• Tech Edge tank sensors
    alrighty, thanks.
  • Tech Edge tank sensors
    Are they similar to the ones you put in awhile back?
  • A Look at My New Country Smokers Portable Pellet Grill
    Can you grill both of those steaks at the same time?
  • A Look at My New Country Smokers Portable Pellet Grill
    you're getting me hooked on the smoker Ray, looks like a hit.

    We're looking at a bike rack that will mount on the front of our 5th wheel, the line looks pretty good, specifically the DFX-5WXL model.

    Any thoughts on this?


  • Pacific Coast
    Sounds of the sea at Patrick’s Point
  • Happy 4th of July!
    Thanks Ray, sure hope this thing has calmed down enough for you guys can come back this winter.
  • Recommended WiFi Service
    Thanks Greg. I’ve been thinking about a second carrier, but we don’t travel enough to pay full year, will check to see if I can get a monthly plan.
  • Recommended WiFi Service

    Question - maybe I misread the post , but isn’t a jet pack just for allowing devices that don’t have a service plan to connect to WiFi ? I can do the same thing by tethering my MacBook to my iPhone, although I lose the ability to make calls while I’m hooked up. The jet pack doesn’t enhance the signal, correct?
    Thanks for the info on crowded towers, didn’t realize that happened.

    We have Verizon and it is normally very good, but at times not so good. Tech rep gave me a good tip the other day. If you’re having trouble getting a signal, switch your phone to airplane mode for a second as that will reset the tower you are using. We’ve found that trick works very well.

    Thanks, John
  • Canadian friends
    Good luck you guys, safe travels home.
  • Dove Springs Free BLM Camping, California
    We carry plastic 5 gallon can & 4 1-gallon jugs, in addition to 54 g internal tank
  • Dove Springs Free BLM Camping, California
    Did the Navy provide an air show for you? Pilots from nearby China Lake Naval Weapons Center love to entertain at high speed and low altitude. :)
  • New WiFi Add-on for the Trimetric Battery Monitor
    Thanks Ray, I've been looking for solar output history, and looks like I've found it. Much appreciated.
  • Big Tent Quartzsite, AZ
    Thanks Ray, it was a great spot. sure enjoyed the sunrises & sunsets.
  • Big Tent Quartzsite, AZ
    Anybody at Quartzite have a boondock place to recommend?

    Thx, John
  • Big Tent Quartzsite, AZ
    Will hit Quartzite tomorrow and look you up Grumpy
    Happy to have our first blow out fandango behind us, left rear tire disintegrated south of Phoenix on I-10. Changed it out quick using the Trailer Aid tandem plus ramp, it worked like a charm. Sure glad I didn't have to use a jack.
    Spent two nites at City of the Rocks, wonderful spot, stunning views!
    We got lucky on this one, contains what I believe is a missile shot from White Sands.
  • Happy 2020 Everyone
    Our southwest trip’s going great, Organ Pipe & Big Bend NP’s were amazing. We discovered Alpine, TX, gotta see it, one of the neatest little towns we’ve ever experienced. Headed to Fort Bliss tomorrow and then on to City in the Rocks north of Deming, first tine for us, heard great things about it.
  • Boondocking Power Upgrade - 2 More Solar Panels + Wiring Update & Mods
    Ray - Do you know if we can get historical data from the Trimetic? It would be nice to see how the panels performed, similar to what I get from panels on our home roof.

    Thanks again,

    PS Leaving Tucson for Las Sienegas NCA tomorrow. Took the drive up to Mt Lemmon today, sage brush & cactus turned to pine trees & snow, wonderful scenery, highly recommend it.
  • Boondocking Power Upgrade - 2 More Solar Panels + Wiring Update & Mods
    Ray-Have you been able to determine an average of watts produced/panel watts?. I know it varies due to many conditions, but looking for your rule of thumb. We have 300 watts and don't think we've produced more than 150 or so. Hoping that will change on our trip through the southwest.
    thanks, John