• Wow, Arizona is Green!
    Hi Ray, beautiful pictures,,,Mike and I are also seeing some of the same
    wonderful scenery out here. We are over at Eagle View Rv resort near
    Fountain Hills and just drove by Lost Dutchman today on the way to
    tortilla flats, the drive and scenery was so gorgeous. You and your
    wife will love the drive to tortilla flats and the restaurant down there
    is very unique. Loving it out here in Arizona! Mike and Margo
  • Using RV for first time
    Thanks to everybody who responded to my question: A lot of useful information.

  • Using RV for first time
    Logan, I watched your video which was great. I also loved your
    wife's beautiful patio. Thanks again. Mike
  • Using RV for first time
    Thank you for the info Logan, and I will check out your video. Mike
  • Using RV for first time
    Thanks Ray for the info, will also check out the video link. Mike
  • Nature Sounds - Just Add Water
    So true Steve, I agree.
  • Jets
    How neat, really good pictures, I would love to have seen those
    fly by. Margo
  • Shoe storage
    Great idea, looks very neat and organized, thanks for sharing. Margo
  • Nature Sounds - Just Add Water
    That is really cool. Love the sound of the loon. I could have this playing as I am falling
    asleep! Beautiful scenery, thanks. Margo
  • Hello from Houston
    Hi Eric, went to your blog, what you are doing is amazing! Welcome to the
    forum. When do you think you may have the whole thing completed and ready
    for travel? Margo
  • First Post
    Looks great, keep us posted on your travels and welcome. Margo
  • Hi Everybody!
    Welcome Mary, keep us updated to how things are moving along for you,
    as they say Happy Travels. Margo
  • Moab, Utah
    Thank you Susan for the info it will surely help us. Have a wonderful
    time traveling around. Margo
  • Moab, Utah
    Thanks Susan for the info. Moab being such a popular area I can see why one
    would have to book way in advance. When a campground just has electric, no do work your water situation, can you explain. Also what do you mean
    by a dump station with non-potable water. Thanks, Margo
  • Moab, Utah
    Moab is one of my favorite places, it is stunning, and you are right
    there is so much to do there. Beautiful scenic pictures! Did you have to make
    a reservation ahead of time for the campground? Was it full, and what was the
    cost? Sounds like you are having a great time. Margo
  • Valley of the Gods
    Wow those pictures! They need to be framed. Who could not
    be having a great time with a backdrop like that to gaze upon.
  • Extended warranties
    Thanks, Ray. Mike
  • Extended warranties
    Appreciate your thoughts Logan. They concur with what I have heard.
    Thanks, Mike
  • Workamping Blues
    Margo & I are sorry to hear about your stroke Rush; You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you and Lola get out on the road soon again.

  • Generators vs. Solar
    Thanks, I agree with your views on the Onan. We aren't going to get it;
    I signed up for Eddie's newsletters. I really appreciate all your help.