• New RV Skirting
    Sorry to hear you won't be making the yearly pilgrimage south into the States. Will you and Anne be traveling at all this winter or just burrowing in and hunkering down in BC?
  • Shark Bite Fittings for RV Plumbing Repairs?
    I've used them with good results on a toilet retrofit a couple rv's ago and keep a couple fittings with me in case of emergency.

    I suspect you will have no issues with your repair.
  • Light switch hack
    Nice Job. Happy wife points is always a good thing. ;-)
  • Cougar Fifth wheel front cap de-oxidizing?
    Excellent! Looks like new!
  • New RV Awning Fabric Installation
    Cool video. 10 years is a long time, especially for your full time use. I do agree that it seems odd not to have a hemmed seem along the edges for added tear resistance.
  • Health Insurance
    I think for essential services we should all be receiving the same quality. Services like Fire, Police, K-12 education and medical should be basic citizenship services. I am not any more special or deserving the anyone else to receive superior healthcare. While inequities are sure to exist we should be striving to treat all our citizens with decent basic services including healthcare. Just my 2c.
  • Install/Demo of Lippert FloĆ« Automatic RV Drainage System
    Looks neat. I have never winterized a camper. Being in central CA the few times it has dropped below freezing I just through a space heater in the camper. I could see how this could be a real time saver if you did this regularly.
  • Health Insurance

    Health insurance was our biggest barrier to early retirement. We retired at 50 (wife and I are same age) but we probably would have retired sooner if not for the huge premiums. Between us it's about 1800/month with a big deductible, no vision or dental. Essentially it is medical catastrophe insurance and we pay pretty much all our medical bills out of pocket. It sometimes feels like government sponsored extortion. We are healthy and neither of us have filed any claims to speak of in our lifetimes.

    Not to get political but it would be nice if we could adopt the universal health care model that most other developed nations follow like our neighbors to the north. Anywho...

    We just planned it into our retirement budget. My wife and I are HS sweethearts and our retirement planning begun at a very young age with lot's of scrimping saving and investing. For us we need to bridge that gap between now and when we should get social security and Medicare benefits along with the formal retirement from our working years.

    I am not aware of any cheap alternatives other than some people simply pay the penalty for not having insurance and roll the dice on medical costs. I have heard of some faith based health care sharing but never really looked into it. Might be something there though!

    Hope you find a way to hit the road soon!
  • RV Foam Mattress Review - Thomas Payne from LCI
    We slept on our stock mattress for 2 nights. Awful. The new memory foam has been great. I'm sure you guys will love it, and hopefully it will be good for Anne's back!
  • 10 More Must-Have RV Gadgets
    I am missing the SeeLevel gauges on our new camper. I think I may do a project down the road to add these and at the same time add electric flush valves. Next time we are stuck at the sticks and bricks for a while..
  • Waterless truck and camper cleaning.
    I go with a soapy water wash if things are really dirty/gritty. If it's regular road dust and bugs this stuff works great. I am finding the key is to just stay on top of it and give it a quick once over after a travel day.
  • Kitchen sink replacement
    Nice job! :up:
  • Fresh Blackberry Pie!
    Making my mouth water. Even with ice cream. :love:
  • JT's Strong Arm Stabilizers
    Interesting video. Based on a few suggestions we bought x chocks. I'm sure they don't handle wiggle nearly as well as these diagonal braces but so far the movement has been acceptable. Compared to a truck camper it seems pretty darn stable. :)
  • AcuRite Fridge thermometer
    They do and it is on the list. Or DW may make something using reflectix and a heavy canvas material like she did for the front cap window. Either way it is working pretty hard in these 100 degree days.
  • JT's Strong Arm Stabilizers
    Interesting, definitely going to watch this when we have some decent cell service.
  • Space between 5th wheel and truck bed
    Sorry to hear about the damage. :(

    Typically 6 inches or so clear is recommended between the truck and the underside of the 5th wheel. Usually there is adjustability in the hitch, kingpin or both to achieve that.
  • AcuRite Fridge thermometer
    We have the VL60 dual zone. So far it has been battling the 100 degree heat admirably. We have it stowed in the front compartment of our 5th wheel. It is powered on our 12v coach hardwired into the jacks/slides busbar.

    I Discussed a little more in this post.


    Features we liked:

    Durable/industrial feel. Nice mechanical door latches and handles.

    Dual zone. So far we have just used it for freezer space but it holds a lot and allowed us to stock up big time for meats from our local butcher. Saves money and no worries when we get into food deserts along the way.

    Price. Pretty reasonable when you look at the others.


  • SOK Lithium (LiFePO4) 12V RV Battery
    Interesting. They also have a 200ah battery as well.

    You can series connect up to 48v, I like that.

    Videos like this just go to show there really isn't any magic in the box. Just (4) 3.2v LiFFePO4 in series connected to a BMS. The parts they offer are the same as what's in the case.

    It's cool that you can design and build your own battery using parts from their website but parts like this have been available for years and you can build something yourself for less if you don't mind coming up with your own case/restraint.

    For a drop-in they look like a decent option for the price.