• FlowJet RV Waste Macerator Pump - Setup and Demos
    I bought that model last year due to not wanting to move my camper from it resting place just to dump. . It worked like a charm . Pumped over 75 feet . . The only thing to remember is that since you do not have that "gush" of flow when you open the gate I fill and drained the tanks a couple of times . It did create a bit of suction and I think that it actually cleans the tanks much better than a regular discharge
  • pickup running lights and trailer
    Guess i didnt remember that farr back.
  • pickup running lights and trailer
    I have as well but have modified my rearview camera to connect with on board power so that i can have it even when not connected to the tow vehicle. Along with any other outside cameras but i do remember having to turn on the lights to activate the camera
  • pickup running lights and trailer
    The law in Canada is to drive with running lights on during the day . This is usually only in the front of the vehicle not the back. So no need to have the trailer lights on during the day. But if your vehicle is equipped with auto light then the trailer lights should turn on at the same time.why would you want the trailer lights on during the day?
  • Installing LCI Road Armor EQ, Wet Bolts, Bushings & Shackles
    Hi Ray. I just did this same modification to my rig. It is a 2018 keystone outback 293UBH .it took my son and I a couple of hours to complete. We used wet bolts and shackle from Moreryde to complete the job.
    Have not had a chance to Road test it yet but hope before the end of the summer.
  • Bogart charging LiFePo
    I also took the plunge. Just have to get all the other components together now especially the charger converter to replace what I currently have
  • Bogart charging LiFePo
    Ray, have you investigated a company called "Canbat"? They claim to be the number 1 lithium battery company in . I have been looking for a while to purchase new batteries and would like to get it done before they open up the borders.this company has a nice website as well
  • 12 volt water pump
    If the pump is cycling on and off for no reason the there is a pressure leak somewhere. It took me forever to find mine. I found it finally in the hotwater check valve that was attached to the tank. Remedied it by installing an in line valve and complete by pass to make winterizing safer
  • Floor Mat Question for Ray
    I like weather tech mats as well. have had them in my vehicles since 2008.But with my 2019 Yukon i decided to go with GMC floor mats. . They are a very very close match to weathertechs except that the one for the drivers floor needs to go higher under the gas pedal. Other than that they are as good .
  • Interesting New Portable Power Station - HIMCEN H740 Pro
    I contacted the company about my registering problem.. they contacted me back and name on the list. Thanks Ray.
    Now i am hoping that the Canadian dollar will get better by the time they produce the unit to market.. this really interest me
  • Interesting New Portable Power Station - HIMCEN H740 Pro
    If you want to sign up for this use this web site. Also a lot of info on the new launch here
  • Interesting New Portable Power Station - HIMCEN H740 Pro
    I just sent them an email so all is well will keep you up to date if/when i purchase the unit
  • Interesting New Portable Power Station - HIMCEN H740 Pro
    Nice , I just tried again and got the same error wonder if it is because I am in quebec???
    is the URL giving me the problem . I get this when i sign up at the bottom of your link in the discription
  • Interesting New Portable Power Station - HIMCEN H740 Pro
    Hi Ray,
    Happy new year, hope you and Ann are keeping safe.
    I tried to register for the news letter and any updates on the product however when i tried, it keeps giving me an something wrong with the site? This is something i would really be interested in . Is it the PRO model you tested ?
  • Thermostat
    Look at the price difference!!!
  • LYRV hits the 75000 Subscriber Milestone - Thank You!
    When do we see a list of the winners and their location. Curious as to who and where you are popular.
    Good luck to all
  • Installing the Solid Step RV Entrance Stairs
    Hi Ray,
    I was going to install the Lippert system until I came across to torklift glowsteps. The idea of flipping the steps up into the trailer did not appeal to me due to dirt not swept off or having to pullout of camp on a muddy day. Also it limits the distance of how close I can get when parked. The tork system when deployed is as sturdy ,as the solid steps, as adjustable, and allowed me to keep them outside . The install took me a total of 32 minutes. Since they are an accordion type system I had my doubts about them but once I installed them we tested them having a friend that was almost 6fr and 320lbs stand and bounce. Trailer hardly budged
  • Awning
    Dry lubes worked when I changed mine a few yrs ago
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    My local school yard looking towards the laurentians