• Cracked Lippert frame on a Travel Trailer - Check your rig's frame if its a Lippert
    Wow!!! Unbelievable!! We have a 2008 Rockwood 30 foot fiver... I will definitely check out the frame tomorrow..... I just replaced the black water tank valve... easy to do, but had to open up the "cardboard " underbelly....
  • Dashcam Footage of Towing Cabbage Hill - 6% Curvy Downgrade I84 Westbound in Eastern Oregon'
    Thanks, Ray!! We're planing on going that way from our home base here in Nampa, Idaho...
    We have a gasser, 2500 Chevy Silverado. Pulling a 30 foot 2008 Rockwood fifth wheel. About 8300 pounds loaded, but I always empty all the tanks before traveling....we don't do boondocks camping, too old and lazy!!! We only stay at full hookups RV parks...
    Thanks for the quick response!! Travel Safe!!!
  • Dumb Dumb RV Boondocker Thinks the Hose Will Hold Down the Water Bladder. NOT!
    Never underestimate the power of the wind!!! Glad you came out okay!!
  • Bathroom sink & faucet upgrade
    Looks great!! Wish I had that much working room !! I'll have to figure out something....
  • Shark Bite Fittings for RV Plumbing Repairs?
    I moved the RV water filter and pump to a more convenient location using shark bite far, no problems, easy to install !
  • Bathroom sink & faucet upgrade
    Yes!! I'm with Vernon!!! Did you cut the pipes to remove the sink? I have virtually zero room to access the faucet from underneath the vanity sink....just curious as I would like to do the same thing!!
  • Dove Springs Free BLM Camping, California
    Ok, newbie question!! How much extra water do you bring when you boondock? Obviously it depends on how long you stay, but what about bathing, cooking, cleaning dishes....etc... We are taking our first really short trip tomorrow to get to know the rig. But plan on a certain amount of boonie camping in the future.
  • *Updates* Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires & EEZRV TPMS
    Great video Ray!! We just had those same tires installed on our rig for exactly the same reason!! Made in the USA, and a somewhat larger load range, etc....the tire monitor is next on the list...Thanks!! Hope your better half is doing well
  • Batteries Make Them Last
    Any opinions on Lithium ion batteries? Different type, safety concerns, life span, cost??? Any experience with a particular brand?? Thanks!!! Trying to get decide if 6 volt golf cart batteries would be a good replacement or lithium ions for an upgrade?
  • Our 10 Most Used RV Upgrades (2011 Keystone Cougar Trailer)
    Really good info, Ray!!! Thank You for posting this!! We are new to trailering!!! We have a 2008 Rockwood 5th wheel, 30 foot long. Pulled with a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 with all The applicable towing upgrades....we were wondering how long is your rig? Hopefully we will be heading out on a short maiden voyage! thanks again!!
  • Dosewallips State Park, WA
    PS!!!! Thanks so mucho for all the work and recommendations!!! Really appreciate your efforts and time!! Happy Trails!! ✝️✝️
  • Dosewallips State Park, WA
    That's some Mighty Fine camera work right there!!! We are planning "The Grandkids Tour" up to Portland, then Whidby Island, then home by Highway 101 down the Oregon trailer just yet, early next year for that major purchase!! But we'll be checking out campgrounds along the way home for future use....
  • Utah camping
    Wade....we are going to join The Elks Lodge here in Sonoma County, has your experience been with staying at other Elks locations? Have you been an Elk long?? Do you ever caravan with other members?? We are planning to purchase a Fifth-wheel early next year!!!
  • Camping Etiquette on BLM lands
    Curiosity question....on BLM land, where appropriate, and safe, is it ok to target shoot?? I'm just curious at the it acceptable, are there "shooting only" spots? I'm new to all this so I'm not even sure of the question!! I know friends who target shoot in the Nevada desert, BLM land, faraway from civilization.....comments???? Experiences??? Thanks!! Great forum Ray!!
  • Tehachapi Loop
    That's pretty amazing!! Another reason our country is awesome.... ENGINEERING!!!
  • Cougar or Eagle?
    Interesting to read the experiences of owners! Another group I follow on Facebook is called, RV Horror Stories, and the consensus is that anything built by Thor Industries is garbage .... and it seems like Thor is buying up rivals.... this is just my observations, but there are a lot of members in the RV Horror Stories group.... another common thread, is the total lack of warranty follow-up work, when you have an issue with a brand new trailer purchase. Again, just one guys observation....
  • Blake's LotaBurger in New Mexico
    That sounds sooooooo unique and good!! We love In-N-Out burgers!! All fresh ingredients and the perfect size!! Chocolate milkshake is perfection!!!
  • 10 Little Love Your RV Tips and Tricks
    Excellent tips!! Thanks so much for your insight, from someone who's yet to purchase our 5er... we are still in the info gathering stage, any opinion on the quality of your Cougar 5er? How old is the trailer, and would you buy another one?