• LYRV Giveaway - Used Winegard ConnecT 2
    Hey Love a giveaway. Booster in subject line.....
  • Charge Controller/Inverter-Charger/Monitor Brands
    Thanks everyone for the opinions. Great info on the forum.
  • A Look At Eddie's RV Power System
    What a power house. Eddie really does a nice job with pride I would say. I did reach out to him and he responded right away. I hope to work with him in the future.
  • Eco Flow Delta 1300
    Hey Ray, I’ll send them an email and tell them that your 67,000 subscribers are waiting to see this bad boy get reviewed by the Best! Can’t wait for the 100,000 sub party. . Hope your having a great trip this year. I do hope they send you one to check out. It does seem interesting.
  • Trailer Demo Derby!
    My favorite was the guy going right through the RV. Ha
  • Campground Wildlife Photo/Video Thread
    Well no one will mess with him there.
  • Haulgauge
    I have one and have only used it for cargo so far. Hoping to get 5th wheel next yr and hoping it will work with it. The calculation for the truck was right on. Had weighed it already. Added what I estimated to be about 1,000 lbs and it showed a 930 lbs added so I think it was working well. Didn’t have a scale to check that yet but will when we add the 5th wheel. The only problem that I had happen was I left it in the OBD port for some time I came out one morning and the info screen had gone blue. Thought oh know , have to go to dealer and get fixed. Then I was like what have Iv’e done lately and I remembered I have the HaulGauge still in OBD port. So not even thinking that was going to make a ding dong. I turned truck off, removed it and started truck back up and , oh yea , info center back to normal. Sweet. So now after I use the Haul Gauge I do not leave connected anymore. That’s all the experience I have with it so far.
  • Mobile Homestead Solar Services Heading East
    Hope you come back next summer when I have the 5th wheel!!!
  • Replacement Mattress for Sofa Sleeper
    Hey Sam, hoping you get some answers. All the 5th wheels we have looked at (don’t have yet) don’t look like that sofa pullout would be comfortable AT ALL. Me and my wife are always on different sleep times it seems and that bed mattress and the tri fold would need changed immediately. Heard of a couple companies on you tube that supposed to do exact sizing.
  • New Boondocking App - FreeRoam
    Very cool app. Looks like everything in one spot. Really like the overlays. The Blm and forest roads maps are great. As I zoom in with the BLM overlay on. I only see BLM roads as Names not numbered as withy google maps. But if that area did have one of the MVUM maps to come up then all road numbers come up with the dots and all. But if searching for like BLM 143 then I’m back to google maps. Seems the road numbers would be on front map. Maybe I’m missing something. First attempt. Like all the options you loaded up.
  • Thunderbird RV Park, Campbell River BC
    Glad you had a safe adventures again on the winter trip. Sure Anne is looking forward to getting out on the water. What a great spot to call home base. Enjoy
  • Salmon Harbor Marina Dry Camping
    That looks like some heavy driving up Rt 1 after leaving there. Hardy to Rockport. Shoot even crossing over to Legget. Is that the same drive you usually do? That looks like diesel truck country driving. Love to see some footage of that drive.
  • Salmon Harbor Marina Dry Camping
    Looks like a great spot. Look forward to the review..
  • So long California
    Cant wait to see the beautiful spots a s you head back up north. Know Anne is looking forward to hitting the water....
  • Forum RULES?
    Thanks Ray for putting this together and since I’m a pre-newbie. Still working on getting our 5th wheel. I hope I don’t ask too dumb of as question. LOL. But I’m positive I will at some time. Learning a lot from all of you. So much information if you look for it. Can’t get enough of Boondocking tips and the DIY projects. Great stuff.
  • "Our Boondocking spot here in east central Arizona"
    Both great spots. Hum....Beach, Mountains, Beach, Mountains..... I love both.
  • Lake Caballo State Park
    Hey Ray, Enjoying the forum. Do you ever put the GPS coordinates for sites so we can load them up in our Google Maps...