• Using Solar Controller as a DC-DC Converter for Alternator Charging
    When I had an RV. We just charged the RV batteries from the truck when the engine was running. The isolation box only cost $30 CDN including tax. It was good for about 30 amps continuous and 50 amps peak for about 5 minutes. Do they still make these simple devices for the old schools types.
  • extra brake turn signals?
    Regarding brake light location . You should check the regulations as to how many and where they can be mounted on the trailer. This would depend on where your trailer is registered.
  • Something strange with holding tanks
    You might also want to check the vent stack for an obstruction.
  • What is a "cold tire pressure" and what temperature is "cold"?
    The manufactures of the tires set the max pressures at 70F or about 20C. This allows for expansion at higher temps and for contraction at lower temps. Most vehicle and trailer manufactures will specify what maximum pressure is required under normal conditions.
  • How to remove a fuse
    Find a cap from an old style BIC pen . Cut the tab off . The tab is usually the correct size for a bus fuse. If you have a larger size that is about 1/2 inch in diameter .Get a pair of thin needle nose pliers. Rap it side in electrical tap and carefully pull on it. If it doesn’t pull not . You might need to turn off the power and disaemble the holder . Can you post a picture of the fuse?
  • Isn't it always this way?
    I don't know how it is in the US . In Canada Specifically BC you need to have a mechanical isolating switch(this could something as simple as breakers where both cant be closed at the same time) in your house if you have an extra power source like Solar. This is to protect the Hydro workers from back feeds ( your house)to the grid in case of a power outage.
  • Anyone use the Skyroam Solis for WiFi?
    I have used and installed cellphone boosters in fringe areas. I found that units by Wilson always worked the best. They are a in the $400 range . They have an external antenna with an external antenna to pickup the cell signal. Then an internal amplifier boosts the signal and feeds an internal antenna. It can be adjusted from a computer to reduce the amount of boost .
  • ICBC Code 7
    I know that about ten years when working. We were required an ICBC code 7 license to tow a trailer behind my work truck. They called it an enhanced class 5 license at that time .
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
    I would look for two twelve volts stationary service batteries. One company I’ve used in standing applications is made by Marathon. They are fully sealed battery with bolts for terminals. They are a new technology called Starved Electrolyte Batteries. They are designed for applications that and location that require little of no batteries. I’ll post a link for them .
    Also yo an explaination of starved electrolyte batteries

    They are direct replacements for gell cells or lead acid batteries.
  • Home owner's insurance during extended travel
    House insurance companies have tightened their requirements for people travelling for e tended times. It used to be that the house had to to checked weekly. The latest I found out is they now require a house check every three days. Shutting of the water is a great idea. Make sure that you drain the hot water tank and all the pipes. Turn the gas off to all appliances except the furnace. In winter use an automatic set back thermostat to change the temperature regularly to keep mould away. The temp should be 70F or 20C in the house. At night the temp can be lower during the day it should be higher.
  • Solar panel clarification

    For me spending $40 in parts and cable to save time and cost later to replace the panels is worth it. Also it helps to do annual checks on each panel . I tend to error on the side of caution instead of taking the cheapest and easiest installation.
  • Solar panel clarification
    From personal experience I won't wire solar panels in series. I blew out three solar panels because one went into reverse polarity fault . Basically the other three panel tried to feed a dead short in the faulted panel. Just my experience with panels .
    I also worked in industry for over forty years where I;ve seen that happen with commercial grade panels.