• Solar switch?
    Thanks Ray. That's similar to what we have. 2 6v fur the coach and 1 12v for the engine. I think what's killing it is the radio. We use it a lot and I think it's not wired into the living area but to the engine electrical. But I'll definitely be getting that switch!
  • Solar switch?
    Oh that looks perfect! Thanks! That should still keep the 2 electrical systems isolated as well correct?
  • Question about electrical breakers in our 1999 national coach
    @RichardM thanks. I was kinda figuring that but I was hoping someone had a trick . The Breakers are labeled but nothing says water heater so I'm assuming it shares a beaker. Also would like to figure out which outlet might be the washer/dryer outlet, or if that breaker is just there to fill a blank spot in the panel. Thanks for your help though I have a continuity tester so I'll try that. I also do have the tester you suggested just have to find it
  • Replacing hot water tank
    That's about what I figured. Thanks @Ray
  • Boondocking Campsite Map - Western US
    Awesome thanks! I'll be bookmarking that one!
  • Boondocking Campsite Map - Western US
    Hi Ray

    Can you post a link to the map or share it ?