• Soggy Campground Walkabout & Great News! Our 2021/22 Snowbird Trip is a Go!
    That's awesome Ray that you and Anne can come down and soak up some more solar energy this winter! I just finished a full brake/drum replacement on the 2010 Cougar 278RKSWE, after reviewing LYRV brake replacement vidoes, part 1 and 2, of course! We are back from a month down at Canyonlands, Capital Reef, and GCNP areas.
  • Replacing the Living Room Slide Rubber Roof Membrane
    Nice job Ray, our 2010 Cougar slide roof is just about ready to be replaced as well. You mentioned a window seal job, what do you think of this product in lieu of or in addition to butyl tape?
  • Fifth Wheel Tailgates
    I actually like the option of both, and on longer trips I like to lock the hard tonneau down to the OEM gate and that secures the generator, B&W, etc. There are National Park campground sites that I've had to remove the OEM gate to get in-and-out. For those trips I put on the 5th wheel gate.
  • Oregon to California (2019/20 Snowbird Trip Update)
    Great travelog Ray, always informative and we appreciate it. You have my interest piqued, I last saw the Spruce Goose in a Long Beach hangar next to the Queen Mary in 1980. I believe that was the 1st public display of the aircraft. I didn't know it was in McMinnville and now I plan to go see it!
  • Interesting sights while traveling
    I think I have seen the helicopter combination in Glacier Park on several occasions!
  • Testing Out a Cheap Portable Gas Detector
    I've had a "SGILE Gas Detector" for several years and use it quite often. I like the flexible detector for getting into tight places. I did have an occasion where I found a very small leak with bubbles and seemingly this would not detect it. On Amazon it was $30 and is no longer available.
  • Boondocking Power Upgrade - 2 More Solar Panels + Wiring Update & Mods
    Great work Ray. The nice thing about accomplishing a project over time is you can tweak and think things through thoroughly! I have always wondered what soldering iron you use, especially coming from your background in electronics. I notice you soldered #4 wire, do you have a method for doing that? My Weller #7200 died after all these years, and replacing the tips no longer does it. Thanks John
  • Death Valley National Park
    Scotties Castle, which has been closed since the '05 floods, is really great and well worth seeing. Sounds like they had to move that opening out until fall of '21. I remember getting date milkshakes at Furnace Creek and petting the mules on the borax teams when I was a kid!