• Nice Surprise
    I think you are right. I was reading about that somewhere and the poster was complaining about a warranty claim being denied. I also saw some pictures of what people had sent in for warranty. Two sides to everything, but I was very pleased with their service
  • Replacement Mattress for Sofa Sleeper
    We might have to try that. Several replacements we saw online promise comfort, but are 4 inches thick.
    Reviews were positive except quite a few people said the thick foam wouldn't fold up with the sofa. An extra queen sized mattress would be unhandy in a camper and hard to send back. We might have to go that route and try a memory foam topper.Thanks for the info. Sam
  • New steps and storage box
    I made the same change about a year ago. Worth every cent. That's exactly what I do with my box - blocks and chocks. I originally had 3 steps and carried a box to help with the height. But when I looked at foldable four steps they were shakier than the three. Have to have 3 to 4 feet of clearance to deploy, but the steadiness is worth it. Rock solid. My first post on this forum. I've lurked for a few months and haven't seen anything but super nice folks. Not the case on some others. Hello to everybody from central LA. Sam