• Astoria-Megler Bridge between OR and WA
    Welcome to Oregon, If you are looking for some real good fish & chips made with tuna check out Bowpickers located across from the Columbia River Maritime Museum. It's like a food truck but sold out of a boat instead. Reasonable and worth the stop. Safe travels and thanks for all you do for all of us campers.
  • First Post
    Welcome! Nice Looking Setup.
  • Howdy from WA
    Welcome from Ridgefield, Wa. Many great friendly people and much great info here.
  • Dosewallips State Park, WA
    Wow look at all that green. This is such a great time of year up there.
  • TV 12V Receptacle?
    Yes it is, I use it to plug in a volt meter to keep a watch on the battery.
  • Prowler Travel Trailer Tour
    Looks to be in great shape.
  • Forum RULES?
    I think that is a great Idea and I also like this list.
  • Solar Generators
    Nice looking small compact outfit. Can't wait for the review. Have you ever looked into a wind generator to supplement the solar on those windy days and nights when the sun doesn't shine or are they not very efficient for these types of setups.