• Sand Hollow State Park, St. George, Utah
    That area reminds me of a YouTuber is watch in the area. He does pff road recovery and also extracts stuck vehicles in Sand Hollow State park. He is called Matts Offroad Recovery on Youtube.
    He has two recovery vehicles that are painted Yellow and Black. The vehicles are called Morvair and the Banana. Both are modified vehicles one is a corvair and the other is a jeep,
  • Cordless Drill Recommendation
    I used to buy Craftsman tools all the time. I stopped when Sears sold the name to another company. Since then i haven't bought Craftsman. Now that Sears is closed in Canada , I can't buy them anyway.
    I have used Milwaukee tools at work for years. I found that they will work outside in snow at -15c.
  • RV Security - Protect your RV from being stolen
    I totally agree.Its better that unit ,truck or car to totally disappear than be found partially destroyed.
  • Using a Space Heater from lithium Batteries?
    Your math is wrong. The 7.6 Amp current is the continuous draw for as long as your heater is running.
    The 828 watts is what is affected by time.
    For easy calculations: Your heater ( my example )is using 800 watts of power. Over a four hour period you have use
    3200 watts or 3.2 Kilowatts. Power used is based voltage (120 VAC) x Current (6.6 Amps) x Time (4 hours). Over 24 hours you'll probably use 800 watts x 24 hours x .8 (duty cycle) for a total of 15.4 KwHr of energy . Duty cycle is the ratio between the time plugged in versus how much it actually is in use.
    Your battery has to be able to supply that 800 watts of power from your 12 volt system. Assuming no loss in converting 12vdc to 120VAC , the battery has to be able to supple 66 amps to run the heater.
    You should be able to run your run the unit thru the inverter from your batteries.
    A 250 AH battery is designed to supple the 250 Amps for a given period (usually 8 hours) before it reaches the lowest manufacture recommended voltage.
    As Ray said if you are away from shore power and running on batteries . The propane furnace is a better option.
  • Dometic Fridge Propane Leak?
    If you find that there is a problem with the propane. I would highly recommend going to someone qualified to work on propane. This not really a do it yourself repair. Especially if the pipes have a leak .
  • Drippy water tank
    The valve is easily placed at home. this valve can also be used to bleed off air . Just make sure you have the right pressure valve.
  • Health Insurance
    The system that your neighbors to the north isn't great. Yes our premiums don't exist. But the basic system doesn't cover dental ot vision. Those have to be bought thru third party carriers . Being retired and covered by my company retirement medical . I pay $145 a month to cover the extras. I'm only allowed $300 a year for misc like dental. Vision isn't covered at all. Prescriptions aren't covered under under basic or provincial plans. We also have a shortage of doctors. In our city (of 70000) about 40% of people don't have a regular doctor. They depend on the emergency department or walk in clinics.
    Waits to see specialists can be up to 12 months. Then if the specialist recommends surgery . It could be another years wait. Certain health issue like cancer are done quickly. Certain routine procedures(in the US) aren't done in Canada. I'm only telling you what the situation is in British Columbia.
  • Battery interconnect cable length variation
    When you order custom cable like 2/0 . The length you give doesn't normally include the added length from the connectors. If you want length to include connectors , you have to specify that.
  • 5th wheel hitch inspection
    If you have found those cracks. I would do a serious check for other cracks that are possible starting.
  • Wire gauge rooftop solar to battery compartment
    What people are forgetting is the gauge of the wire determines the maximum current can flow thru it safely. In industrial application we would run 14/2 (14 gauge 2 conductor) from a bank of four 12 volt 250 w solar panels. We didn't have any loss over a 50 foot run. Where we put Flexible welding cable was on the output of the solar regulator to the batteries and between the batteries .
    Max open circuit voltage of each panel is 20 Volts . The short circuit current is about 18Amps. These values depend on the weather and how much sun is hitting the cells. I have never seen more than 8 VDC at the input to the solar regulator. Solar panels are current sources not a voltage source.
  • Snow Chains on Trailers???
    Currently only Washington, Oregon and California require the use of chains on trailers. I got this information from a trucker on You Tube that hauls thru the United States west of the Mississippi valley to the Pacific Coast and Texas to the canadian border.
  • Interesting New Portable Power Station - HIMCEN H740 Pro
    Thanks ray. I forgot about the USB-C standard . USB-C is also the same as the Thunderbolt 4 connector that Apple now uses on laptops.
  • Interesting New Portable Power Station - HIMCEN H740 Pro
    CPAP machines don't cycle during their use. The compressor , humidifier and heated hose run continuously . My CPAP power supply is rated for 1 Amp at 110 Volts . This power source should be able to a CPAP or a APAP without any issues.
    Question : How can you feed 100w thru a USB connector? That's about 20Amps at 5 VDC or 8 amps at 12 VDC.
    Ray I think that's way they rate the solar regulator. Not by the output of the solar panels.
    Solar charger will shutdown once the battery voltage reaches their normal voltage of 13.6 volts.
    Each solar panel can put out a maximum of 6 amps. Each panel has a two rating . One is open circuit DC which normally is about 20 volts. The other is max short circuit current which normally run at about 6 Amps. Since under normal conditions solar panels don't run at max values . The 20 Amp should be OK . You can use the 40 Amp if you plan to add or upgrade the solar panels later.
    My own experience with stationary solar system is that on a bright sunny day ,and with solar panels at the correct angle . Our output was 5.5 A short circuit current with an open circuit voltage of 18 VDC. The panels where rated for 120 watts . Our actual output was a 100 watts .
  • Norcold frig not getting cold
    Another possibility is that the thermocouple that controls the temperature is broken. This thermocouple controls the operation of the compressor. I don't know how easy it is to replace or locate . Ray might have an answer to that .
  • Cellular internet service, what do you use?
    As a Canadian , we use Koodo Mobility which is a low cost subsidiary of Telus. They have plans with data up to 10GB per month. My wife's plan is $70CDN per month with 10GB data , unlimited Canada wide minutes and unlimited texting (includes text and pictures). I pay $55 CDN per month for the same except 4 GB of data.
    We have international roaming as well. In the US and Mexico its $8 Cdn per 24 hours and $15 Cdn in the rest of the world
  • Member Recommendations for a 12 Volt Television
    of all the brands Ray mentioned I would recommend LG. They are one of two manufactures of flat screen TV's. Sony is the other manufacture. Most are made by these two companies under license for for other companies. Check that it has Wifi , ethernet , USB ,VGA and HDMI inputs.
  • Tanks when away from the RV
    I think it depends on how far away the dumping station is. The tanks shouldn't smell if the system is working properly.