• Hello from Central Fl.
    Hey, Mike. Welcome. We are just retired and are currently in Lake Wales as part of our RV Ministry, SOWERS Ministry, serving at Lake Wales Care Center. Great forum and I always enjoy what Ray post. Come back often and ask and add.
    Blessings, Doug
  • Floor Mat Question for Ray
    I've had weathertech mats in my cars and trucks for the past 10 years. Never had an issue. The stay put with the clip. They are also easy to keep clean. Living in Michigan and with the winter slush and salt, everything is well contained. I think they're worth the price.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Anne. May you be safe as you winter in place and heres praying that you get back out in 2021.
  • Starting the journey
    David, My wife and I start our journey at the end of the year. In 18 days. We will be part of an rv ministry traveling the U.S. working and helping others. We have been getting ready for 6 years. From buying our first 5th wheel, and all the research and planning that has gone into this. We are excited to start this new chapter in our lives with the full support of family and friends. I would suggest plenty of thought and research into what you want to do. Ask a lot of questions before and spend plenty of time in th rv to make sure you can handle the concept. Remember, this is your decision and for your reasons. Make sure that is at the forefront with all the research and advice you will receive. It's an exciting decision so enjoy the journey.
  • New Roof
    Hi David, We just had RV Armor do our roof and it was damaged by a small hole puncture. Are insurance covered it all. RV Armor does come to you and it does carry a lifetime warranty so you'll never have to worry about your roof again. Hope that helps.
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    My contribution to Fall in Michigan. Our only tree in our yard.

    Lake Michigan at it's Fall best

    Taquamanon Falls in the U.P. of Michigan
    IMG_20201024_160437054 (389K)
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Rest area overnight just out side of Banff .RVsolar

    That is so cool. Love night sky photos.
  • Bathroom sink & faucet upgrade
    Great Job! Like the stainless sink. They're so much better than the plastic ones and weight really is no different. Just got a new fuacet for our bath. Feeling confident after replacing the kitchen faucet.
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Passing thunderstorm Southern Michigan.
  • Shark Bite Fittings for RV Plumbing Repairs?
    I just used the Sharbite EVOPex fittings when I installed my new faucet. I've used them in my home for years and have yet to have one fail. Makes DIY plumbing projects much easier.
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Sometimes they land at your feet!
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Lake of the Clouds Porcupine Mtn State Park UP of Michigan
  • Afternoon Clouds & Tide Rolling in Time Lapse
    Very cool Ray. Would be kinda cool to make an album of differnt places you travel to and do sunrise/sunsets. Thanks for your inovation and ideas. There always helpful.
  • Seaplanes in for work
    That would be very cool. I have always wanted to learn to fly and I think float plane would be the mostimportant exciting. Have a blessed day.
  • Seaplanes in for work
    Hi Ray, I love the DeHavilands. I have flown in them several times and they are amazing planes. The first was from WWII and still had the bomb release lever on the dash! I enjoyed your vidoe this morning around the Tyee Spit. Nice walk. Thanks

    Doug Schneider
  • Our 14 Day Quarantine Over - How is everyone doing?
    Glad you survived the quarantine. We are working on week 4 of work at home, Getting used to it. Lost our spring vacation and hoping not to lose anymore. RV is stuck in storage at the local fairground, Won' t be able to get it home until the state lifts the order. Take Care. Be Safe
  • Wild Clouds in AZ to Celebrate our Anniversary
    Thanks! We have friends who have a Valentine's wedding as well. Very Cool!
  • Wild Clouds in AZ to Celebrate our Anniversary
    Thanks. We're looking forward to the next chapter as we prepare to retire this next year and start RVing on a much bigger scale. Merry Christmas as well!
  • Wild Clouds in AZ to Celebrate our Anniversary
    Happy Anniversary! Amazing photos! Our 45th is this Saturday and wish we were celebrating somewhere cool.
  • Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island
    HI Ray, We are planning on a trip to the Northwest in the near future and Vancouver Island is on our list thanks to you. We have a 38ft 5th wheel and so plan on parking it near Port Angeles and spending a week on the island coming over thru Victoria. We have been watching your videos on the island and looking for places to stay while on the island. Would love to bring the 5th wheel but cost over and back are prohibitive but we may find out that it's not as we keep exploring. Keep up the great work and giving us plenty of ideas. Who knows, we may just end up never leaving! Blessings, Doug