• Oxyegenics Fury Shower Head
    I'm not sure about the older style but this one sure has made a difference from what I had before. The pressure is like night and day. The adjustments are convenient and I don't mind the dribble as I would rather a burst of cold over hot.
  • Oxyegenics Fury Shower Head
    Thanks for the heads up. As I don't boon dock I'll set up my portable water softer to help prevent this.
  • Hot water Tank Ignition Problem
    Solved the problem. My ignitor was totally carboned up. Cleaned and now everything works. Mewd to add this to my routine maintenance checks .
  • Trip to Nova Scotia
    Like Ray said boon docking is not common at all in NS. I would suggest provincial parks or federal park and both are accessible for online bookings. My favourite provincial parks are Rissers Beach and Graves Island both of which are located in scenic and historic spots. If going to Cape Breton I would suggest the provincial park at St. Peters as I would not tow to the federal park due to the steepness of the highway or travelling as far as Port Hood or Cheticamp and travel the Cabot Highway just in your vehicle. It's a spectacular drive. Fees at these park are all reasonable.
  • On the Go portable 16,000 water softener
    We have a Flow-Pur and have used it for years in the worst of conditions. I have got to say it worked great for us. Check it out
  • Hello from Houston
    I always admire those that accept the challenge of doing these types of conversions and yours appears to be progressing quite well. Welcome from Nova Scotia. Rv
  • Grey tank level indicator
    Its been a few weeks since I did this. I have been at a campground in PEI and I have to say the idiot tester still seems to be working. I use Happy Camper in the black and grey water tanks. It's a little pricey but have to say it has been the best product I have used in eliminating odours and doing what ever else it does. Rv
  • Hello from Pennsylvania
    Hello from Nova Scotia. We are life long campers originally from Newfoundland/Labrador. We first started with a tent then graduated through a series of trailers and motorhomes finally ending up with a Titanium. Rv
  • First Post
    Welcome from Nova Scotia
  • Egg smell from hot water
    We had this problem at a campground that had gypsum/sulphur in its water, double whammy. We resolved the problem by using only propane to heat our water and I have to say it made quiet a difference. as for the hardness I purchased a portable watersoftner. Hope this help.
  • Refrigerator light switch
    RM3862, It's a Royale. Thanks Ray. Rv
  • Refrigerator light switch
    Just as an update I replaced the switch and to my surprise it still didn't put off. This totally confused me and told me I just wasted $40. so what was the problem. It seems a black wire connection was touch the switch and when I disconnected the wire the switch work but now I have no clue as to what the black wire is for.
  • Refrigerator light switch
    You could say that it's a little like when a tree falls in the forest, LOL. Rv
  • Dave (Pops) and Joanne (Big Jo) from Ontario
    Welcome from Nova Scotia. This is indeed a great forum. Rv
  • Charger Garage
    It doesn't take much to make ones life a little easier. Looks like a nice job I will adopt.Rv
  • Our long time travel companions
    How did you manage to keep their beards so white and clean. Rv
  • Our long time travel companions
    Since my original post we cannot believe both of our beautiful Schnauzers passed away. Our Casey passed away this past labour day and Capt Morgan 10 days ago. Camping without them won't be the same and neither will we. They had wonderful lives and they provided us with so much.
  • Insert Trim
    Great job and a great heads up.
  • Square tiled carpet
    Thanks, were they the peel and stick kind?
  • First time RV'ers
    Lots of people here to help with your new adventures. Rv