• Dove Springs Free BLM Camping, California
    Glad to see you all will be home soon, stay safe. Rv
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
    Could do with a little heat here in Nova Scotia Hope all is well. If the snow ever lets up I hope to finish a repair or two on our rig along with replacing carpet in the bedroom with carpet squares. Getting a little antsy as there has been no let up of snow/rain/snow/ice/wind this year. Rv
  • Boondocking on the beach in Texas
    Not sure about availability but I did read about crime in that area you might not be aware of. Read this in and thought you might like to know that there has been some crime issues there as well here is another site with specific info on boon docking there with respect to crime
  • Thought this might interest you and others
    It was thorough and very informative. Like all things it has its pros and cons but hearing he had trouble contacting the company certainly doesn't bode well for them.
  • WeatherTech No-Drill Mudflap Install
    I did that as well. Great in wet weather when you like a little fresh air coming. The nice thing about this company is that they stand behind their products. I had an issue with a deflector and when I contacted them they immediately sent out a replacement. By the way the floor mats I have had for a few years and they are still like new and a perfect fit. They collect all the dirt, salt and sand and then can be easily removed to be emptied and washed. Merry Christmas, Rv
  • WeatherTech No-Drill Mudflap Install
    I too purchased mud flaps from Weather Tech and have had them on for the past three years. The installation on my F150 was relatively easy and the product was excellent. Over the years I have also purchased other products from them and each and everyone was made to fit as well as a quality product. I recommend if you have carpet in your vehicle to purchase their floor mades, you will be more than happy. Rv
  • Snow Day! Wind Turbines, Mojave, CA
    not to worry about derailing the thread, it's a good topic of discussion. While wind farms will not answer all our electrial needs it will help to lower green house gases with the reduction of fossil fuel driven engery sources. There will always be trade offs with anything we do with respect to greening our energy sources and its life cycle. Ultimately, I think I would take a wind farm any day of the week over a coal fired plant/s as we have in Nova Scotia. The good news here is that we now have 25% of our power coming from sustainable sources such as wind.
  • Kohnen's Country Bakery
    I'm all for cherry pie
  • Frig needs fan
    Keep it close to the top and yes they are quiet. It doesn't need to move volumes of air to be effective.
  • Frig needs fan
    I have one of these . I have had it for six years or more and I can tell you it made a difference and more over it uses two D batteries that seem to last for ever
  • My new Rhino Sewage hope supports.
    I think I'd find a spot to store these especially if you are hanging out for a week or so at a campground. Looks a lot tidier than the cradles
  • Battery discussion
    Thanks, after seeing this video I knew where to find the rights of this. You see so many videos on this and when someone claims to have done thousands of solar conversions it made me wonder why would you install this given the restrictions, made no sense. Rv
  • Cleaning and Waxing the Rig
    I too have seen a lot of videos on this and while they all seem impressive it becomes a major job when it has to be redone. It does not have UV protection and will eventually yellow under continual exposure to sunlight, crack and peel which means you will have to strip it. I used Mequiars oxidation removal kit to restore my Titanium. Yes it took a great deal of effort but with a good variable buffer it did an incredible job. I would be interested to see how the ZEP process you used holds up. good luck
  • Rest stop
    That could have been a disaster. Was it a big job to repair. Rv
  • Hurricane Preparation and wonderful neighbours
    Well it's all over and it's chainsaw day. We lost a couple of large maples but compared to others parts of Nova Scotia we faired out pretty well. Now it's time to see who might need some help with any fallen trees
  • Thunderbird RV Park, Campbell River BC
    Well they will be only too happy to you both again. Rv
  • Thunderbird RV Park, Campbell River BC
    Sorry to hear about Anne's ailment. If you are coming to Atlantic Canada next summer let us know, we will be in PEI provided our trailer survives the storm. So much to see and photograph with so many easy trails to walk as well as beaches and wonderful sea breezes for both of you. Hopefully Anne's ailment will disappear sooner than later. Rv
  • Our PEI Campsite
    I know our campground, Bayside RV Campground as well as many others, can easily accommodate a rig of that size. PEI at this time of the year is a wonderful place to visit. There will be many RV sites in Nova Scotia this time of the year as well. As for NL while there are many campgrounds there that will accommodate your rig I would recommend travelling there in August, early Sept.