• Hello from Eastern Oregon!
    Hello from the west side of Oregon. We love Eastern OR and just spent some time hiking over in the Wallowas in October. Beautiful country over there!
  • Pacific Coast
    we just spent a couple of weeks on the southern Oregon coast. Stayed at Tugman state park, south of Reedsport and Bullards Beach state park, just north of Bandon. Both nice campgrounds with great places to walk. South of Coos Bay is Sunset Beach State Park. We didn’t camp there, but you can park at the day use area and there is a wonderful trail heading south right along the ocean. It was beautiful! 00cj90fmidg4mo33.png
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    such a nice spot you have! We were in “hazardous” air for over a week in Oregon. Finally cleared out now. We headed to the coast so we could take a deep breath!
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures

    Stanley Lake, Sawtooth Mtns Idaho
  • Trailer Leveling
    I see you already made some, but for others who may read....We use the Anderson and have been very happy with them. Depending on the spacing between your wheels, you may have to cut one down, (as in your picture) so it will fit between the wheels.
  • Cape Blanco State Park on the Oregon Coast - 2019/20 Snowbird Trip Update
    Love the Oregon coast! I grew up there and it’s always nice to see days like this! Thanks for the video.
  • Interesting sights while traveling
    So true! We’ve seen some interesting things, but never a greenhouse or helicopter! Love fishermen’s bend campground!
  • Canadian Snowbirds interesting read
    I am wondering if they are more concerned about what Canadians are bringing back in, than us from the states coming in for a vacation. We crossed over at Osoyoos last year and I had been told by my brother, who goes up there annually that they wouldn’t ask about food at all. However, at the park we stayed at the night before we crossed, we talked with multiple folks from Canada and they said you can’t take anything across and risk the fine you mentioned if you do get caught with something. I was bummed as I had a large amount of tomatoes from my garden, so I made a huge salad with my lettuce, tomatoes and avocados, hoping they wouldn’t take a pre made salad, and ate several cherry tomatoes and gave a bunch away. When we got to the border the only thing they asked about was if we had guns! I’m curious about other folks from the states have experienced. Coming back to the states, though, US customs was concerned about what food we were bringing back in.
  • Motorhome Crash 28-Dec-2019 Just north of Desperation Point in Washington
    Always hard to see things like this. I’m sure there are pros and cons to all types of rv’s. It goes without saying, being a conscientious driver is so important. We’ve had a few different kinds of rv’s. Probably felt least safe in our truck camper, just because it was a very heavy camper. We had it on a 450 dually, but still felt top heavy. Currently we have a class A and I feel safe, as we have good visibility and are visible to others. However, sometimes, on busy freeways, I wish the lanes were wider. :-) Drive safe forum friends!
  • Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ
    We stayed there in 2018 after reading your recommendation back then. Great spot!
  • Day tripping
    Going there early September! Looks beautiful. Any suggestions for places to hike with a dog?
  • Valley of the Gods
    We stayed at a cool state park close to there called Gooseneck State park. $5 for dry camping. s9uejurfv4wuefdd.jpg
  • Moab, Utah
    We love Moab too! Next time you are there, check out the Needles part of canyonlands, south of Moab. Different from all the rest and some amazing hiking there. It's a bit of a drive from Moab, but so worth it!
  • Tehachapi Loop
    We have come this way several times, but didn't know about the loop. Something fun to check out next time. Last week we made the drive up from the desert to Oregon and decided to go 395 all the way to Alturas. It was such a beautiful drive this time of year, with snow still in the Mountains! And the road was great, after Kramer Junction, and light traffic as well. Our new route, if weather permits.