• Roof Repair/Reseal
    R V Armor would eliminate ever having to reseal again, a little expensive but IMHO worth every penny to not ever having to worry about it again. They have technicians all over and will come to where you are. They are located in Florida but the technicians are everywhere.
  • Float Plane Lands Right in Front of Campsite!
    Ever mind as you see I figured it out
  • Float Plane Lands Right in Front of Campsite!
    How do I add photos to a reply?
  • Hello from Mississippi, soon to be FLORIDA!
    Welcome to the RV family, Allow me to recommend RV Armor, they are a company out of Florida, they have a RV roof coating product that is a great idea for used RVs , the single most problem with RVs is water intrusion, and most of the time it’s from the roof, RV Armor is warranted for the life of the unit the warranty goes with the vin number so no matter the owner it’s covered, if I sound like a salesman it’s because I experienced a catastrophic failure and upon the first year inspection discovered a leak had been going on for some time that hadn’t yet shown up inside [see pictures] . The nice time is that you never have to add sealant or caulk around fittings on the roof ever again and if you have an accident they will come to where you are to repair it, also for the original installation they have technicians all over the country who are full timers who will come to where you are to do the job. When I figure out how to post pictures here I will add them .
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Ray; thank you for posting these pictures, it’s so nice to see so many places we would travel to if we could, lock downs and age restrictions keep us close to home so I can’t tell you how important theses pictures are to me. Will be eagerly watching your winter pictures from the north west .