• Waste Tank Chemicals and Deodorants Poll
    Not a full-timer but a boondocker, and I use Happy Camper and Borax in the black tank after each dump and the gray tanks as needed.
  • pickup running lights and trailer
    My 2018 is the same.
  • securing awning for travel
    Ray, We have a trip coming up so I installed two Camco awning straps and am still waiting for a response from Dometic. Bill
  • securing awning for travel
    Ray, I contacted Dometic and sent a claim form in with six photos that they requested. They wanted photos of the motor but I had no way of supporting the awning with the motor removed. The awning assembly date is 10 days past their cutoff date as is the serial number, but they will look at it. Thanks for the heads-up on the recall. Bill
  • Champagne Annie's Song
    Great looking pup!
  • securing awning for travel
    Thanks Ray. I think I'd better contact OutdoorsRV and Dometic. If it would have deployed further the whole thing could have gone over the roof taking out the AC cover, solar panels, rubber roof, etc. Has anyone installed or seen the RV Awning Travel Lock $39.95 plus $4.50 shipping. Thanks again, Bill
  • Solar Port
    Thanks for the mC4 correction. Bill
  • Solar Port
    The 30 A trolling motor plug might be the answer. I already have a 30A RV port at the front to power the trailer with the genset in the truck bed, and did not want a similar port tied to 12V solar. Is your 30 A cord soldered to the solar panel or does it mate with MP4 connectors. I will need a disconnect between the 30 A cable and the panels for storage. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge and experience.
  • Wire gauge rooftop solar to battery compartment
    My three 160 watt panels came with 10 AWG conductors which go into a 4"X4"X4" conduit box from Home Depot. Twelve feet of 4 AWG welding cable goes from the combiner box to the solar controller and 0 welding cable to four T-105 batteries. I used welding cable because of numerous very tight bends, and sized the conductors using the afore mentioned voltage drop calculator. The box has been in service four years without leaking.

  • Adding Trailer Lights To Back of a Fifth Wheel for Double Towing
    Great idea. I am building a swivel wheel trailer to transport my quad behind the trailer and was dreading the search for the light cable inside the belly pan. Zip tying a 4 wire cable to my black pipe propane line sounds like a quick fix which I can change when I have more time. Your ideas and suggestions have saved my bacon more than once. Thanks, Bill