• Battery discussion
    Thanks, after seeing this video I knew where to find the rights of this. You see so many videos on this and when someone claims to have done thousands of solar conversions it made me wonder why would you install this given the restrictions, made no sense. Rv
  • Cleaning and Waxing the Rig
    I too have seen a lot of videos on this and while they all seem impressive it becomes a major job when it has to be redone. It does not have UV protection and will eventually yellow under continual exposure to sunlight, crack and peel which means you will have to strip it. I used Mequiars oxidation removal kit to restore my Titanium. Yes it took a great deal of effort but with a good variable buffer it did an incredible job. I would be interested to see how the ZEP process you used holds up. good luck
  • Rest stop
    That could have been a disaster. Was it a big job to repair. Rv
  • Hurricane Preparation and wonderful neighbours
    Well it's all over and it's chainsaw day. We lost a couple of large maples but compared to others parts of Nova Scotia we faired out pretty well. Now it's time to see who might need some help with any fallen trees
  • Thunderbird RV Park, Campbell River BC
    Well they will be only too happy to you both again. Rv
  • Thunderbird RV Park, Campbell River BC
    Sorry to hear about Anne's ailment. If you are coming to Atlantic Canada next summer let us know, we will be in PEI provided our trailer survives the storm. So much to see and photograph with so many easy trails to walk as well as beaches and wonderful sea breezes for both of you. Hopefully Anne's ailment will disappear sooner than later. Rv
  • Our PEI Campsite
    I know our campground, Bayside RV Campground as well as many others, can easily accommodate a rig of that size. PEI at this time of the year is a wonderful place to visit. There will be many RV sites in Nova Scotia this time of the year as well. As for NL while there are many campgrounds there that will accommodate your rig I would recommend travelling there in August, early Sept.
  • Our PEI Campsite
    You should include Newfoundland in that visit. Spectacular place to visit. It's a little pricey to get there with trailers and motorhomes but well worth it. It's a large province if you do go make sure you have enough time to truly enjoy it.
  • Our PEI Campsite
    If you stay seasonal most campgrounds in PEI will allow a small deck. I built it so I could take it apart but as it was inexpensive I think we would leave it for the next person should we ever decide not to return to this fabulous campground. We haven't travelled south during the winter but have contemplated it many times. We usually do our travelling from early May to late October and hibernate in Cape Breton for the winter.
  • R.V. Bathroom Hacks "THE SHOWER"
    I think rather than going through the trouble of calking your shower nozzle purchasing an Oxygenic Fury shower head solves the pressure problem. The one I installed recently is unbelievably good but it also has a number of spray settings. Check out this site

    I do like the shower curtain hack and will most likely use it.
  • Oxidation Remover
    Polish on and the wax is being applied. What I have done so far is indeed amazing.
  • Hot water Issue
    In looking at my tanks I observed one hose was not as large in diameter as the other and it was the tank with the larger hose that the problem occurred when I switched over. Any how I am going to check out the hose you referred to.
  • Hot water Issue
    Problem resolved. Turned out to have been a possible air bubble in the line or a dirty 2amp fuse I cleaned. Can't really say for sure which it was.
  • New steps and storage box
    Got to say the Torklift Glowstep Revolution would be my choice. After googling it I found it was more versatile. Rv
  • WeatherTeck Wind Deflectors Installation and Review
    Did the instruction to tell you to roll up your windows and leave closed over night?
  • Oxyegenics Fury Shower Head
    I'm not sure about the older style but this one sure has made a difference from what I had before. The pressure is like night and day. The adjustments are convenient and I don't mind the dribble as I would rather a burst of cold over hot.
  • Oxyegenics Fury Shower Head
    Thanks for the heads up. As I don't boon dock I'll set up my portable water softer to help prevent this.
  • Hot water Tank Ignition Problem
    Solved the problem. My ignitor was totally carboned up. Cleaned and now everything works. Mewd to add this to my routine maintenance checks .