• Last day of the trip
    Welcome back Ray, we came back from southern AZ last week, 1 month earlier than planned. Now 1/2 way through 14 day self quarantine. Stay safe everyone.
  • Los Algodones, Mexico
    Thanks for info Ray
  • Big Tent Quartzsite, AZ
    Ray, going to be in Quartzsite next week as well, maybe run into you.
  • Los Algodones, Mexico
    Ray, going to be in Yuma next week, How was the dental service? Did you book ahead of time? How was the border lineup coming back into US?
  • TPMS tire valve flex?
    thanks for the info. I think I will take your advise and get metal stems now, before we head south for the winter.... Thanks for sharing your experience.
  • TPMS tire valve flex?
    Thanks for the info Ray. I think I'll keep inspecting the valves for now, the TT is new with only 1100km.
  • OEM Bathroom Fan Upgrade
    Just added the same (single speed) in our micro minnie bathroom last week. Install was straight forward, moves a lot more air than the original OEM, but it was noiser than I thought it would be.
    Ray, any concerns with the weigh of the new unit only being supported by two screws? I did use loctite on the two screws.