• Kitchen Grey tank
    In 2 RVs we've had in recent years this has always been a problem

    The only thing that I've found that works for us was Thetford tank blaster. We had sensor issues on both the grey and black tanks on both our fifth wheel and our motorhome and that did the trick.

    It comes in a 4 pack (i believe) on Amazon, perfect for treating an "average" RV - 2 packs for black and 2 for grey. Drop in the packs around dinner time fill your tanks and by morning they're clean.

    Now, as much of a pain as it is, I don't leave our grey tank open. I go out every couple days to drain it.
  • Class A starter battery, leave on or turn of when staying?
    Hi Lisa

    We do have a class A and we do have a slow drain on the engine battery which I haven't been able to isolate.

    At first I thought it was just the battery. We had just bought our MH so I wasn't sure - as the previous owner said it was a brand new battery. But not only was it not, he also failed to mention the slow draw.

    So the first "fix" I did was to run a short piece of wire from my solar charging switch to my engine battery as all the batteries are under the same step, so that was easy and it helped me top up the battery enough to get started. Basically I just switched the solar from the house batteries to the engine battery over night and it fired up fine the next day.

    However I still am not able to find the source of the draw, so the second step I did (after I killed my brand new battery) was to get a marine style power cutoff switch and installed it by my starter battery so that I can easily isolate and save the battery. Now when we're parked for more than a few days, once we're parked, level and slide is out, my next step is to turn the switch to disconnect the battery.
  • Plans for the Fall & Winter + Upcoming Videos and *Giveaways*
    Looking forward to your winter videos. Having spend a couple winters in our motorhome up here in southern BC it'll be interesting to see how snowbirds such as yourselves handle it :)
  • What are your plans if we cannot head south this fall?
    We were thinking of heading back to the US as is been 3 years since our last trip. However our plans have changed so will stay in Canada for the winter then, like a few of you it seems, we'll do a cross Canada trip next year. Then maybe South after that
  • Something strange with holding tanks
    Turns out it was probably a "mass" in the black tank. I had some septic tank conditioner that I put down the tank. The next time we filled the black tank I drained it without issue. No stopping/gurgling. It just drained normally.

    I think it could have been from a recent cold snap - got down well below freezing for a few days.
  • Boondocking on the beach in Texas
    You make an excellent point. We are almost through our first year at an RV park (in Canada) we've always wanted to camp at but were always told by friends that it was one of the worst campgrounds in the area. But it's been fine. Sure we've had people wander through our spot, but I think that is almost everywhere. Plus all the other fulltimers keep an eye out for each other. But as you say, if you don't venture out to at least try you never know what you are missing. Where's you sense of adventure! You have an RV for a reason. Use it!
  • Something strange with holding tanks
    Thanks Ray I will try that.
  • Los Algodones, Mexico
    Hi Stephen. We went down a couple years ago from Canada specifically for dental. A lot of Canadians and Americans do this. You will find the better/most popular dentists are booking a week or more out. So yes you'll want to do your research and get recommendations, then book ASAP.

    Crossing the border is quite easy. What you'll probably want to do is pay for parking on the American side and walk across. As long as you are going back before too late (later afternoon into dinner time seems to be the busiest time to cross back) it doesn't take too long.

    For example, we had to go down 2 or 3 times over the course of about 10 days. Our first appointments were earlier - 9 AM so going to and coming back was quick. We had a mid afternoon appointment and we stayed for a late lunch after that and walked back around 4:30. Here we waited about 45 minutes in line before crossing customs.

    Final appointments were around 11 AM - again no problems crossing in and back.
  • Wishing we were heading south
    Yes that was s new investment for us this year - a dehumidifier. We've been using a dryzair dehumidifier which did remove a lot of moisture in the rig, but the little electric one we got off ebay seems to do a good job too

    this is our second winter living in our RV in Canada. We were near the Enderby end of Mabel Lake last year helping out my father in law - he's 92 but lives on his own still so he needed help with firewood, snow removal etc. This year my wife's sister takes over so we moved to Kelowna this past spring and are spending winter here.
  • Wishing we were heading south
    Thanks! Well I just finished skirting yesterday - good thing because when I woke up this morning around 7:30 it was -10! We have another day of minus temps tonight then back to normal.

