• RV Electrical Pedestal Bonding Issues.
    Given that you have to go all the way back through the bond at the main service to the neutral tap on the transformer to read any voltage at all, I don't quite understand how it is possible to measure any current/voltage flow at all through, say 100 meters of 'dirt'. Especially with a 9-volt battery in a meter.
    But that's the part that has me scratching my head since hot to "ground" reads 120V at the pedestals.
    To prove I wasn't BSing the park owner about the issue, I connected a wire from a breaker to a ground bar and turned the breaker on. It didn't trip.
  • Our 14 Day Quarantine Over - How is everyone doing?
    I think you look like 'Dr. Ray' - now that you have had a couple of weeks to finish up your dissertation. :)
    Had things gone to plan I'd be in the middle of a stay in Valley of the Gods. But? Maybe next month.
    I'm just pretty happy that AZ didn't close RV parks and that I have a place to stay connected - in one spot. I've had the time to work on a couple of projects that I've managed to put off for a year or two as well.
    Thankfully there's some light way down there at the end of the tunnel. Just hope it's not another train.
  • Last day of the trip
    Looks like you made an excellent decision on going back when you did. I just read on RVillage that Oregon has closed all of its state beaches and RV related sites/stops.
  • Disney Wonder Cruises By plus Tyee Club Rowboat Fishing
    So cool. Ray, I really like how you put that together.
  • RV Envy
    I don't really have any envy. Just fun seeing the diversity in rigs.. Think the only thing that matters is how much fun people are having. That has 0 to do with equipment. That is, it's 100% an inside job.
  • Yum, Blackberries
    Think Ray is probably busy making pints of Blackberry jam to send to all of his LoveYourRV members for Christmas this year.... ;)
  • Adventure Photos From The Road.
    One amazing place for sure. The culture's influence and building styles were far-reaching too.
    I was at a site this past week. It was a large pueblo built at the headend of a canyon. All of the structures had tumbled down except for one still standing. It said, Chaco. It looked so out of place with all of the carefully faced stonework surrounded by jumbles of piled rock.
  • Boondocking near Flagstaff, AZ
    Thumps Up! Great Post.
  • Adventure Photos From The Road.
    I realize this stuff is about as interesting as watching paint dry to many if not most. But, it trips my trigger.
    Found this yesterday. It took me a while too. There is an old saying that goes, "If it was a snake it would have bitten me." That was true for this petroglyph as it was flat, underneath an overhanging boulder. The curvy line across the target is the shadow line cast onto the "target" at midday, at either a solstice or equinox.
  • Adventure Photos From The Road.

    Very cool.
    I renamed my buddy Dr. D after taking this shot. The D is for Defies. - Defies Death. :)
    He then kept saying COOL! ........... COOOL!! So I followed..

    What they did was to chop holes into the rock. Into those, they put Juniper/Cedar posts. That is how they kept it from sliding off the face. You can see that the floor inside is all fill to level it out.
  • Boondocking near Flagstaff, AZ
    Not sure if you know about this but Coconino NF Road Use maps are available digitally and are also georefed.

    I spent a bit over a year in the area based out of the Verde Valley. There are a lot, A LOT of boondocking areas to the SE of Flag along Highway 3 and up on the Mogollon Rim. You just need to be willing to be at least a half-hour away from Starbucks is all.
  • Adventure Photos From The Road.
    Donny - Sure, Hiked to this site yesterday.
  • New Boondocking App - FreeRoam
    Very Cool.. I really like the forest service road use map overlay.
    The shnitz!
    Nice work.
  • Milwaukee Hackzall
    I got one of these. I'm still not sure what type of battery it takes or where it goes.
  • What is your favorite method to keep track of points of interest?
    I use Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Drive to keep a location spreadsheet that I share with family and friends. Did I mention Google?
    As sort of a side note, I spent a couple of hours yesterday with a guy showing me some archaeological sites with Google Maps. I got "schooled" in its functionality.
    I also use Avenza for Forest Service road use maps as well as for 7.5 min topo quads. - geo-refed .pdf's
    Most, but not all National Forest/BLM Websites have maps you can download.
  • Campground Wildlife Photo/Video Thread
    That's a keeper! Every time I see a Bald Eagle I toss up thought of gratitude that Ben Franklin didn't get his way in making the Turkey our National Bird here in the US of A.
    Who? Me?
  • Difficulty filling water tank
    Think so. I can get to mine from behind a panel in a storage bay.
  • Difficulty filling water tank
    Chris, You probably already know this but will throw it out there.
    In the photo, the little screen is the vent for my freshwater tank. If you have the same type of set-up I wonder if your vent line may be plugged or kinked.
    I had a similar problem with the fuel tank on my truck. It was taking me 20 minutes to fill my tank. I had a 'ell of a time figuring it out too! As it turned out the vent is routed through a filter canister above the spare tire and its vent had gotten plugged with mud.
  • Happy Canada Day
    "Happy" Day! Just kidding, just kidding.