• Bogart charging LiFePo
    I have two Valance Lithium batteries and the Bogart Charge controller and battery monitor. I used to use P8 at 14.6 with not issues, however I just moved it up to 15.0 for the reasons from Bogart. Very happy with the charge controller.
  • Mopeka Wireless Propane Tank Level Sensors
    I have used the Mopeka sensors for two years with good results. I did have to replace one as it had the same issue as Ray did.
  • Renogy DC-DC 40 Amp Charger Install and Demo
    I searched on Google for wireless 12 volt relay. There are several options to choose from.
  • New RV Skirting

    How cold does it get in BC where you are staying? Do you insulate your windows also? Heat under the 5th wheel because you will have skirting?
  • Renogy DC-DC 40 Amp Charger Install and Demo
    Thanks Ray for the instructions and review. It help me make the decision to install it.

    I have completed my install of the Renogy 40amp DC to DC converter. I have added a wireless relay with remove control. That way I can turn it on or off from my pickup while driving. If I had used the running lights it would have activated every time I open my pickup door (if hooked up lights come on for about a minute after opening door). Adding the 40 amps plus 30 amps from solar I may not need to bring a generator except to run AC when boondocking.
  • Batteries Make Them Last
    Jake I have two of the Valance U27 12XP 138AH. I brought mine in for the winter to my basement at home. The voltage was 13.36 when I moved them indoors in September and now that are at 13.32. In March I will put them back into the 5th wheel and charge them with the solar. I Leave them connected (both the 12 volt terminals and the BMS interconnects) together to keep the batteries balanced. I have 460 watts of solar on the roof.
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    Have you run your generator since moving to Lithium?
  • which shorter fifth wheel would you purchase
    Last year I purchased a new Sportsman model 231 RK 5th wheel that is 25 feet long dry weight is 6100 pounds and pin weight 760. It has one slide for the sofa. Just right for my wife and I. I have been able to add 460 watts of solar on the roof and two Lithium batteries, as the refrigerator is 12 volt compressor and does not have any roof vents.
  • Tips & Tricks for Keeping the RV Cool
    Always learning something new from Ray. Thanks!
  • DC compressor refrigerator
    I have a KZ Sportsmen 5th wheel that has the 12volt Danfoss compressor. It will use about 4.5 amps while cooling and cycles the compressor on and off depending on the temperature you have it set at and the air temperature in the camper. With the average temperature of 78 degrees outside, it will use about 60 amp hours per day.

    I like it because when I turn it on it takes about an hour or two to cool down. I also like the idea of it running while I am driving down the road. The downside is the daily amount of Amp Hours it uses, but with the correct amount of battery/Solar capacity should not be an issue.
  • Solar anybody
    My current setup is one Grape Solar 165 watt panel that is portable with the connection via a Furrion solar port. The port was then connected to Grape Solar charge controller. I am wanting to add solar panels on the roof and upgrade to the Bogart Engineering battery monitor and charge controller. I will also have to upgrade the current 12v battery 85amp hour to two 6v 235amp hour batteries.
  • RV Surge Protectors
    I went with EMS-HW30C 30 Amp Hardwired RV Surge Protector by Progressive Industries. I installed it behind the fuse panel and put the remote viewer next to the panel.