• Adding Trailer Lights To Back of a Fifth Wheel for Double Towing
    Thank you for the suggestion. My truck does have both connections. Maybe I’ll keep that in mind as my backup plan, but I’d rather tap into the wires at the back of the fifth wheel if possible.
  • DEF - Diesel Exhaust Fluid
    Def is nothing special as far as one brand being superior to another. The cheap Walmart brand works just as good as the higher cost stuff. As Ray said it’s all about the age and what temperature it was stored at. So I buy my def based of what goes off the shelf fastest, and here they have a hard time keeping the Walmart stuff in stock so that is what I use. With my 2019 F350 6.7 diesel once the def gauge is at about 1/4 I put in 2 of the 2.5 gallon jugs and it fills it back up and I am good for about 4,000 to 5,000 miles of driving. I have heard stories of dealers accidentally putting def in the diesel tank so I will never have to hem top it off for me. If you ever accidental put def in the fuel tank do not start the truck and have it towed to the closest dealer. If you start it you are looking at a complete fuel system like Rush mentioned.
  • RV Envy
    We bought this little BBQ grill at Costco recently and love it! It was $100 in store. We just got back Friday from spending a week in the Uintah mountains and used it a couple times. We got one of the grill mats and trimmed it to size and grilled some chicken and asparagus and it was one of our favorite meals. It’s small enough to easily fit in our pass through storage.
  • Auxiliary Diesel Transfer Tank
    Thank you for clarification. That makes more sense.
  • Generators vs. Solar
    If you are looking for a good “budget” generator I would recommend the Champion brand. I’ve had two of them and really like them. They are reliable and fairly quiet. Before you start laying out any money for a generator or solar/battery bank/inverter I would highly recommend talking to Eddie. His systems use good components and are clean installs - he knows his stuff. The systems can get pretty complicated really fast and especially when you have some pretty high power needs. It isn’t something you want to do or have done twice.
  • Auxiliary Diesel Transfer Tank
    Awesome. Thank you for all the pics. It looks nice. I wish I had the room for the toolbox version.
  • Prowler Travel Trailer Tour
    Nice set up. I like the additions you made to it. It’s fun to see what others have done to improve their RV and it gives me ideas about things to do on mine.
  • Auxiliary Diesel Transfer Tank
    Does tapping into the fill neck with the gravity fed system make the fuel gauge read erroneously? I would think as it fills from opening the ball valve it should show the tank getting fuller. My last truck was a 2002 7.3 F250 and it had an inaccurate fuel gauge and it drove me nuts.
  • Cougar or Eagle?
    I really like the Cougar we have. We were looking specifically for a mid bunkhouse model and I was able to find a year old model in Idaho and I saved the “destination fee” of several thousand dollars the Camping World 2 miles from my house wanted to charge. The Jayco trailers I found seemed to cost more, but I thought they seemed to be a little higher quality also. I have owned two Cougar fifth wheels and been happy with both of them. We mostly dry camp for a week or so at a time a couple times a year and haven’t ever had any capacity problems with the tanks.

    I would say the added cargo capacity of the Jayco is a big perk. It’s amazing how easy it is to overload them.
  • Auxiliary Diesel Transfer Tank
    Sounds good, I appreciate all the replies. Is the gravity fed system with the valve the best way to plumb it in. Any one using a pump and gas pump nozzle?