• Roadside Assistance
    we're from the lower 48, On our trip to AK. in 2015 we used Coach-net 2 times, once for a 8 hr. ride from just south of Tok, AK. to Eagle River, AK. when our 5th wheel broke an axle spring, didn't cost a dime. and we get to use it at home with the car if we had to. AAA in this area doesn't offer and RV package. I can't say enough good stuff about Coach-net.

  • Fresh water level ?
    sounds like it would work, just have to check type of threads. That 's one of the many reasons I like our 2000 crossroads, open drivers side go thru compartment and there is the fresh water tank, being opaque I can tell water level. If you try it lets us know.
  • New Roof
    David, As usual the worst part was the prep cleaning and taking the AC off and on. Other than that it was a breeze to roll on.
  • Installing LCI Road Armor EQ, Wet Bolts, Bushings & Shackles
    Ray, I hope the holes on wet bolts are at the 3:00 and 9:00 o'clock position. When I did ours I didn't know this, zerk would not take grease, checked out on line. Had reposition them now take grease. Reasoning beginning to much weight on grease hole when at 12:00 position. I agree with Bill you do work fast, lol
  • New Roof
    Last year I cleaned and replaced the shower skylight and did a Ray job of EternaBond tape on all joints plus sealing all tape edges with Dicor 501LSW lap sealant ( Thank you Ray for the informative video ). Then this past Sept. I removed the three solar panels, maxi vent covers & A/C, re-cleaned, primed and used Proguard's Liquid Rubber Roof, using a squeeeie and roller. Rolling on a second coat in the spring.Came out great. Good for at-least 10 years
  • Suggestions on which clubs to join?
    The PPA deal came thru a renew email Fri. or yesterday.
    We've used PPA since 2007, Escapee Club since 2006, with Days End since 2013, App since 2012, I've belonged ti the Elks since 2001, which has some of the nicest RV hookups, Joined Harvest Host just this pass year. Plus a few Casino's. Also use Campedium and
    We use Coach-Net for towing and break down. HAD Good Sam extended service till they stuck it to use in 2014, now we're going to drop all GS & TL when they expire.
  • Suggestions on which clubs to join?
    Just added 3 Yrs. + 1 free = 4 years with PPA for 104.00 less directory, I think it was thru today the 31 st of march
  • Harvest Hosts
    We joined just before there price increase this year, Was thinking of joining and saw that it was going up in RV Travel news letter.
  • Horror Story
    On our trip to AK. we broke an axle spring, can't say enough about Coach-Net, they got the fifth wheel up on a low boy and we got to follow it for 8 Hr. When your 7,000 miles from home and all your HD tools are back there. I was grateful we belong to Escapee's Club & Days End , they keep an updated list on repair shops other members had good luck which came in handy.
  • Forum RULES?
    Thanks Ray for the extra work you put into this forum.
  • Horror Story
    Glad you caught the problem before dropping the trailerI am with Logan & Greg,
    I do all the maintenance, mods & repairs on the 5 th wheel my self or I get a good friend to help. I remember the year we got the 5 er and had to put in the 5 th wheel hitch, I think I must have measured 10 or more times before I drilled the pilot holes in bed for installing the Pull Rite Super Glide hitch.
    Although when it comes to the truck & car I've been going with the same mechanic for years.
  • Zeb & Mitch
    Thanks Ray , I bet ya can see my halo all the way from AZ, lol:halo: