• Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    We didn't do much traveling this year but this picture reminds me of how much we love the back roads.
  • 2021 Boondocking Beauty of the Southwest Calendar
    Love this Ray, I ordered it since it brings back memories from some of these places that we have stayed at. Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Anne.
  • Hello from Eastern Oregon!
    Welcome from southwest Washington. There are great information and great people with knowledge that gets us through all kinds of travels. Enjoy and hope to cross paths someday.
  • Thermostat Upgrade
    I asked Lux Tech Service and they told me that the model I had was for AC power and would not work in an RV with DC power so I'll look for another thermostat. Thanks for all of the help.
  • Thermostat Upgrade
    Interesting article, I'll test it out. Thanks Ray
  • Thermostat Upgrade
    Thanks for the response, I reached out to Lux and they said that this unit was designed for an AC system and not for a DC RV so they said that it won't work for what I want so I'll have to look for a different Thermostat.
  • Thermostat Upgrade
    Thanks ray, I studied the video but PDF but couldn't find where to run the ground wire. And on his Lux he had a C pin for the common.
  • Thermostat Upgrade
    Thanks for the reply, So I think you are saying I need to run a ground wire from the chassis to connect with the green wire. I notice in some Lux models there is a C pin for the common but this one was left blank.
  • Finding a place to park
  • Dove Springs Free BLM Camping, California
    I was hoping to use camping as a way to get out of the cities. I guess I'm going to have to rethink my logic.
  • Dove Springs Free BLM Camping, California
    I heard that they are going to close all of the Oregon state Parks April 3rd to May 8th because of the Virus.
    Safe travels
  • Astoria-Megler Bridge between OR and WA
    Welcome to Oregon, If you are looking for some real good fish & chips made with tuna check out Bowpickers located across from the Columbia River Maritime Museum. It's like a food truck but sold out of a boat instead. Reasonable and worth the stop. Safe travels and thanks for all you do for all of us campers.
  • First Post
    Welcome! Nice Looking Setup.
  • Howdy from WA
    Welcome from Ridgefield, Wa. Many great friendly people and much great info here.
  • Dosewallips State Park, WA
    Wow look at all that green. This is such a great time of year up there.
  • TV 12V Receptacle?
    Yes it is, I use it to plug in a volt meter to keep a watch on the battery.
  • Prowler Travel Trailer Tour
    Looks to be in great shape.
  • Forum RULES?
    I think that is a great Idea and I also like this list.
  • Solar Generators
    Nice looking small compact outfit. Can't wait for the review. Have you ever looked into a wind generator to supplement the solar on those windy days and nights when the sun doesn't shine or are they not very efficient for these types of setups.