• Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island
    Ray, Very nice. Can't wait to visit Vancouver Island.
  • Goldstream Park Salmon Run, Vancouver Island
    Great Shot! I just picked up a new Olympus Tough TG6 for a cruise we leave on Saturday and it can do underwater shots and video. Was looking for a good point and shoot and this looks like it will fit the bill. Keep the great shots and videos coming!
  • Make it more accessible
    Thanks Alan. I'll get the stud finder out and see what I have.
  • Make it more accessible
    Hi Alan. Great ideas. My wife has had a knee and hip replaced and anything I can do is a help. We added the MorRyde steps which was a huge benefit. How did you attached the handicap assist bars to the wall? Thanks. Doug
  • Haloview RD7 Wireless Rear View Camera Kit (Extended Range)
    Perfect. That works similar to my TPMS. I have an extender on my pin box the transmits the signal to the cab. I did an install review on my website.
  • Haloview RD7 Wireless Rear View Camera Kit (Extended Range)
    Thanks for the review. Can this be wireless as well?
  • RV Fresh Water Tank was Falling Out!
    We had this happen on our way home from our winter trip and the only thing that kept the tank in was the coroplast. Our tank had no support or strapping what so ever. The only thing that held the tank up was the lip of the tank setting between the frame rails. I now have plenty of support under the tank and try not to travel with a tank full of water. Glad you caught it before you hit the road.
  • Basic Multimeter Testing Howto
    Thanks Ray. I always struggle with the RV wires. Worked on a lot of 110V in the house but the combined 12V/110V systems in the RV are a challenge. Thanks again for a quick review. I do use the continuity checker a lot. Helpful.
  • New tow vehicle
    We just did our first tow and it was a breeze. We live out in the far corner of our county and the roads are "interesting" but we drove county roads, State Hwys, and Interstate this trip and she did fine. Power was similar the previous F250 but the extra capacity of the F350 made a difference. The B&W hitch was amazing, What an upgrade from the last hitch. The truck has some great features for towing built in. It has a connections check list, checks your lights, and the high camera makes hook up easier. The long bed is really nice because backing into our yard is challenging and now I can turn it just a bit farther over the short bed we had. The only "complaint" is the height of the bed. I'm vertically challenged and at 5'7" I had to stand on a short stool to reach the hitch pin/lock. Now I have to stand on the stool and step up on the tire to reach the pin. I've done several upgrades since purchased. I added a roll-up tonneau cover that goes over the hitch so now I can keep it all covered and still leave the cover on when I'm towing. All also got rid of the Michelin's for a set of Coopers. The Michelin's are a pure highway tire and living where we do on a long gravel drive and a gravel road along with needing 4X4 some times in the winter, I feel better with the upgrade.Had the Coopers on the F250 and loved them. Other than that, I'm all smiles. Wasn't quite ready to do this but glad I did. The G'kids named it "The Meg" because it's big, silver, and has a big mouth, grill. Safe Travels!
  • questions for full timers
    We started towing our Cougar with a 2013 F150 with the EcoBoost. It did well and was pleased with it's performance. The truck came before the Cougar and didn't have a tow package on it but it got the job done. We updated the truck when the lease ran out and went to an F250 with a diesel with the intent of upgrading the 5er which we have done and the F250 towed the Cougar like it wasn't there. We upgraded the 5er last year and now we just upgraded the truck to an F350 diesel and I think were pretty well set even if we ever have to replace our current 5er. Kinda leap frogging truck, 5er, truck, 5er and so on. Hope the helps. Safe Travels!
  • questions for full timers
    Thanks Keith, We are proactive with our Sabre as well. I do have the TPMS that has worked well. Even though we are on our 2nd season with this unit, I'm still learning about it. We will probably need to replace a landing gear soon and looking at having the roof coated for longevity but so far we have been fortunate as well with only minor repairs. I did get an extended warranty from the dealer when we bought it and have used it once so I have a peace of mind that if anything major goes, it will be covered. Hoping it will last thru the years. Our biggest expense so far was a new truck;) Safe Travels!
  • Replacement Mattress for Sofa Sleeper
    We felt your pain, literally. We replaced ours in our 5er as soon as we got it because we have G'kids and friends that stay with us. This is the one we found on Amazon and everyone who has slept on it has loved it. Even our adults kids have commented on how nice it was for a hide a bed mattress. Hope this helps.
  • BW Companion or Curt 5er hitch for new F350
    Well, the B&W is installed and I love it. Took a while to do since one of the puck arms wouldn't turn in and be able to reinstall the cotter pin as needed. I installed in the center bolt holes and may end up dropping the arms down to the lower holes once I get on a good level surface to see how she rides.I did a hookup in the drive and everything was a breeze. Gonna have to get a taller stool for next to the truck bed since I can't reach the handle/pin with the current stool I have. LOL. I will get to tow with it next weekend for the first time. Had to wait to get my 1K miles on the truck or would have already taken her out for a test drive.
  • Trip Planning

    We too are planning a long trip, 5 months and 8K miles, and the Garmin will be our choice. Right now we are looking at the Rand McNally Motor Carrier Atlas. Have looked at it a couple of times in truck stops and the reviews are great. You can get it on Amazon. . I like the ability to sit down with it and see all roads in an area where Garmin or Google maps doesn't give that great of an overview. I'm also using RVParky to map out our trip. These have been our resources in the planning stages. Happy Trails!
  • Moody Sunset on the Estuary
    Can you send some our way! Temps in the upper 90s here in MI and humidity is extreme. I wasn't made for the heat!
  • New steps and storage box
    We had the steps and storage box done at MorRyde this spring and worth it. The wife loves them and everyone whose used them agree they are much better than the original folding steps. We have had no issues with the steps in regards to the screen door or anything else. Storage is not an issue for us since we have plenty of room. Just a great upgrade. Think it thru first.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    I added the TST507 this spring and very happy. TST helped with the setup over the phone which was simple with them walking me thru it. MI to FL and back and no issues with the system. It came with the repeater and I have a 38ft 5er and didn't need it. Hope that helps.
  • New tow vehicle
    Thanks all for the enthusiastic replies. New hitch and bedliner tomorrow. Can't wait to hook it. Maybe a test ride this weekend. A trip to nowhere!
  • First Post
    Love the whole picture!
  • questions for full timers
    HI Lorraine, Thank you for your reply. We have done plenty of the safety/durability upgrades and some repairs. From what others have said here and others I have talked to, maintenance and staying ahead of it are the key to longevity. Just like anything else in this world, if you take care of it, it will last. I think buying an extended warranty will be peace of mind over the years. It will be interesting to see how well it does with the use it gets. Blessings and safe travels.