• Budgets
    Ditto what others are saying, get a 250/2500 minimum if you are going 5th wheel. You may find the holy grail 150/1500 and a very small 5th wheel, but you will most likely be over capacity on that type of truck.
    Definitely pick a RV first and then shop for a truck to match.
  • Cold Weather RVing in our Keystone Cougar Trailer
    Thank you both. I’m not trying to be out in any arctic temps, I just want to feel comfortable if we are out later in the year or early in the season and temps dip in the 20’s overnight which down here would only be 10-15 below freezing. 99% of the plumbing is inside, except for a small portion from the fresh holding tank, but that could potentially be solved by the heated hose. I was hoping the tank pads would provide some added protection and stop anything from freezing in those conditions.
  • Cold Weather RVing in our Keystone Cougar Trailer
    I have recently been considering adding the Falcon tank heating pads to our Jay Flight SLX camper to extend our season. The camper does not have any under belly insulation or heating ducts there, or much insulation in general. We easily survive colder nights with a knock off eden pure placed in the middle of the camper, but if we want to be out when the temps get close or dip below freezing, I think I need to protect the tanks. I could also consider adding the plastic layer that is typically found on campers to help with wind passing the under belly.
    Does anyone have experience with these or similar product? Any ideas in general on this upgrade?
  • Chiricahua Snow Day
    I bet now having Big Blue 2 with 4x4 makes you slightly more comfortable just in case crazy weather happens or you want to head off the beaten path a little.
  • Saving my trailer’s electronics
    I use this Technology Research Surge Guard 34830 Portable Model with LCD Display - 30 Amp. We do mainly full hookup camping and it has worked well for over 2 years. When I was looking for one I made sure it had high and low voltage protection. It also has a delay and I restart one conditions return to a safe operating range.
    Good luck with you purchase!
  • A little about us and our rig
    Thanks for creating this environment Ray!

    I’m John and we (girlfriend, 4 kids and 3 boxers) pull our 2016 JayFlight SLX 264BHW with our 2015 F250 6.2L gasser about 10-12 trips a year, usually in the 3-5 day range. I’ve done a few minor upgrades since purchase... changed the shower head, added a second battery with cutoff switch, added bed struts, put on propane tank cover, installed extended gutters ends, rescreened with pet proof screens, installed a screen door protector and definitely a few other items.
    We are in MD and have stuck to the east coast so far going as far south as Hiddenite, NC and as far north as Niagara Falls with most trips in PA.
    I’m looking forward to this being a good resource from fellow LoveYourRV’ers!