• Installing the Solid Step RV Entrance Stairs
    Hi Ray,
    I was going to install the Lippert system until I came across to torklift glowsteps. The idea of flipping the steps up into the trailer did not appeal to me due to dirt not swept off or having to pullout of camp on a muddy day. Also it limits the distance of how close I can get when parked. The tork system when deployed is as sturdy ,as the solid steps, as adjustable, and allowed me to keep them outside . The install took me a total of 32 minutes. Since they are an accordion type system I had my doubts about them but once I installed them we tested them having a friend that was almost 6fr and 320lbs stand and bounce. Trailer hardly budged
  • Awning
    Dry lubes worked when I changed mine a few yrs ago
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    My local school yard looking towards the laurentians
  • Inspect your tank brackets!
    I did a complete inspection.. I pulled down the whole underbelly while I installed a lippert auto level system on my trailer. While I was at it I reinforced all the cross brackets and braces... then I took self tap 3/8 screws and put the underbelly all back. Should be good for a few yrs. But if a problem does occur I have access to it now
  • Kelowna site managers
    I live way to far for this but this would be great I would love it.... .
  • LYRV Giveaway - Used Winegard ConnecT 2
    Just sent an email to ... hopefully not to late to enter
  • Batteries Make Them Last
    Great info.. I am in the process of going lithium so this will help a lot... I will watch them closer in the winter month while in storage seeing as we can hit -20 C here. Might even bring them indoors
  • Batteries Make Them Last
    What about if you have Lithium Batteries
  • Cutting the underbelly
    I had to do the same when I had to remove sections of the chloroplast to install my autolevel system from lippert. Had to modify a lot of the coreplast to fit. Now to seal it all again before the snow sets in and the rodents decide to move in.
  • Portable propane bypassing coach system
    How are us men supposed to follow a conversation when they start it in the middle?? I keep telling my wife to please start at the beginning....
  • My new Rhino Sewage hope supports.
    Looks like it would take up a lot of room .
  • Replacement Window quick and fast delivery
  • Our PEI Campsite
    where in Maine, we just left Bar Harbor last we and are now getting g ready to drive the cabot trail Nova Scotia