• Hello ffrom Tucson, Arizona
    Hi Robert,
    I'm up the road in Chandler. You've come to the right place. Between Ray and the many other followers of this channel there isn't much about a fifth wheel that somebody here hasn't already fixed.
  • Solar Calculations
    Thanks, Ray. You probably hit it on the head. My inverter is 3000 watts. More batteries it will be. I used your videos to make my own cables, so I'm sure they're fine!
  • Fifth Wheel Tailgates
    Having attained geezerhood, I found that I'd rather not lift heavy stuff into the back of the truck (like a generator). Several years ago I installed a lift gate, the best mod I've made. I had to choose between that and a 5th wheel gate, and I've never regretted the choice.
  • Cleaning and Waxing the Rig
    I'm with RV Solar. Take the rig to Mexico twice a year for a wash & wax. Otherwise I need 2 days recovery time.
  • Tire rotation pattern for fifth wheel
    I've long since forgotten where I learned this, but the way I do it is:
    finger tighten all of the lug nuts, use the tire iron to snug them down in a criss-cross pattern, torque them down in a criss-cross pattern. Since I have all OEM wheels, I use the torque setting in the owners manual. I'd follow Ray's suggestion for finding the torque setting.