    We are about 2 weeks ahead of schedule for winterizing (compared to last year) because we knew this cold snap was coming. A few days ago it was going to be 4-5 below freezing nights which is why we got started, but now it's just last night and tonight. Bonus though is we have sunshine!

    We are in the Okanagan - Kelowna - great spot for summertime right across from a beach! not going to be as much fun in the winter though.
  • How to remove a fuse

    Thanks Ray. Yes I ended up running to Princess auto and got a couple replacement holders.

    I found another one that was stuck too so I replaced both -it was like they were welded in. Even when I had the holder out in my hands I couldn't push them out from the back!
  • Frig needs fan
    I did this as well for our fifth wheel - fridge isn't in a slide however.
    I put a 12v toggle power switch on it as well, so I could turn it off when it wasn't needed. I know the fans are small and don't draw a lot of power, but if, at the end of the season perhaps, you forget to turn it off it will drain your batteries eventually
  • Solar switch?
    I have a followup question now. I got my switch and will install it soon. Is it OK to have all the ground wires connected to each other? IE the ground from the starting battery, the RV batteries and solar ground all grounded together?
  • What is your favorite method to keep track of points of interest?
    If you have an android phone that syncs to your google account - take pictures of places you like. The photos will be synced to your photos account and should also appear in your map timeline. We do this for not only places we liked, but also good food/dining experiences :)
  • Insurance for Class A that will be stationary and used
    We had the same issue last fall - we lived in our class A on family property. We cancelled our ICBC insurance and got a private policy for contents etc. It was easy, at least here in BC. Not sure of other provinces. The hardest part was finding an agent who knew all about RV insurance. We've talked to many many over the years but so many of them didn't know all the in's and out's of additional RV insurance. We ended up finding an agent in Vernon, BC (close to where we were parked last winter) who knew her stuff and was able to help us find the right policy.
  • Changing kitchen faucet
    We picked up a kitchen faucet with the pull out sprayer at Canadian Tire and replaced the kitchen faucet in our fifth wheel. Very easy. Easier than I expected actually because it had these quick connect fittings on it. Cut the water lines, slide on the quick connect fittings, tighten then hookup faucet.
  • Best WiFi Booster
    For a decent cheap 120v model check out the linksys re6400. We have that. It's been a great unit. Best of all when you are in an RV park that limits the number of connections you can have you can use it to share with multiple devices because it acts as a single device. Its also dual band so you can set it up as a bridge. This is important because at one campground we stayed at they only had a 5g network but my laptop is older so only uses 2.4g. I was able to bridge the 5 to 2.4 so our older devices could use internet. Plus on really crappy connections I would put it in a sandwich bag and hang out in a tree on an extension cord. No joke. It worked much better just giving it that extra 10 feet or so and having it outside. Also, because it's our single point if access all our devices use it. So when wet move I only have to reconfigure 1device - the booster - and not all our phones, tablets, smart TVs, smart speakers etc
  • squeaky furnace fan
    Great news! Yes we bought 3 small electric heaters last fall for the same reason. We are in a different rig but didn't want to rely solely on the furnace in case we ran into the same issues with the fan as we did on the fifth wheel :) 1 is bigger like yours , the other 2 are pretty small - max wattage 500, with a low setting of 250. So we kept 1 on low in the bathroom, 1 on high in the bedroom and the bigger electric heater like yours was in the main living area. They worked quite well all winter until about the end of Jan when we got a month long cold snap. Then the furnace came on a lot more.
  • squeaky furnace fan
    As a temporary fix for our fifth wheel fan motor, I sprayed some high quality silicon lubricant into the fan impeller from the outside. It helped lessen the noise quit a bit. Our furnace used to squeal the whole time the furnace ran, now it has a short (1-2 second) burst when the furnace starts, but quiets after that. I know most people here are probably rolling their eyes at me as they read this, but it was a cheap quick fix until I can complete the proper repair.
  • Solar switch?
    On our motorhome? I'm not sure - we are the third owners. I'm thinking the original owner as the previous owners only owned it for a year and took it out only a few times. As far as we know the original owner has passed, but he was full time for many years in it.

    I keep finding weird little things that need to be fixed. Nothing serious. Just things like switches in the dash that don't do anything. The electric element to the water heater was disconnected. Little stuff like that.