• Smart Plugs
    Thanks Ray. You are very helpful, and it is much appreciated. I don't post much but as much as I browse on this forum you would think I would have found that. I think that I'll try one out as soon as I decide the best place to buy it. Is there anywhere that would benefit you or this forum, as this place is very beneficial to us all.
    Thanks, Sam
  • BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool
    Yes. I forgot to mention that important bit of information. I've had them since 1999 and towed trailers for our business. Super service out of them. Seven of them I think, and I am a big fan. I didn't know if the Blue Driver would work on mine or not, and must not have contacted their best technician. Hoped you (or anyone) could shed some light. Converted Chevy guy. Thanks for the quick reply.
  • BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool
    A question for Ray but I don't know how to make the nice little red arrow with the name. Anyway I am interested in the Blue Driver, mainly for egt readings, but I don't know if my 2016 truck has the sensor to supply exhaust gas data. I even called and talked to a technician who told me yes after some searching but didn't seem real sure of himself. My truck is a cab and chassis with a flatbed. I think the tuning is a little different on the c&c models, but sensors should be the same. Did your information included with the scanner give any indication as to which year models support this feature. Thanks,
  • Nice Surprise
    I think you are right. I was reading about that somewhere and the poster was complaining about a warranty claim being denied. I also saw some pictures of what people had sent in for warranty. Two sides to everything, but I was very pleased with their service
  • Replacement Mattress for Sofa Sleeper
    We might have to try that. Several replacements we saw online promise comfort, but are 4 inches thick.
    Reviews were positive except quite a few people said the thick foam wouldn't fold up with the sofa. An extra queen sized mattress would be unhandy in a camper and hard to send back. We might have to go that route and try a memory foam topper.Thanks for the info. Sam
  • New steps and storage box
    I made the same change about a year ago. Worth every cent. That's exactly what I do with my box - blocks and chocks. I originally had 3 steps and carried a box to help with the height. But when I looked at foldable four steps they were shakier than the three. Have to have 3 to 4 feet of clearance to deploy, but the steadiness is worth it. Rock solid. My first post on this forum. I've lurked for a few months and haven't seen anything but super nice folks. Not the case on some others. Hello to everybody from central LA. Sam