• 10 Year Anniversary for the Love Your RV blog
    Congrats and thank you for allowing all of us to follow along on your journey. Like others, I found you on You Tube after we purchased our trailer in 2014.
    Although ours is a different brand it is very similar in length and layout to yours. Have loved watching all the mods you guys have made which has given me many ideas; the main one being to get rid of that horrible carpeting. Still haven't done it though.
    Anyway, we have learned lots and appreciate what you share.
  • Winter Storage Question
    Ours sit on concrete inside an unheated building during northern Minnesota winters without problem.
  • bedside wardrobe mod
    Our trailer has a shelf that runs along the closet wall just high enough that our heads don't hit it while sleeping. The shelf is just wide enough for a water bottle, phone, etc..
  • Hello from the Prairies
    Welcome from Northern Minnesota!
    We have a Jayco Eagle HT 26.5 RLS - very similar in layout to Ray's Couger. Our trailer has a narrow, but deep, pantry. Hubs made sliding shelves plus adding an extra shelf. Much more user friendly. I've done some reupholstery to brighten up the space - not sure why they thought dark brown everything was a good idea in a small space. I would love to get rid of the carpet; just haven't gotten up the nerve to tackle that one yet. We changed out the plastic sinks and replaced with stainless steel.
    Happy travels & have fun!
  • Still Moving On
    Enjoy your travels.
    Ours is put away for the winter which makes me sad. Some year we'll get out!
  • Hello from Central Fl.
    Welcome to the group! I found Ray not long after we bought our 5er in 2014. We've slowly been doing things to make ours more homey for us on the inside and hubby had changed things to make our ride better. Have fun making it your own.
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Hoar frost in northern Minnesota
  • Hello from Eastern Oregon!
    Hi and welcome to the group! Lots of great and helpful people in this group.
  • Recovered the valances & curtains
    Hi Deborah. My sister has curtain holdbacks that attach to the wall and can hold quite a bit of fabric. Something like these. Hope this helps.
  • Bathroom sink & faucet upgrade
    @Vernan Hauser, @Vance
    Fortunately did not need to cut any pipe for the installation.
    We have a fair bit of room under the sink.
    My wonderful hubby had to go by feel to get the nuts on the pipes for the faucet. There was not much room on the backside of the sink. The masking tape marks the hot water line.
  • Wyoming!
    Looks like we need to add this to our travel list! Lovely pictures.
  • Kitchen sink replacement
    our sink was just under $100 and is very basic. Is the one you're looking at worth $130 more? I don't know. I'm cheap and that seems a lot.
    What we were looking at before ordering was drain size and placement - we didn't want to redo any piping. Do you already have an undermount sink? If not, what kind of countertop do you have? What if you have to do any trimming to make it fit properly. Even though ours were the same size as the old ones (we also redid the bathroom earlier), there was still a little trimming to get them to fit.
    Good luck, hope you find one that fits your wants & needs.

    Here's the link to our sink:
  • Recovered the valances & curtains
    love how yours turned out. I did not have enough material to do much more except make a face mask. I found that we missed the valance over the door. Next time I get to the fabric store I'll have to buy more to get that one fixed.
  • Recovered the valances & curtains
    We have done many other jobs before this one. Just changed out the bathroom sink & faucet. Looking to change the kitchen sink at some point. Never ending!
  • Trailer Leveling
    LOVE our Anderson levelers. Has made it so much easier and faster to get set up!
  • Recovered the valances & curtains
    I don't understand why "they" thought having a dark brown interior was a good idea in such a small space. I have thought about painting and also removing the brown stripy thing that goes around the walls. I'll see how much change I can talk hubs into. :wink:
  • Recovered the valances & curtains
    thank you Ray. The part that was so tedious was removing ALL the staples that held the material to the valances! So glad to have that project finished.