• Solar anybody
    Thanks! So far so good
  • Solar anybody
    @RichardM I’m not into HF just 2M/440 but I do mount my antenna on my ladder with a PVC pipe and 3 military fiberglass poles. Fully extended it’s about 20 feet off the roof with a J Pole PVC antenna. So far on Simplex getting great feedback.


  • Noisy Weather Station Teardown

    I have mine mounted to the ladder with pipe straps. It’s an older model but what I love about it is A: it’s looks and B: it’s Wireless and Solar so not batteries to worry about. Just in the display. Been using it since 2011! Just have to aim it SouthWest when ever I park or move it somewhere else.
  • Solar anybody
    Our Truck Camper came with 100watts on the roof. I also have another 100 watts portable that I got at Harbor Freight and attaches right to the camper. It also powers my HAM Radio ( KA6PDY). It has to many uses not to have the set up! kz4s2rv0rpzlpn8r.jpeg
  • Harvest Hosts
    We joined. Haven’t stayed at one yet. A cool location to add would be Air Museums! Plenty of space for a camper to park. Call it “Camp on the Ramp”. Would be nice if they had more locations in Sonoma/Napa the Mecca of wineries.