• Cellular internet service, what do you use?
    As a Canadian , we use Koodo Mobility which is a low cost subsidiary of Telus. They have plans with data up to 10GB per month. My wife's plan is $70CDN per month with 10GB data , unlimited Canada wide minutes and unlimited texting (includes text and pictures). I pay $55 CDN per month for the same except 4 GB of data.
    We have international roaming as well. In the US and Mexico its $8 Cdn per 24 hours and $15 Cdn in the rest of the world
  • Member Recommendations for a 12 Volt Television
    of all the brands Ray mentioned I would recommend LG. They are one of two manufactures of flat screen TV's. Sony is the other manufacture. Most are made by these two companies under license for for other companies. Check that it has Wifi , ethernet , USB ,VGA and HDMI inputs.
  • Tanks when away from the RV
    I think it depends on how far away the dumping station is. The tanks shouldn't smell if the system is working properly.
  • Thermostat Upgrade
    I would check the manual for the new thermostat. Some of the new digital have to be setup internally for the type of system your running. The other thing is cross check the terminals for colours. Sometimes the colours that are use used are wired to no standard. I found this in changing thermostats in residences that the color code depends on who installed and the brand of furnace.
  • Replacement backup camera
    You might want to consider buy a multichannel dash cam . There are some good after market ones.They all record what you see to the front and back.
  • Meguiar's Dual-Action Polisher Drill Attachment
    Using Snoopy in the sand would be really hard on it.
    Many jurisdictions don't allow that type of towing.
  • Testing RV Fresh Water for Total Dissolved Solids
    I would check the meter with your water supply before the filters. If your coming from a city water supply . The amount of dissolved solid is very very low or none existent. Most city system remove the dissolved material before it enters the system.
  • Wiring my repeater for Tire Minder A1A
    I would consider a switch wired in series with the repeater . This is the easiest and cheapest.
    Another option is to install a relay and fuse in series where the relay operates only when the unit is attached to the tow vehicle with the engine running.
  • Thoughts on fuel transfer tank/toolbox
    All fuel injector system wheter diesel or gasoline have a line that returns extra fuel back to the tank from the injector system. Also the OEM tank has to have an airspace above the fuel for expansion when the fuel warms up.
  • Thoughts on fuel transfer tank/toolbox
    I would have concerns for the fuel system if you mount a tank above the existing tank. If the tank is mounted to high the fuel pump might be able to handle the extra pressure.
  • Thinking about tires
    I used to drive in high mountain passes in winter. Never ever saw chains on the trailer. Also was following a professional trucker on You Tube. He lives in Colorado and he said they never put chains on trailers especially going uphill. The tires tend drag in snow when going uphill . In British Columbia only the drive wheels have to be chained when required. I cant see chains helping on a travel trailer in the snow.
  • Repairing Busted Plastic RV Shower Fixture

    Have you considered going to wholesale plumbing outfit to seen what they sell? They might have a better shower holder then the one you have. I have on the past been able to find an item that fits between the shower head and the hose. This has a round hole the sits in a matching pin attached to the wall. The other possible option is to remove the wall fixture with one that doesn't swivel.
  • Thinking about tires
    If your referring to put chains on a trailer its a waste of time. Chains should only be put on wheels that are powered. Just look at a semi that has chains on. The trailer and front wheels are never chained.If chains were installed the tire wouldn't rotate in snow or on ice. That's way on full time four wheel drive vehicles chains be installed on all four wheels. With a 4X4 I normally installed chains on all four wheels and left the four drive engaged.
  • Roof A/C works but smells like chemicals inside
    I would get a technician to check the unit. You might a leak in the refrigerant system. Your system might have a leak that occurs only when the compressor starts to work.
  • Last day of the trip
    The rule about 14 day isolation is now mandatory. Canada Customs and immigration now has the authority to check if people are in isolation and issue a fine. When you cross the border they take your phone number and address. If you appear sick they will isolate you in a hotel for 14 days at the governments cost.
  • Using Solar Controller as a DC-DC Converter for Alternator Charging
    When I had an RV. We just charged the RV batteries from the truck when the engine was running. The isolation box only cost $30 CDN including tax. It was good for about 30 amps continuous and 50 amps peak for about 5 minutes. Do they still make these simple devices for the old schools types.
  • extra brake turn signals?
    Regarding brake light location . You should check the regulations as to how many and where they can be mounted on the trailer. This would depend on where your trailer is registered.
  • Something strange with holding tanks
    You might also want to check the vent stack for an obstruction.
  • What is a "cold tire pressure" and what temperature is "cold"?
    The manufactures of the tires set the max pressures at 70F or about 20C. This allows for expansion at higher temps and for contraction at lower temps. Most vehicle and trailer manufactures will specify what maximum pressure is required under normal conditions.