• Firepits
    We have the outland firepit. Bought a 3/8" threaded rod, nuts washers and coupler. Drilled a hole in the top and now use top as a heat deflector, which really helps spread the heat out. Just unscrew from the coupler and stows away for travel. as normal.
  • Roof Repair/Reseal
    For colder temps, Dicor recommends warming the container to between 60-80 degrees before applying. "Prior to application, clean the surface of all foreign materials. Allow surface to dry. Use standard caulking equipment to apply Self-leveling Sealant. In cold weather, warm container at room temperature 60° (16°C) – 80° (27°C)."
  • Folding electric bike
    I also ordered from Lectric eBike and ours will ship end of Aug. I contacted the company about not sure what our ship address will be and he told me that once I receive an email from them for the expected shipping time frame, I can call and give them the address I will be at so they will ship it there. He said no problem with doing that.
  • Cellular antenna distances
    Hi Fred, looks like you caught me...I went back to look for the manual where I took the picture but cannot locate it. Closest I got was with the Connect 3G, it's in this link: Scroll down a little and you'll see on right hand side. At the time I was looking last year, I did call WeBoost to get clarification, but they were not too much help on specifics. They recommended the omnidirectional for my needs, 23' long motorhome. After looking again at the options, I will probably go with the 4G-X OTR and attach the antenna to my powered TV antenna. That way I just raise it from inside and don't have to mess around with manually lining it up all the time. I'm thinking the booster power also has something to do with distances between the two antennas, but not sure.
  • 10 Little Love Your RV Tips and Tricks
    More good tips! I use the hot water temp gauge from your old tips and that has worked great. Now I just need to locate some tips on how to line-up my toad to motorhome. Always takes a few tries before I get it centered.
  • What is your rig height?
    We're at 11'4" with our Bornfree Class C. That's to top of old satellite housing. We'll be removing that this spring and probably add another solar panel.
  • Hulu Live TV with mobile hot spot?
    We're currently comparing YouTubeTV and Hulu+Live TV. With our Roku & YouTubeTV we are having no issues with the AT&T hot spot. With Roku/Hulu/AT&T Hotspot, Hulu thinks we are not at our home base, so it forces us to switch to where it thinks the new home base is. Hulu only allows 4 switches per year. I'm sure there is a little more to it. For now, definitely leaning toward YouTube. Oh, we also tried with our FireStick and same thing as Roku above, need to switch home base.
  • Is anyone using the weBoost Connect RV 65?
    Here is another link to that shows a good comparison between the X and 65. I don't have either yet, but I'm leaning toward the OTR model verses 65 just for the setup convenience factor. If down the road I think I need the directional, then I can always add that.
    RV with Tito DIY
  • Tire Confusion
    I'd give a call to Outdoors RV support. I'm thinking you can install as tall as the 225's for that application.
  • Adding Propane Quick Connect to Mainline
    Thanks Ray, that's what I'm looking to do. Yeah, I think it makes sense to hunt down a tech to do this.
  • Class C
    We purchased a used, 2006, class c and have been happy with it for the short trips we've been on. Interior living space is 23', with no slides. We plan to spend 6-8 months in it starting in the fall. Things that were important for us:
    • Large payload capacity, currently at 3000lbs available after fuel and water
    • Large towing capacity, we have a roughly 5000+ lb jeep
    • Large Gross Veh combined weight of 26,000lbs
    • High head room, I walked into too many B's, B+'s and C's where I banged my head on the air conditioner or crossmember and I'm only 6'1"
    • Large holding tanks
    • Quiet cab area while driving verses front engine class A's
    • Separate bedroom/Living room areas

    Took us about 1.5 years to find it. I saw a lot of C's, but usually the cargo carrying capacity or towing or GVCW were limiting factors for us. Depending on your needs, how much room, towing needs if any, etc. will help determine your best fit.
  • Howdy..
    Thanks folks, yes she's pretty nice. This is our first RV and with wanting to tow the Jeep we focused on A's or C's. An older couple had it for 10 years and health issues caused them to decide to sell. That was in 2017 and we still keep in touch with them today. The 3000lb payload and class IV hitch were a couple deciding factors. It's my understanding that Born Free only made about 16 or 18 of this style unit.
  • Budgets
    Here are a couple sites I follow from time to time. Both are up front with expenses and keep pretty good detail. This couple works on the road: Camper Chronicles. And this couple is retired: Next Exit
  • Looking out your front door!!!
    Very Nice!

    This was ours the first evening after buying it. How we lucked out with that site I don't know...

  • RV Surge Protectors
    First thing we purchased was a Progressive 50Amp protector. Not long after we were at a campground and everything was fine until the protector tripped. The electric was spiking from 121 to 144 volts. It did it's job, no regrets....Purchased from, they had best price at the time.