• Hulu Live TV with mobile hot spot?
    Following, I too have interest in this.
  • Plumbing a Mr. Heater Big Buddy Heater into your RV propane system
    Nice... that’s on my list. I have already decided where I want the buddy and have identified my source line for the LP.

    I just need to find the time.

    Thanks for sharing the video.
  • Solar anybody
    We are currently at the Tucson Fairgrounds for the Escapees Escapades rally. We are in the “Solar Section” along with about 10 others.

    Nice and quiet. Also at rallies they tend to place the rigs side by side. Most class A motorhome generators blow exhaust to the side. It always makes Debi (wife) sick.
  • Lake Caballo State Park
    Great pics...
  • Mike and Lesia
    We agree totally on the Boondocking preference. Congrats on the retirement. We did the same not long ago.
  • Mundane full time RVer chores day
    How can you “Love Your RV” with a washer/dryer onboard?

    We really like having them
  • Good sign?
  • Solar Generators
    Good I hope it helped. It never did pull much. But it was too much for a small 100 watt Sauki (sp) unit. ;)
  • Kodachrome Basin State Park
    I love that area.
  • Solar Generators
    PSS: funny thing, as your note came in I was rewatching some of your older videos.

    Keep it up! And thank you.
  • Solar Generators
    Hello Ray,

    I forwarded you three attachments in emails. They will mean more to you than they do me. I was a HD diesel mechanic back in the day, but electrical stuff scares me. ;)

    The larger of our two solar generators is a Yeti 1000 lithium.

    Debi’s hairdryer is a small travel size one it only draws 800, about half of what most do.

    The CPAP was a different story. First off I purchased the 12 power supply cable I so I didn’t have the parasitic loss Converting the AC to DC.

    We found the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 would power the CPAP for well over a month without using the humidifier portion. If I turn on the humidifier portion I could go just over 8 days.

    It is SLOW to recharge with 120 plug or solar. It takes the better portion of a day to charge.

    I hope that helps.
  • Solar anybody
    Ours is fairly new but oh my how it has changed Boondocking for us. E used to Boondock about 10 days and head to a RV Park.

    The solar and a water bladder has changed that. We can go about three weeks before needing to dump black.

    Our solar system is as follows:

    1-200 watt suitcase panel
    4-315 watt panels on roof
    4-400Ah AGM batteries
    3000 inverter
  • Solar Generators
    I’ve have two solar generators. Since installing 1400 watts of solar they never get used. Once we return to the PNW we may need them.

    We used the larger one for hair dryer, CPAP and a few other items. The smaller one we used on the power recliners so we could recline the chairs while Boondocking.
  • Moved into Mexico
    Thx. I look forward to hearing about your trip
  • Harvest Hosts
    We are new to HH. We’ve stayed at one golf course in Yuma

    It was great experience and we look forward to the next. It certainly beats the Walmart parking lot.
  • Moved into Mexico
    Rvsolar, did I read that right. Full coverage insurance for MX was $640 US?

    Unless you plan on being in MX for a while, that really stings.

    How long is that insurance policy good for?
  • Budgets
    Brian, BEFORE purchasing a trailer have a good understanding of weight limit and capacity. Your comment about a F150 will limit you on size of trailer.

    Good luck. We hope our paths cross at some point.