where it goes by the tanks it it was smashed mostly flat. Most of the heat was going to the bathroom in a short direct hose. Not engineered just thrown in. Good luck.
  • Pacific Coast
    Elk country campground on northern Ca coast
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Loved Elk country on northern Ca. Coast eeymyvdc0wgahc6e.jpeg
  • Powered septic vent
    We have two 360 sophisms in our trailer and don’t have any problem with odor since we changed to them. I do think that the vent pipe is to far down in the tank which closes it off some times.
  • RV Fridge Maintenance - LP Gas Burner Cleanup
    I always run a piece of small wire up the chimney to dislodge the soot. Usually get some out that way.
  • Ford Tailgate recall
    Kind of related. We added a torsion bar on our ford tailgate. Now we can open and close it with just two fingers. Makes it a lot easier when hooking up our 5er. Kind of tailgate related? Got it off the internet
  • Humpty's back together again!
    Yes we broke a spring a couple months ago near Las Vegas. I got 4 new springs and changed all four.
    We feel better about it now. It only took 4 hrs to charge all 4. Jacks on the 5er and a couple wrenches is all it took. We went to the next size weight wise to help with the load.
  • Oregon to California (2019/20 Snowbird Trip Update)
    great video that's our old stomping grounds and you did it really good thanks for the memories
  • Replacing black and gray tank valves
    Was able to change mine out you taking 4 screws out and just pushing the joint apart to get the old valve out and the new one Bach in. The hard part was getting the rubber seal lined up just right. Good luck. You can do it.
  • Rotted RV Slide Out Floor Repair
    Ray, I took gorilla tape and made water guard on my trailer when it was new. It’s about 4 1/2 yrs old and still working. Check out the imade

  • Shunt Location
    Great schematic Ray. I did install a disconnect switch in the negative coming right out of the battery to disconnect the batteries during storage. Saved my slow drain during storage. How is your new lithium battery hookup going. Can’t wait to hear?
  • Difficulty filling water tank
    We had the same problem and found that the tank vent Was plugged. The air needed to get out to let the water in. Check the vent.
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    Ray we have our lithium batteries in for about a year now and boy are they exciting. Charges up way faster with our solar or generator. Get to use way more out of the batteries between charges. Solar barely kept up be for now we have plenty of power with the same panels. Its nice not to have to keep refilling the lead acid batteries. We installed two 120amp Expion360 batteries in the same place we had the old ones. It got a progressive dynamics PD9160AL charger and added a Victron energy monitor. The monitor and the charger are both programmable from the phone for the solar.
    Good luck and enjoy yours as much as we do.
  • Solar question
    We have gone to solar this last year and have lots to learn. We went to lithium batteries and found that they were changed up to 100% by two or three each day. When we put the batteries were at100% all the time when in storage and after calling the battery manufacturers they said the batteries would last longer stored at 80%. There fore to unplug the charger and let the batteries go down to 50% then charge them back to 100% then unplug them again. The over charging only was a problem when in storage.
    Just a thought
  • Fifth Wheel front leg cross bracing
    We have JT arms on both of our last two trailers. We have 6 point landing gear so we find we really don’t need or use them until it gets windy. They are priceless when the wind comes up. I would really recommend them as the add a lot of comfort when they are needed.
  • Victron Battery Monitor
    We love our 712 and are glad that we mounted ours in side as we watch it all the time. Enjoy
  • Auxiliary Diesel Transfer Tank
    We have a F350 with a 90 gallon tank in the bed of our truck. We almost never fill it all the way up because of the weight but it is really nice when towing as we can get cheep fuel and don’t have to stop at bad stations for fuel. It adds a lot of comfort to our trips.