• Best RV GPS?
    I have the 760 with two rear cameras, one on the truck and one on the RV the default is the truck but I can select the RV location. I am disappointed in the dpi quality in the 760 display. I don't know if it is the camera quality or the display quality. However, I don't like to have a lot of stuff on the glare shield, so I will live with the Garmin camera. Garmin has a later model camera that may be better. Garmin tech support is very honest in answering customer questions.

    The tech support number is 866 739-5687
  • 8ft Box or 6.5 or 5.25 for 5th Wheel Towing
    Have a short bed Dodge Cummins 2500 now pulling a 35’ Jayco with square front corners (uh oh). Original RV had round corners. Had to install a adjustable sliding 5th wheel to prevent interference when turning.

    Yes, would like the extra space for carrying “stuff” in the truck bed. Truck came as part of package deal with RV. Now have 223,000 miles on “Baby Huey” and still running strong with no oil consumption.
  • What is a "cold tire pressure" and what temperature is "cold"?
    We have a TPMS on our truck, RV and 2 spares. The manual recommends stetting hi alarm at 20 psi over cold pressure and low at 10 psi under cold. During the summers trips out west the psi are typically 15 psi over cold. They recommend leaving temp at default, 155 Deg F. I have only twice approached 20 psi over cold. I don’t normally air tires until say 5 psi low or bleed when 5 psi high.
  • How about some current Garmin GPS 770 user comments, please...
    Our RV770 is the third auto Garmin GPS we have owned. The first 2 were Nuvi 600 series units, a 4 inch screen and then a larger one with a POI for
    overpass height warnings from which worked well.

    When Garmin announced the RV770 one feature that I always wanted was the backup camera. Garmin offered a small credit for the Nuvi but we decided to keep it for the other car and as a back up in case the 770 needed repairs.

    I called Garmin support to better understand the 770 routing logic.

    The 770, when planning your route, takes into consideration your stored profile so you never see a low overpass warning because the software silently plans around obstacles. One precaution is if you are traveling without setting a planned destination and just observing you RV icon traveling down the road, you do not have low overpass advisories.

    OK what about the backup camera operation and performance? First the camera display resolution is just OK. There are higher definition units on the market and Garmin missed their usual high quality mark with this option. However, I wanted to minimize the stuff in front of my windshield so the 770 fits this requirement just fine. The definition is good enough for me to see the area in back of the truck or RV.

    A nice feature that sold me was that you can attach up to 4 backup cameras. We installed one on the truck and the second above the RV tag. The truck camera receives power for the truck backup light and is the default camera. That means that the camera display displays automatically when you are in reverse gear. It’s transmitter is located in the area in front of the tail light assembly.

    I was concerned about the distance from the rear of the RV to the 770 in the truck so I got the transmitter extension cable to mount the transmitter in the landing gear cavity. To activate the RV camera I go into reverse and the backup display allows you to select other attached cameras.

    Sometimes when a strange route is displayed, I check the alternate routing or just pull out the map to understand how the route came to be. All in all I like the number of features in the 770 and feel it is a good unit for RV enthusiasts.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    I have used the EEZ system since 2014. Have the monitors on the truck (2005) and the 5th wheel plus truck and RV spare. With the beep beep sound I don’t miss a color monitor. I don’t have an extender and the only maintenance has been the replacement of two monitor batteries.
  • Ram 3500 Review Update after 10,000 miles
    We have a 2005 Dodge Cummins 2500 with 211,000 miles (5.9 l no DEF required) pulling a 35 foot Jayco 5th wheel. Wish we had the 6 rather than 4 speed transmission like yours Ray. Driving from Kansas to the Tetons we never slow down on grades. Sometimes the transmission shifts from 4th to 3rd gear but the speed never falls off. Our mileage pulling a 14,000 lb trailer at 60 mph is similar maybe a little better but not much.
  • Back up camera location
    We have a Garmin 7700 RV model that can have 4 cameras attached (why would you need that many cameras?). I mounted one on the rear of the Dodge Ram (Baby Huey) and the second camera on the RV tag bracket.

    There are guide lines that you can use to adjust your track to see where you are going.

    One negative about the Garmin cameras is they are not as clear (dots per inch) as others. However, I like having minimal stuff on the dash, one unit for navigation and backup viewing on RV and truck.
  • Cougar or Eagle?
    We owned a used Hartman RV for one year and had a lot of maintenance. I asked a RV shop supervisor, what he thought was the brand with the best maintenance record? He told me, “I never see JAYCOs.” We bought a 07 35’ JAYCO Designer 5 years ago and it just rolls down the road.
  • Cold Weather RVing in our Keystone Cougar Trailer
    Thank for the explanation on what to do during 20 degree weather. We got caught in this type weather last spring in Kansas. Had an electric heated hose but the faucet froze and no water in the on board tank. Now we know what to do.
    Charles and Sara