• Installing a battery shunt on a new RV
    Hi Lisa,
    If you do decide to "do it yourself", I suggest taking off any metal rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. before starting the job. You won't electrocute yourself, but a friend of mine almost lost a finger when his wedding ring became a short-circuit between 12 volts and ground. That ring got hot, fast!
  • "Smart Plug System" shore power cord we Installed on to the Mobile Homestead!
    Did you do any camping at the BLM Plomosa Road area north of Quartzsite this winter? I saw a rig very similar to yours there. Very impressive!
  • Can Experienced and/or Expert RVers Advise Me About Battery Charging
    In reading your original post I see that you have two group 24 batteries. This size battery doesn't have much capacity to carry typical trailer power loads for very long, especially if the batteries are not brand new. As others have said, you'll need to run your generator a couple of hours a day to keep the group 24's charged. If you want to run your generator less, when the group 24 batteries need to be replaced I would suggest upgrading to at least group 27 or group 31 batteries. You may also want to consider going to two large 6-volt golf cart batteries wired in series. The idea is to get higher ampere-hour rated batteries.

    I have one 140-watt solar panel on my 24-foot trailer and an 8-amp charge controller. As long as the days are sunny this is plenty to keep my two 6-volt 8AGC2 AGM golf cart batteries charged up, without my needing to run a generator at all. In fact I can go two or three days without needing to run the generator, even when the skies are cloudy. This assumes I don't need to run the furnace, which is a true power hog! The 8AGC2 batteries could carry the load even longer, but it is best to not let AGM batteries drop below about 50% of their operating voltage range in order to get long life out of them. I do have a 1,000 watt Westinghouse inverter generator in case there are several cloudy days in a row. When plugged into shore power or using the generator my trailer has an Iota DLS-30 with an IQ-AGM module to keep the batteries charged.

    I'm not a full-timer, but my wife and I do spend a couple of months a year in Arizona and southern California, boondocking for about half of that time. I converted my trailer lamps all to LEDs, and that made a HUGE difference in how long the battery lasts before needing to be recharged!

    Best of luck in your quest for quiet boondocking!
  • Shower skylight shade
    I used aluminized mylar bubble wrap held up on the inside by three small screws with 1/2-inch long nylon bushings along each side. I stopped using it after the paint along the edges of the skylight showed signs of cracking. It seems that the reflective bubble wrap made an oven up in the top of the skylight.
  • Suggestions on which clubs to join?
    I've had Escapees and Good Sam for a few years now. Escapees has a good bi-monthly (every two months) magazine, and I like many of their parks. Their camping rates are generally very reasonable. The Good Sam / Camping World card saves a little money here and there. I do a lot of dry camping, and so none of these clubs helps all that much. Based on Ray's experience I'll take a look at Passport America.
  • Yipee! Just bought our first travel trailer!
    It's that last walk-around, looking at everything on the truck, trailer, and campsite that makes all the difference! I've left plumbing hardware, leveling blocks, and tools by not heeding my own advice. I've left campsites with the swing-out handle on my trailer left out, and my extended mirrors left in! I once saw a small motorhome driving toward me on a campground road with its awning out! Please make that one last walk-around part of your normal routine. Oh, and always check the tire pressure on all vehicles before rolling out. Its so much easier to change a tire in the campground than beside the road! OK, I'll stop being your grandpa now. :-)
  • Tire Confusion
    @ray Yep. And if the trailer is ever in an accident this could be a factor in determining liability.
  • Tire Confusion
    My advice is to use the sticker that is actually on the trailer as your guide, and not what us shown in the generic brochure.
  • Replacing hot water tank
    The switch located on the water heater in my trailer is stuck in the ON position. I just use the main breaker switch.
  • squeaky furnace fan
    About 2 years ago the fan in my Suburban model SF25 furnace in my 2001 Komfort 5th wheel started squeaking. It took a few hours and was a PITA, but I took the furnace out and pulled the motor apart. The motor bearings were bronze. I cleaned the shaft with Emory paper, oiled the shaft and bearings with 30 weight motor oil and let it sit overnight. The next day I oiled it again and put it all back together. It hasn't squeaked since. But as they say, YMMV! (Your Mileage May Vary)
  • Horror Story
    I check torque on all of my Reese slider 5th wheel hitch rail and chassis bolts once a year. There are always one or two that need it!