• Shaker Siphon Tip – Inexpensive Tool for Liquid Transfers
    How did you dispose of the old gas? I can't find a way so far ...
  • 10 Years Fulltime!
    Congratulations, guys!!! Wishing many more years for you ...

    Dave Noordhoff
  • Member Recommendations for a 12 Volt Television
    Thanks to all for their comments and recommendations.
    I have two small power stations ... a Suaoki S601 that has a capacity of 20 Ah and a maximum output of 200 W, and a Renogy Phoenix that has a capacity of 16 Ah and a maximum 150 W output. I'm hoping a new flat screen will draw 25 watts so these power stations will run it for several hours each.
    I can charge the stations with a solar panel, my Champion 2000 Watt gas generator, shore power when available, or the tow vehicle. I hope not to need to do so too often.
  • Member Recommendations for a 12 Volt Television
    Thanks for your advice, Ray. I will check out the power requirements of some efficient 120 Volt TVs. Any suggestions?

  • Using a 2 KW Champion Generator with a RV with a 30 amp shore cord.
    I have just ordered mine also. Thanks to Greg for the info!
  • Jack-It Bicycle Rack
    I have the 'Jack-It' Lippert Components Bike Rack which mounts on the trailer tongue, holds two bikes over the propane tanks. I also have the 'Bump-It' adapter to use it with the pickup without the trailer.
    I need help to mount the bikes (wife does fine), but I like all the other feature (security, rigidity, etc.).
    I have a few pictures if anyone wants to see it in use.

  • New Generator Not just for home backup anymore.
    Hello @Grant M

    I have a new Champion 2000 watt and never thought they would work with a Micro Air Easy Start (something about the Champion model). What size AC unit do you have? I assume I have a 13500 BTU unit in my 26 footer. Can you supply more details please? Thanks!!
  • Boondocking on the beach in Texas
    Thanks for the tips and reassurance Geeky Guy.
  • Boondocking on the beach in Texas
    Thanks for the links Randy.
    I found these comments by local residents telling:

    "Any popular resort area will have a relatively high crime rate. Throw loads of total strangers away from the eyes of their hometown and criminals who know visitors are on vacation and therefor careless, and you will have more crime. But SPI is safe. You can get your stuff stolen if you leave it unattended, just as if you left it unattended in a park at home. You can get your car broken into if you leave valuables in view, just like at home. If you decide to go in March, you can get mixed up with violent drunks, just like if you seek out the hard partying venues at home. Even more, because they will know no one will recognize them on a video."

    "What you want instead is to know how safe people normally feel on SPI. That's a pretty good indicator of if the physical layout looks like it's not attractive to crime and if there's a law enforcement presence. But the regular tourist who takes sane precautions has little to worry about."

    "We live on South Padre Island and know of very little crime except people playing their music too loud from golfcar rentals. We see very few speeders as police enforce the speed limit."

    "Now Spring Break at the 2 concert areas is the exception. The rest of the Island is fine; we go out to eat, enjoy the beach and do our usual activities.That being said we do bring our young grandchildren to the beach at spring break and walk on the beach barefoot!
    Much ado about nothing."

    Now I want to know, where are the so-called "concert areas"? Are they on the actual beach boondocking areas? I would chose to give them a wide berth to say the least!
  • Renogy Firefly/Phoenix
    I have now picked up my Phoenix unit, plus a portable, flexible 100 watt solar panel in a suitcase configuration, plus a couple of extension cords for the panel. I will be able to use it to both charge the Phoenix quicker (in as little as 2.5 hrs it is claimed) or to top up my batteries on the RV itself.

    I have tested the Phoenix unit itself so far (in the house). I measured the time to charge it to 100% as 3.5 hours using my house 120 volt outlet. Since charging it, I have been using it to charge iPhones (mine and wife's) and an iPad (my wife's). It's done 3 iPhone charges and 2 iPad charges so far, and 55% of the battery capacity is still remaining. I also tried charging an iPhone and the iPad simultaneously successfully.

    I'll continue reporting on my results with the Phoenix as I test it, before our trip starts in late February.
  • Renogy Firefly/Phoenix
    Thanks for your advice and experience Ray.
    I would just be using this for light power needs. I have a pair of batteries for the routine 12 volt stuff (lights, pump, etc.) and a 2000 watt Champion to make 120 volt AC when I need it. I do like the idea of using solar to have a quiet way when I just need to charge camera batteries, phones, power banks, and use a laptop. I do not want the hassle of adding solar cells, charge controllers and wiring. This seems a simple (albeit expensive) solution.
  • Haulgauge
    Checked this out at, costs $139 with 2 day free shipping for Prime members.

    Ratings are low in number (5 reviews, all since August 2019 and 2 ratings) but promising to say the least, scoring 4.8/5, including 4 reviews at 5/5. A single review (scoring 4/5) was because the user was disappointed the device rendered another OBD device plugged in the same time inoperative, but this is true of all OBD devices (according to Haulgauge Support which commented on the rating).

    I am concerned as my tow vehicle is a 5th generation 2019 Ram 1500 Sport, and that specific model is not sold in the US (it also has a 22" wheel option). I am going to write the company with my VIN number, and ask them if they believe the Haulgauge will work with my specific truck. If they respond affirmatively, I see no reason not to buy it.

  • Dave (Pops) and Joanne (Big Jo) from Ontario
    Upgraded our tow vehicle recently to a 2019 Ram 1500 Sport.
  • Roadside Assistance
    Thanks, Bsides ... I'll give them a look!
  • Roadside Assistance
    Thanks to all of you!
    I think I'll try AAA for the RV only (we have roadside on the RAM due to it's extended warranty). I'll let the group know what I eventually get.
  • Can Experienced and/or Expert RVers Advise Me About Battery Charging
    Thanks for your advice Rick, and for sharing your experience. I decided to go with the 2000 watt Champion as I mentioned was on sale above. I plan to take it along (and leave the 3000 watt at home) to several places in Ontario this summer (mostly provincial park sites with no electric hookup).
    Depending on that experience, I may or may not keep the larger unit. I will keep the advice re: two 6 volt (or Group 27/31 batteries) in mind when he current ones need replacing (which I hope isn't soon!).
  • Dave (Pops) and Joanne (Big Jo) from Ontario
    Thanks for the welcome greetings!
  • Can Experienced and/or Expert RVers Advise Me About Battery Charging
    Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge, Ray!!